The Brooklyn Word Radio

Enjoy the sounds of the GKXRS (aka the GiKu Experience RadioShow in Brooklyn) until the launch of The Brooklyn Word Radio. The GKXRS will be ending with a final show on Brooklyn Radio GKXRS w/ Gibril Kuyate in less than 2 weeks.

Every show at this point tends to trend on Mixcloud, thank you for the support and listens.  Now we will be stepping it up and bringing you more dope out of the box shxt but can’t let the cat out the bag yet… Stay Tuned!

UPDATE: The Final GKXRS is now available to listen below… This upload was 3rd in the Beats chart, 4th in the Rap chart, 6th in the Hip Hop chart, 6th in the Electronic chart and 16th in the House chart | Mixcloud Trending top 10 of the week (except for house).





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