Archived Promo Vids ft. Dj’s Premiere, Just Blaze, Natasha Diggs/DProsper and Young Paris Filmed/Edited by Mr. Kuyateh


Dj Premiere  was scheduled to spin at Soul In The Horn (Fridays Night Hottest NYC Party). I wanted to do something special but I didn’t have any prior film since I never shot Premiere.

I don’t like bothering folks, not my M.O., so I didn’t discuss a direction with DProsper and just wen off on my own creatively.

I found a video that paid proper respect to Gang Starr, chopped it up in Final Cut, found some audio of Preem (fixed it in Logic Pro), brought it over to Final Cut, and chopped/merged as necessary to the beat adding subtle effects…

Just Blaze rocked the Soul In The Horn party this particular night.  It was especially dope because he kinda stopped the party vibe to shout out the dope ass Polo Intarsian Eagle sweater I had on.  It was new and not many had it especially going for almost $500 at the time I got.  That was a special moment and then he invited me to come through to his Bday Party and we even exchanged Polo gifts.  I gifted him with a 2 Tone Lo-Sport Spellout and pocket Silk Lo Handkerchief, he blessed me with a dope Sportsman button down for the winter…. that was our first meeting, dope right!  There was more, secret shit in the works shhhh!

Regardless, I did something similar to the Premiere video.  Found some video of Charlamagne tha God talking about Blaze, extracted the audio, cleaned it up in Logic Pro, this time I had some stuff I shot of him.

Just came back, and I caught him doing exhibiting turntabilism with a rarely known “scratching at that specific point blend” for a multi-layered on the spot remix.  Seeing many Dj’s come through and filming all of them, I gotta say that I enjoy Just Blaze’s ability to relax and have fun.

Everyone does the damn thing, but he is comfortable, has fun and doesnt play it safe… he’s quite creative and nice on the decks.  It’s fun to watch.   Shout out to my Brother in Lo in the back, catching every bit of the show.

Young Paris was having a jump off at The Brooklyn Museum.  I got the message from DProsper and to come through film for it and the after Party in Williamsburg.  Now I didn’t have video that I shot personally and found one of his vids online which had the right promotion feel.  I chopped it up, added some text about his upcoming performances and after party and boom…. i like this, because I started getting better with keeping things cleans visually.

Thats it for now… i have so much video and dope material to show.  It just takes a long time to edit and upload that stuff.  People have no idea of the time and effort even for quick promo’s.  If you have someone that does a good job and it’s affordable, keep em… As the work that we put in is often under appreciated.  Support your local creatives and respect them by paying them…. simple!

Besides… my rates are going up, things have changed. – Mr. Kuyateh


Sean Price Mural Gathering w/ Duck Down & Family | Crown Heights, Brooklyn Aug. 2016

Click on image below to go to the full gallery… Sean P | Duck Down Memorial Crown Heights Aug 2016

Last week Crown Heights welcomed the Duck Down family as they paid tribute to the late Brownsville emcee Sean Price aka Ruck / Sean P / Mic Tyson.  Meres One did his thing with capturing the essence of “P”.  Respect to him and his grounded spirit.  Check em out as he has a few projects coming up and currently going on.

Throughout the day, heads rolled through to pay respects by the car load.  Brownsville was heavy in the building along with Lo-Lifes, Decepts, respected Rappers and those closet to the loved lyricist.

I love the vibe and support of fans of Duck Down.  It’s always mad love and chill, their ability to interact with the crowd is an example of why they have maintained a presence in the musical landscape.  They’ve done more than adapt, that i’d have to say is not giving them the necessary props.

Duck Down has always been ahead of the curve and sound in marketing strategies.  It is what it is, give it up.  It was only catapulted once  Sean was entrusted with the ability to just be him.  His naturally charismatic persona and super funny wit, reinvigorated the soul and movement.

Give it up to Dru Ha and his business savvy implementations.  He’s one of those in the cut dudes that’s just street loyal and about that betterment of his whole unit.  Salute to that and thats The Brooklyn Word.

Now back to the dope day where Ruck blasted through the bluetooth speakers and all had personal memories beyond what the person next to them may have.

I know it’s not an easy thing for those that are family.  All this is still a fresh energetically, smiles and such require more energy than what one may be willing to give.  But Ruck’s supporters are loyal and troopers.  They are governed by the Old Brooklyn ways and that’s shown as you witness how all just chill and reflect.  You just fill it in the air…

At one point, things got very emotional.  Old Brooklyn energy and the moment caused emotional tension to flair.  It resulted in a Brother punching a hole through the building.


I said it cause a Brother to punch a hole through the building.  Never have I witnessed some awesomeness.  Because it was oddly just that.

At some point those with tempers know that punching a wall hurts when u care even just a lil bit.  If you straight gone, it’s whatever and u feel it later.  But this went beyond that…

An entire hole was created by the blows of a very emotional being.  That’s no joke!

I considered filming it, but outside of struck with awe and frozen like a deer in headlights trying to process if I was seeing what I was actually witnessing, I felt it wasn’t right.  It wounldn’t have done anything but perpetuate an energy that doesn’t need to be perpetuated.  That shit would have made WorldStar though… lmao… nah, i’m more centered than that fortunately.  Bless up to that Brother, hope he finds peace.

Moving on…  i’m seeing familiar faces in the crowd and photos like General Steele, Tek, Rock, Bernadette (wife), his daughter and fam, VVS Verbals, Sadat X, Torae, Skyzoo, Illa Ghee, Elbee Thrie (PhonyPPL) and more…

The flow is so Brooklyn and the epitome of a respectful gathering.  Mad Lo is everywhere, Decept shirts and paraphernalia, Sean P tribute shirt/caps and the tone is reflective.  Not turnt up or wild, rather light and reflective.

I bask in it, dipped in vintage Lo that only a day one head would rock.  My respect is also a connection, as Crown Heights is my hood.

Things got interesting when I caught VVS chillin wit crew across the street and the freestyle session started.  Verbals is a beast on his own, but his crew and those that hopped in off the strength was all Brooklyn.

I miss that energy and was more than happy so capture it in it’s purest form.  Will take me awhile to edit but once I do, it will be up.

With that I say, enjoy the flicks…. the direct link is at the top (click pic) and a few photos are below.  Bless up and thats #TheBrooklynWord! – Mr. Kuyateh 

Here are some snapshots from the day

“Zhigge” – Toss It Up 2016 Lo-Life Remix by Mr Kuyateh (HAPPY ROTATION PRANCE-LO)

Around 5am I couldn’t sleep, fuxking Monster drinks are my life.  It’s not until I start thinking, “shouldn’t I be tired, oh yea I head an energy drink”… smh

I was thinking about OG Prance-Lo’s Birthday party on Sunday (later in the day).  I know I want to bring the camera, but I’m feeling a remix.  Prance-Lo is an original Lo-Life’s member, dancer, father and official street soul that’s respected everywhere he goes.  His dedication to the art of the culture cannot be tested.

Prance-Lo has represented and more not only in the states but Worldwide.  In particular, his impact and image has been embraced by the Japanese culture with open arms.  It’s Prance’s personality and loyalty that single’s out this Flatbush native.

I first hand have seen and experienced the heart of this enigmatic soul.

Every year around this time, I think about how he inspired me to grow my Locs, rock Lo (POLO) and kick up my dancing skills.  For that, I’ll be eternally grateful.

With that I hope you enjoy this light remix, I didn’t have the time to go all deep and really get creative but the light subtleties were just as time consuming in creation.  Bless up !! – Mr. Kuyateh 2L’s 4Life



FontCandy (7) (2).jpg

New Music: “Brooklyn My Ninja” ft. MR. Kuyateh & GRA$E

So here’s the deal.  I have alot on the dome with all these shootings, politics and the everyday bullshit that is fed to us through the media.

I wasn’t sure how to express my feelings, but I knew music would be involved.  At first it was just gonna be a track or two.  Then I wanted some spitters on it or basically a dope lyricist that would understand the energy.

Here’s the problem with that…  People aren’t as available or willing to support like one would think.  Regardless of status, all artist these days are in their own world.  One could say i’m the same, though I’d like to think i really reach out and support all movements.

I didn’t want to go through the hassle of asking anyone for shxt cause it would only end in delays.  Not only that, I now understand that my production takes a moment to understand.  Some of it hits on the standard beats that’s easily identifiable, but other rhythms people just don’t seem to understand.

So with that, I figured why not just set the mic up and spit some poetry.  I’m very careful not to call myself an emcee because i’m not and don’t want to be.  I just want my production to be heard, colloborate with dope artist and produce for budget having clients.

Can’t I live lol… regardless, i had fun with this.  And will continue as my opinion matters to my circle so there.  Salute – Mr. Kuyateh

Salute to all the fallen men and women, raise up! #blacklivesmatter #allivesmatter #wemustvibratehigher

Day 5: Prince – Purple Rain Remix by Gibril

So i’ve been sick for the last week or so and it’s stalled the remix process.  I have up to day 10 almost completed, but the tweaking tracks is not a light job and I’m finding myself spending more time on each of these than anticipated.  Not to mention the uploading and creation of artwork is a light strain on my brain.

I will say that this has been a dope creative process and i’m exhibiting new techniques that you may not notice but is there.  The ability to chop up a track or make any vocal track almost a cappella is what I’m proud of the most.

Through all this, it’s as if Prince is teaching me less than a fraction of what he knows.  Each remix is more challenging to listen to as memories arise that make me say “Damn, why the fuxk did he have to pass and what the fuxk really happened because it’s maaaad suspect” (white people translator… Prince’s death is a tragic loss and the circumstances behind it or quite sketchy).

I doubt another one will go up tonight, but hope you enjoy and share if you do.  Bless up! – Gibril

Day 4: PRINCE -“INSATIABLE” Mandinka Remix

Day 4 is no joke!  More was accomplished than expected as Prince’s energy synergies with my own.  The sense of creative expression is at it’s highest and going where it may.

“Insatiable”| Mandinka Remix is an expression of the sensual spirit that we all have.  It’s desires unbound and free in private but publicly refrained and suffocated.

Prince exemplified freedom of expression by flirting between the lines of ambiguity all while banging the hottest chicks of all flavors.

It’s that, which we all came to love and cherish.  I can say, you gotta be a bad ass muthafuxka for you to be able to get some ass just by playing 2- 90 minute slow jam tape’s full of nothing but Prince.

That’s right, this larger than life musical Genius got mad men across the world skin’s for day’s.  He created generations of freaks from geeks to chic.  He created ya future baby’s daddy and baby’s momma, ya future daughter and ya future son.  He created uncles and future grandparents all grown from the purple nectar’s musical prowess.

For that, let me give thanks with musical offering to the world… – Gibril

Bucktown USA Mixtape Vol. 1

The Bucktown USA Mixtape Vol. 1 hit the web about a month or so ago featuring General Steele, Vvs Verbal, Coke, Louie Skaggs, Brooklyn Bixby, Mar’rz Atomz & Araminta Moon.  I been meaning to write about it but needed some critical information in regards to fully understanding what Bucktown USA is all about.

I got put on to the mixtape by Vvs Verbal, when I bumped into him downtown Brooklyn.  I think I was heading to the Atlantic Ave. entrance and passed a dude who i’m thinking look mad familiar.  He’s looking at me like, you do look familiar, we both after a moment realized that it was from the Sean Price fund event in Park Slope, Brooklyn in 2015.

I had Verbal on the mic corresponding the event, which was real chill.  Unfortunately, the mic has an on and off switch which is near where most people would grab the mic, and 70% of the audio was lost.  But once I noticed it after the fact, I corrected and got a dope lil freestyle session with random cats that appreciate the cypher that Vvs Veral initiated.

With that, I bring you the Mixtape (also avail. as a free download courtesy of Bucktown USA).  Vvs Verbal style is my type of shxt!  He represents accordingly and has interesting word play.  I can’t wait to hear more from the brother.

General Steele always shines bright with the classic flow that we all love.  I’m still absorbing the release and artist styles, the production is on some classic NYC shxt which i support.  Gotta keep the NYC music spirit alive my peoples.  bless up!!!