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New Music: Marcus Machado “I Can’t Lose” ft. Jermaine Holmes



Two moments come to mind, when I think about Marcus Machado.

The first is when he did a live performance at socially acclaimed NYC Friday night spot Soul In The Horn for a release or something, can’t quite remember.

The way he made the guitar sing that evening was one of those things where if you love music, you couldn’t help but to be mesmerized by the lifelike cry of each stringed note.

It was very Hendrix like.

From that point on, I regarded him as Hendrix Jr. Screen Shot 2018-07-13 at 4.07.20 PM.png

The second time, was during a music session with Soul In The Horn’s curator D. Prosper.  I’d play tracks thinking it’s straight fire lol and then he’d ‘G check‘ me, like, listen to this… then this dope as fuck track would come on that would have me salivating.  We are lover of sound, so this is natural.

Prosper was a tastemaker before taste-making was ever a thing, his ear is perfect for spotting future sounds that would go on to become influential.  He warned me that Machado was gonna be a problem and went on to play some incredible shit that blew my mind.


So I see a post from Marcus Machado, excited cause I’ve been waiting to review his dope soul.  He’s everywhere playing with Jamie Lidell, Pete Rock and many others so time is of essence with his busy schedule.

I hit em up like “yo i gotta review that track”, boom and he’s like “word thx” boom boom and I get a link for the track “I CAN’T LOSE“.

Everything about the track is right.

It’s a patient, soul stirring song thats bound to make one internalize there priorities.  The bluesy vibes is gorgeous and grimy.

The vocalist Jermaine Holmes carefully lyrics balances, pain with determination as Marcus Machado sets the ambience.  The solo’s are magically pleasant and not over the top.  The drummer, that tight snare just knocks.

It sounds like it should have started off season 5 of Power, a yo 50

Definitely check this joint out and let this be your next workout/driving/chilling track.

Here are a few more clips of Marcus Machado.

and that’s #thebrooklynword.

Repping at the Garden.  I was waiting for him to light that shxt on fire and smash it, but that might have caught fans off guard.

Throwback Machado going Apeshit.

Machado being blessed with playing at the Hendrix Flat Sessions.

and lastly had to throw the GangStarr joint up with him and Daru.  His drumming partner in crime and shine.  Love the energy between them, Daru is another Master of The Craft.

Their vibes works every sound.  Catch em at the Blue Note w/ Pete Rock.

Digga digga..

Cormega QBoro

And then there are these personal practice session.

The minds of those that create sonics like this for the culture, must be embraced for our future depends on it.

…and that #thebrooklynword.

Ski Beatz Creates A Synthesized World with the release of “Switched On Bap”

I get an email package.

It’s from one of Rocafella’s original producers, Ski aka Ski Beatz. I know the brother is busy getting ready for the new release, so the call and package was pleasant gift.

“Hell yea”, i’m thinking! The snippets have been bananas, can’t wait to rock this.

I get the speakers ready then change to headphones for an immersed experience.

It’s an early MP3 preview of the full “Switched On Bap” album coming out July 6, 2018.

Screen Shot 2018-06-04 at 5.09.40 PM

The 27 min long promo copy hasn’t been broken up into individual tracks yet.

I dont mind that at all, as it’s easier to feel the track as a story playing out, enjoying it’s tale narrated by it’s composer.

You know Ski as the producer of Jay Z’sDead President” & “Feelin It“, as well as a member of Original Flavor. The early 90’s rap group that earned their place in the culture with dope bars, dope beats and an early appearance from the young Jay Z who had a rapid fire flow on their classic track “Can I Get Open“. Other notables include Mos Def, Jay Electronica, Joell Ortiz and Jean Grae.

Production includes Camp Lo’s “Uptown Saturday Night” album. That joint had straight heat on it, which further cemented Camp Lo’s position in Rap Culture.

Peep him on Mass Appeal’s “Rhythm Roulette”:

Ski was on fire then and he’s still on fire now. The latest project is a sonic kaleidoscope and boy does this process get deep.

Screen Shot 2018-06-04 at 5.13.58 PM

Screen Shot 2018-06-04 at 5.11.21 PM

As Switched On Bap began, you immediately hear his recent transition into the world of modular synthesis.

What exactly is that world like?

Well, imagine taking a single note of sound and fine tuning it for hours/days perfecting the right pitch/noise and then building off that over and over to create what will eventually be one song.

This sound is unique to the engineer’s ear, translated to the end user (which is you and I).

It’s a world beyond our normal construct.

Time doesn’t exist there, there is only the execution of thought.

Too deep? Then your not ready for that seldom treaded sonic road. A Rabbit Hole of the mind that Ski is navigating through with a soulful integrity.

Screen Shot 2018-06-04 at 5.06.58 PM

  • Ground Wires: has the analog feel that can’t be duplicated with digital equipment. The frequencies are virgin pure, the difference can be felt when compared to it’s bastard cousin the compressed and imperfect digital sound.
  • The track has a west coast feel and drives real heavy. Any L.A. emcee would have a field day with this joint.
  • Katana Electric: oh my lawd, the name is perfect and melodically seducing. That patch, emits its analog voice like a cry. Just fucking beautiful. Light up, have a drink, fuck, meditate, whateva… it all goes when that joint is on.
  • Air Ride: Feels like im floating, solid headphones captures the ambience and spatial distance of the synths. Yea, this is some real chill shit right here.

  • Douglas Park: another in ya ear funk joint with so much goodness it makes you have that “stank face”. Every pass is entertaining and meticulously well thought out. The drops are delicious and the heart of this track, the low bass is the soul. That lil harmonica type ish and gated phase is straight nasty… son i’m done, dat shit crazy.
  • K Dot: head got that constant bob, to this track. When the vocals are not present, tracks become a gorgeous soundscape, where it’s up to the artist (aka producer) to create a masterpiece. Sure you can be minimal, nothing wrong with that. But you also have the option to be great and create an experience that only you can create. Thats what we have here ladies and gentleman. This sound cannot be duplicated.
  • Circuit City: sounds like its name, creating a cinematic world that’s delightful and charming. It’s the blissful pride of the synths at a high. It’s like the bonus round in the video game of life.
  • When Spring Pull Up: oh my gawd. Music at times becomes edible and everything about this is right. The beat is smooth the lead controlling it’s course like a well prepped meal. The keys are the conversation around the table, the lead the host Ski and the trinkling down sound is positivity vibrating higher. This is an R&B soul singers dream right here. Like an Amy Wine house meets Jill Scott vocal vibe would kill this.
  • The Rabbit Hole Theory: every track is visual and it’s own sonic world. This is what analog world sounds like once it goes to that very lonely and excitingly secluded place in the music realm. A place rarely traveled for it’s location is a long and treacherous. It drives some men insane, while others find the balance in and out of both dimensions.
  • Sneaky Feet: is a foreign urban jungle, banging hard. The sound is so clean and crisp, salute to the mixing, mastering.
  • Quantum Shy: is a mellow feel good joint. If you never heard a song that say’s emits a thank you feeling, you will when you hear Quantum Shy. You can here the producer rounding off the journey with the easy going pace. Ski is saying thank you for the experience, the journey, the prayers, the circuitry and the listeners.

Go check this project out when it drops July 6, 2018.

It’s perfect for cruising in the whip, working out, rocking the crowd or just chilling out.


… and that The Brooklyn Word!

Review of Kanye’s “Ye” Release & It’s Worse Than We Thought

The Brooklyn Word’s opinions are just that and based off the art of Rap. We are unbiased, unfiltered and unapologetic. While we love the culture, we do not feed into the bullshit or culture vultures that plague Hip Hop today! – Crown Heights, Brooklyn

So with that, let’s get it poppin!

I Thought About Killing You: aight, I have to be open minded but listening to the intro is a bit morbid. This is beginning to sound like the new energy of Hip Hop that’s emotional.

The beat is interesting and then comes in tougher later. It’s a hard trap’ish vibe with lyrics that match. After listening to Black Thought’s solo project, adjusting back to musical reality is crucial to sharing an unbiased opinion. This isn’t what I was expecting.

Yikes: the energy is maintained, matching the earlier tracks vibe. The track feels angry and all over the place as far as the lyrics go.

All Mine: aight, this minimal beat is hypnotic and infectious. Millennial’s will get it immediately, older 90’s heads will feel a way cause it’s not like College Dropout.

Wouldn’t Leave: Ok, now we talking. This is the first musical track that is starting to resonate, the anger is passing and becoming reflective. The hook and singer gives it soulful chills. It’s not a club track, but if you can relate to Kanye’s wild out sessions, than I guess you got yaself a new anthem.

No Mistakes: my energy is draining and i’m feeling sad even though I’m watching game 2 of the finals. Cleavland has 64 and Golden State 72 dammit. I need more drive in a track, i dont want to feel so down while listening. The beat is fire tho…

Ghost Town: sounds like old Kanye coming in, uh oh. Ok Yeezy is singing, it’s getting real. He’s a Gemini, I’m a Gemini, I’m remaining optimistic and open minded. Even though I feel like driving off a cliff. This is the perfect album to OD on or commit suicide. Hey, I know that sounds kinda bad but I’m just interpreting the energy. Time to go to the next track…

Violent Crimes: oh man, it’s the same thing. I swear if you listen to this drunk and depressed, you might do some foul shit. Aight I’m done, can’t listen to anymore. I’m sure the complete project is artistic and creative but honestly I’m not feeling it.

The album was touted as a future masterpiece but it doesn’t have much that real Rap sustenance that fans can relate to. Hip Hop culture vulures and sad people that rock smokey eyes, will have a field day tho. I honestly wouldn’t trust any music blog or individual that is like this joint is a classic and award winning.

It’s nowhere near any of the following:


Sure every new work has it’s own identity and no we don’t expect one’s artistic projects to all sound the same. This one is simply depressing and not the type of album I’d want my child listening to. This doesn’t change our opinion about Mr West as we’re real Rap heads and his early contribution to the culture was significant.


Things took a change and so did the quality of his music. He was no longer the happy Polo Bear that we remembered.

What I do appreciate is him separating his energy to create something different for Pusha T. If Nas’s album completely different from both Pusha T and his, then yes he is a true musical creative.

Time will tell, in the mean time peep our version of what we were expecting from Kanye new project. Using pretty bad audio from an interview we remixed him doing “Gorgeous” acapella…

All eyes are gonna be on Nas at the middle of this month and then the rest of the Good Music team. We’ll be there as well to keep you posted, keeping it straight 100, and that’s The Brooklyn Word.

ps. The Cavs lost, Ye is not a Clevland omen.

Review of “Streams of Thought” Vol.1| Black Thought & 9th Wonder and The Soul Council

Aight, here we go…  “Stream of Thought” is now out and this is our breakdown of the concise yet powerful 5 Track release:

TWOFIFTEEN: the intro and quick speed switch-up is always a nice touch.  The beat comes in real smooth, with the kicks/snares knocking harmoniously with the melody.

The balance of rhythm and rhymes is music perfection.  One doesn’t overpower the other, actually, I never heard a rhythm that overpowers Black Thought.  He seems to meld into the spiritual core of the rhythm, acting as a lead instrument automatically.

The lyrcis are poignant, perfectly delivered and full of quotables and nods at social issues, politics, race and entertainment.  Some are readily understood, the majority are hidden and have to be deciphered for self… we discuss, culture but don’t give our cultures full blueprint.  FOH!

9TH VS THOUGHT:  boom bap at it’s finest.  9th does it again, this production has more attitude as Black Thought spits with intensity.  One has to admire his command of the language and ability to twist words like Mclaren and sounding it out like Mac Lauren.

This track is a lesson in the art of Rap, not hip hop.  He’s speaking effortlessly as a Professor of the game, directly to students.  The 9th driven track speaks with beats that mimic Thoughts sentiments.

Thought’s speaks is more than self admiration, rather facts to be contended if one dared.  His confidence comes from knowing that there aren’t many that would publicly aim darts. He has perfected all aspects of the emcee game without ghost writers and never really stopped training aka lyrical sword stays sharp and well maintained.

DOSTOYEVSKY feat. RAPSODY:  the beat comes in hard and heavy.  It’s not a crowded sound but built like a gun ready to lick lyrical shots at hip hop mental’s across the globe.  This isn’t a fluff release, every bar has meaning and nah, no wack filler verses at all.

Think the “Black Thought Funk Flex freestyle” but amplified 10x and powered by 9th and The Soul Council.

Rapsody rounds out the banger with bars that hold it’s own when versed up with Professor Thought.  She’s direct and apologetically dexterous with her grammar.  Love her wordplay and the way she rides the rhythm.

This is real fucking Rap, it’s not Hip Hop my peoples.

MAKING A MURDERER feat. STYLES P: ok, we got the Fela flip coming in strong.  Makes me wanna drink a Corona while smoking a freaked Black.  I feel like I’m in Belly and shit, playing out the Tunnel intro.

It’s a pleasant throwback feel that perfect for the clubs and any party.

Thought is just relentless with the offbeat flow that threw itself back on beat with the tempo.  Then Styles P bussing off with that grimey smooth flow.  These are the things that rap dreams are made.

What’s really fucked up is, i’m listening on some wack speakers right now and I know the bass is hard hitting and with that analog thump.  Kinda pissed that the first listen is subjected to such shitty acoustics, but it is what it is.  That track is still fire tho…

THANK YOU ft KIRBY:  damn that snare is sweet.  The final track is a soulful feel good, thanking everyone respectfully, who has contributed to his growth.  Head nodding happens innately as the production carries you through the semester with Professor Thought and Professor Wonder.

Journey on and experience your personal interpretation of “Streams of Thought” by supporting real Rap.

….and that’s The Brooklyn Word!