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“DAYLIGHT” Official Video|Goldfinger & The Butterfly (Electronic Soul)

You are now entering an alternate sound dimension.  Goldfinger & The Butterfly have taken over your soul.

Goldfinger aka Ray Angry (Grammy nominated piano virtuoso / producer) & The Butterfly aka Kendra Foster (Grammy winning singer/songwriter) have teamed up for a seductively tasty treat called “Daylight“.

When I first caught the teaser, the chorus literally echoed in my head for the day and was in my dream that night.  Kendra’s songwriting ability is remarkable to say the least.  Her ability to create memorable songs that are heartfelt and pure, makes her a rare breed in the sea of under talents.

Her voice is one of my favorites with it’s raspy soul, enunciating effortlessly.  It rides the enchanting Ray Angry production symbiotically.

Now the production is minimal, but so filling.  It’s just enough and don’t overstep it’s sonic boundaries.  I love how it’s mix/mastered, the rawness of the sound empowers it’s presence.

After the 2:40mark, the breakdown becomes glorious.  That’s Goldfinger all day, magical and unpredictable.


The landscape is captured in the official video as they share personal energies creatively and colorfully.  The textures have a spiritual undertone, as music is the conduit to alternate dimensions.

Get connected.

Doing what she does best, Kendra and Ray shining…

Kendra rocking it out at Rockwood Music Hall.  Dope song as well, peep the vibes.

Goldfinger (Ray Angry) in a Jam session with legends and Master’s of the Craft.   Can you guess who?  If not, you need to study the art of music more.

Peep the connection and level you have to be at to sit in with such a group.

These aren’t microwave musicians, they are professional acoustic rule breakers that have dedicated their life’s time to master their instrument and learn the art of it.  They studied the greats in addition to those that didn’t confirm to music norms.

I mean, this is the type of music you’d want to absorb and learn from.  Then transfer it to sounds that you may produce, sing or compose.  Digesting shit, will give you diarrhea… digesting straberries will give you strawberry fields.  Now which one do you want?

  • Marinate on that… strawberry fields

The point of it all this is, Fuck With This Dopeness for it will raise your consciousness…

And that’s #thebrooklynword.

Ep.01 Dj Natasha Diggs Video Mix + Kendra Foster & Maurice “MoBetta” Brown (LIVE)

Who is Natasha Diggs?

Lauren Hill’s vinyl addicted Dj and she’s on fire! *chuch*

See why she’s one of NYC’s hottest and busiest Dj’s, as we take you on a journey into sound.

press play & continue this sound journey, pressing pause to enjoy the video

Natasha Diggs (Mobile Mondays NYC) Champions Of Sound Mix Tape #2

continue reading once music starts for the full xXxperience

Imagine this…

The crowd is sexy, the energy is right and jewel after jewel is playing.

Those jewels that remind you of moms/pop/nana and childhood.

Those dance and rare groove classics that are luscious to the ear.

Those jewels that had you sweating on the dance floor in the Paradise Garage or Studio 54.

An attractive Dj that understands how to rock a crowd

is steadily nodding her head to the beat.

Headphones on,

headphones off.

Level check, crowd look, whats next, quick digg, crowd popping

here comes the fade in…

and boom!

She hits you with another sound banger.  You smile, looking up occassionally and continue to sweat to the grooves of Natasha Digg’s.

Thats what it’s like, every time she rocks!  I straight up co-sign, finding myself drenched in sweat  holding a camera in between shots.

The blissful selections are a music tastemakers paradise.  Or anyone that just loves good fuxking music.  She definitely hits the spot.  And did I mention, shorty be is a 45’s specialist.  Yup, Natasha is versatile with it.  Whether on digi decks.

  • music tastemaker are music lovers that practically orgasms over the best of the best in sounds and is very refined in taste and well versed on various genres/labels/artist/years ... similar to a sommelier but with music.

Ep.1 part 1

Dj Natasha Diggs + friends Kendra Foster & Maurice “MoBetta” Brown as they join in for a first… The Brooklyn Word VIDEO MIX to Karen Young’s “Hot Shot” (West End Records 78′).

Ep.1 part 2

An intimate sound session with Kendra Foster & Maurice “MoBetta” Brown.

Kendra Foster

Singer w/ D’Angelo and the Vanguards + Songwriter on Black Messiah 

voice like butterflies dipped in lace effortlessly serenaded the crowd.  It was at that point that I began to melt.  I’m a tastemaker and music moves me, so I’m pretty picky on what I like and how I want it delivered to my ear.  Premium top shelf quality, no bottom shelf sounds.  If it’s a raw and untamed artist, I bypass the professional sound and focus on the level of passion delivered.  If a pro, then I do expect ‘almost perfection’ with a narrow margin for error.

Her voice is dope and feels good to the soul.  It moves the youth in you,

perfectly balancing its effect evenly among the diverse crowd.

Men and women nodded, in that soulful way that we head nod, to a melodic star.

Maurice “MoBetta” Brown

Grammy Award winning trumpet virtuoso + Producer

When I walked into the spot that night, it was hott.  Dope party hottt, sirens blaring hott.

MoBetta was on stage, trumpet in hand wailing along with the music.

Then swinging it away for quick breaths and the funkiest head nod,

you seen all day.  All of a sudden he started rhyming, spitting bars in between trumpet wails.

I love it, I miss this.  We don’t see guys like this enough.

See MoBetta is one of those trumpet players thats just gives

everything fuxking he got, in every note.

You feel the communication…

It’s that artistry that’s missed.

It’s that level of musicianship that is dying.

That level of dedication to where you are one with your craft’s weapon.

He is one with his trumpet and voice and production.

Let us all strive to these levels and higher.

Good music such this, musicians like this, singer like this, dj’s like this,

spirits lke this

must be preserved!

The Music Revolution Has Begun

– gibril kuyateh