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Michael Jackson & Marsha Ambrosius Duet “Butterflies” | Mr Kuyateh 2011 Throwback

Wow, haven’t heard this mix in years.  The early cheesy iMovie edit is classic, but still proud of the lil energy that went into that.

It was the 2009 and music and dancing was my ultimate therapy.  I was pretty consistent with The GiKu Experience Radioshow in Brooklyn and times were much different.

There was a radioshow in Greece called Smoothtraxx that I did a Michael Jackson Tribute mix for.  Good look Peter for sharing the sound on ya platform.

It was a good over 2 hour banger and mixed in a unique way with skits and alternate creations to enhance the experience.

I wasn’t producing then, so the sound levels were all over the place but end result was more important.  A cinematic sound journey starting from the beginning to the end of his eternal beginning.

MJ was the first person that I imitated and danced like as a child.  He literally started my journey into the world of dance.

Well, this is all that’s left of that mix.  It’s somewhere floating around the net and maybe some misc. hard drive in storage.

A version was put on Mixcloud, but copyright restrictions prevents U.S. listeners from hearing, so overseas heads can enjoy the musical treat.

Here it is:

If someone finds it somewhere, let us know.  Would love to hear it again…

Rest In Love MJ & JJ

Michael Jackson Tribute Mix by dj Gibril Kuyateh | Listen + Free Download

This Mix is a blank canvas and at the bottom it says We Love You Michael Jackson. Press play and hear how the canvas comes to life creating an Afro Cinematic visual for your ears.

This show was created for my bi-weekly show The GiKu Experience Radio Show (now the GKXRS in Brooklyn)  which debuted on GiantStep in 2005 (i believe).  When the King of Pops passed in 2009, I created this around his Aug. 29 bday to pay respect to his sound legacy.

Wasn’t until I started digging deeper that the gravity of the situation weighed in. Michael is only with us through archived soul and memories! Got a bit painful there and thats when the mix starts getting serious.

The Re-Experienced sound design created and mixed by Dj Gibril Kuyateh & brings to life duets that never happened Stevie Wonder & Michael (With A Childs Heart). The Floetry & Michael (Butterfly) duet is a PERFECT blend of vocal goodness that can brings a tear to my eye… just one tear out my left eye, dries up before anyone notices.

Top and obscure tunes from the Jackson 5, The Wiz, Martin Bashir interview mix and more…

Giant Step Jukebox Pic