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EP1-3 Switched On Bap starring Ski Beatz & The Glorious Bastard #TheBrooklynWord TV

We’re 3 episodes deep in Modbap sessions.  The journey continues with Ski & Ben as sounds rabbit hole expands around them.

Catch up on the modular happenings.  This is straight unfiltered raw shooting, so vibe up and get connected.

Ep1 The Rabbit Hole

Ski Beatz speaks on Modulars and the direction in which he see’s it going in rap/hip hop.  At this time, he’s pioneering the movement and we’ll be the first to say that he is the first to bring it to the rap/hip hop culture.

Yes, all before used it in dance/experimental genres that were avant garde.  His approach bridged the boom bap sensibility merging the worlds harmoniously.  As this genre expands, we take great pride in being apart of the inception this new sound.

Peep game and watch the 1st vid…

Ep2 “Finding the Perfect Rhythm & Lead”

Ski is in the moment, feeling the vibe.  The process is an intuitive journey, the loop happens.  Then you press on feel that shxt out.  This is a Master of the Craft, zoning.

Infinite possible sonic choices at his disposable, at his own time as it’s his personal journey.  Get connected and watch now.

Ep3 “Copying Modular Signals + Basics”

In Ep3 we are getting a lil more technical.  Ski & Ben go in with specs, still light wit it tho.

Each sound loop you hear is a possible sample.  Each change sounds dope, but saving each and every change would rack that memory up something awful.

A Master of the craft is searching for that special sound that get’s them to be like, “I want that, lemme record that”.

Ben also goes in on the power consumption which is super important.  Listen to what he’s saying and look into creating your own and experimenting with the genre.

and that’s #TheBrooklynWord!


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