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Michael Jackson & Marsha Ambrosius Duet “Butterflies” | Mr Kuyateh 2011 Throwback

Wow, haven’t heard this mix in years.  The early cheesy iMovie edit is classic, but still proud of the lil energy that went into that.

It was the 2009 and music and dancing was my ultimate therapy.  I was pretty consistent with The GiKu Experience Radioshow in Brooklyn and times were much different.

There was a radioshow in Greece called Smoothtraxx that I did a Michael Jackson Tribute mix for.  Good look Peter for sharing the sound on ya platform.

It was a good over 2 hour banger and mixed in a unique way with skits and alternate creations to enhance the experience.

I wasn’t producing then, so the sound levels were all over the place but end result was more important.  A cinematic sound journey starting from the beginning to the end of his eternal beginning.

MJ was the first person that I imitated and danced like as a child.  He literally started my journey into the world of dance.

Well, this is all that’s left of that mix.  It’s somewhere floating around the net and maybe some misc. hard drive in storage.

A version was put on Mixcloud, but copyright restrictions prevents U.S. listeners from hearing, so overseas heads can enjoy the musical treat.

Here it is:

If someone finds it somewhere, let us know.  Would love to hear it again…

Rest In Love MJ & JJ

An Imaginary remix ft Black Thought & Bahamadia called “Philly Monsters”

Two of my favorite Philly emcees spitting straight bars.  It’s pretty safe to say that I’ve been a Roots fan since Organix and over the years bumping into the crew art parties and shows.  They naturally led me to Bahamadia once researched other Philly lyricist and so on…
I had no plans of doing a duet, but late nights spur the wildest of thoughts in the studio.  This beat could have gone with the 40 or so acapella’s that’s in the library but somehow got caught up in a Philly Cheesesteak of meaty lyrics.

We fuck with real bars over here and oldschool beat aethestics when it comes to production.  Dope samples, banging chops and thumping kicks is a start to a delicious sound.

Blacks Thought lyrics are from an acapella Roots track and the Bahamadia was a random freestyle on stage that was twisted to work.  The lyrics by both were chosen for it’s intensity and equal power.

Bahamadia at one point, ended up spitting some ole crazy rapid in ya fucking dome bars.  Then Thought, came back with a philosophical heater that let heads know that he ain’t going no where anytime soon.

Let us know what you think.

…and that’s The Brooklyn Word!

Marvin Gaye – “Save The Children” Sample Beat (NYC Boom Bap prod by Mr Kuyateh)

With all the political fuckery and bigotry going on, I felt like this would be a perfect opportunity to step back in the studio as it’s been awhile.  (to be continued) – Mr Kuyateh

Rest In Love to all the social activists worldwide that have passed fight for the cause…

R.I.P. Dick Gregory!