Archived Promo Vids ft. Dj’s Premiere, Just Blaze, Natasha Diggs/DProsper and Young Paris Filmed/Edited by Mr. Kuyateh


Dj Premiere  was scheduled to spin at Soul In The Horn (Fridays Night Hottest NYC Party). I wanted to do something special but I didn’t have any prior film since I never shot Premiere.

I don’t like bothering folks, not my M.O., so I didn’t discuss a direction with DProsper and just wen off on my own creatively.

I found a video that paid proper respect to Gang Starr, chopped it up in Final Cut, found some audio of Preem (fixed it in Logic Pro), brought it over to Final Cut, and chopped/merged as necessary to the beat adding subtle effects…

Just Blaze rocked the Soul In The Horn party this particular night.  It was especially dope because he kinda stopped the party vibe to shout out the dope ass Polo Intarsian Eagle sweater I had on.  It was new and not many had it especially going for almost $500 at the time I got.  That was a special moment and then he invited me to come through to his Bday Party and we even exchanged Polo gifts.  I gifted him with a 2 Tone Lo-Sport Spellout and pocket Silk Lo Handkerchief, he blessed me with a dope Sportsman button down for the winter…. that was our first meeting, dope right!  There was more, secret shit in the works shhhh!

Regardless, I did something similar to the Premiere video.  Found some video of Charlamagne tha God talking about Blaze, extracted the audio, cleaned it up in Logic Pro, this time I had some stuff I shot of him.

Just came back, and I caught him doing exhibiting turntabilism with a rarely known “scratching at that specific point blend” for a multi-layered on the spot remix.  Seeing many Dj’s come through and filming all of them, I gotta say that I enjoy Just Blaze’s ability to relax and have fun.

Everyone does the damn thing, but he is comfortable, has fun and doesnt play it safe… he’s quite creative and nice on the decks.  It’s fun to watch.   Shout out to my Brother in Lo in the back, catching every bit of the show.

Young Paris was having a jump off at The Brooklyn Museum.  I got the message from DProsper and to come through film for it and the after Party in Williamsburg.  Now I didn’t have video that I shot personally and found one of his vids online which had the right promotion feel.  I chopped it up, added some text about his upcoming performances and after party and boom…. i like this, because I started getting better with keeping things cleans visually.

Thats it for now… i have so much video and dope material to show.  It just takes a long time to edit and upload that stuff.  People have no idea of the time and effort even for quick promo’s.  If you have someone that does a good job and it’s affordable, keep em… As the work that we put in is often under appreciated.  Support your local creatives and respect them by paying them…. simple!

Besides… my rates are going up, things have changed. – Mr. Kuyateh



I been waiting for this type of night and knew that it was going to go down.

I catch the late night liquor store on Kingston and Dean in the Heights for some vodka, then grab juice at the corner store off Fulton before heading to the C train.  Yes I’m trying to get my head right ahead of time so no time is wasted upon at arriving at Subrosa.

The subway situation is funny, lol.  There a dude smoking a Black (black n mild) on the train and I’m thinking why is this dude smoking on the train.  Like that’s the dumbest shxt in the world to do and has no value at all and lacks respects for passengers or children on the train, I think while smh…

Not gonna lie though, I wish I could have smoked my shxt on the train but my situation would have been louder than his regular Black.  Then another random dude walks over commenting on his black and how he should light his shxt up and they become best train buds or something immediately talking about everything from their neighborhood to debating about hiphop top 5’s, Dipset era, old school emcees and some other shit .  One dude is from the Bronx, he was reppin Big Pun pretty hard, the other from Brooklyn was all Biggie/Jay.

I’d come to find out later while writing this post, that the newly formed best train buds entire experience was almost a metaphor for my evening.  Random souls + coming together + special black (a freaked black)  + profound love of hiphop/music culture.

I got to the spot around 1am or so.  Tailwind Turner (actor Dorian Missick) was on the decks and his ass was amped.  Shit, it was his Birthday and the crowd was looking oh so right.

BKM_5701 copy

My man was suited up (it had a nice little tailored fit I might add) and going in on a Michael Jackson track.  I can’t remember what, though… track details are always a blur, but I walked over to my usual spot near the dj booth to set up.

There’s a tap and I hear my name… “Gibril”, yo, it’s my homegirl Genia from DC.  We used to dance on Planet Groove for a few seasons (90’s BET music/dance show, Rachel was so freaking sexy *link below*).  So

(me with the Dreads dancing at the end, that split is mad laughable now, regardless, dance game always been on 100… big up all to the PG dancers and artist that came through)

Enough of the flashback…

Now I’m a bit more amped, got my homie in the house and Tailwind is rocking house.  Wait, he’s not just playing house, he’s going deep with it, rocking the classics and soulful soulful.

BKM_6022 copy

I remember his set from before, he went from rare funk classics to house classics and it impressed me.

BKM_6009 copy

With Spinna in the house, he was bound to go harder and I was right.  I’m surprised I never heard of him before hand, I guess he wasn’t spinning during my tenure with the Libation/Afro Mosaic Soul crew because I knew everybody.   Either way, his musical spirit is heavily appreciated.  Oh yea, he was rocking Serato.

Next was the switch up, I like this part.  It’s the in between stage where the next Dj sets up.  To the crowd the transition is relatively unnoticeable as they just want to hear the music.  To me, it’s the cleansing of the the musical ground.  It’s when the Dj is flipping through his/her bag-o-goodies, thinking “yea, i’m gonna rock this, let me take this out, i’m not sure about this but maybe…”.

BKM_5753 copy

In this particular case, Dj Spinna is flipping through 45’s with that expression of experience.  He’s comfortable doing what he does, he’s one of Brooklyn’s most successful working Dj/Producers.  I’ve witnessed on many levels his ability to move a crowd with versatile sets as well as genre or artist specific sets.

BKM_5931 copy

What was to come, was pure magic… but not before the live music act.

BKM_5826 copy

DapperAfrika performed two tracks with bass player and a singer joining in on the 2nd song.

BKM_5809 copy

There were a few technical sound leveling issues, which stalled the energy a bit, but by the 2nd song he had some momentum going.

When I see this type of thing occurring, I realize the importance of having a solid rehearsed routine ready.  Any setups, tech stuff should be worked out in advance or else it takes away from the performance unless everyone is at that level where the spur of the moment is their thing.  Either way, he had an interesting stage presence and has potential as an artist.  His soulful voice is confident and cool.

BKM_5849 copy

For the 2nd song, a female emcee joined him (don’t know her name yet) but she balanced the energy out.  I liked her voice, she reminded of a grittier Lauren.  Not grittier, gruffer.  That sounds weird, but her voice is heavier in delivery.

After the set Dj Spinna rocked, and when I say rocked it I mean he played a flawless all 45’s vinyl set.

BKM_6018 copy

Think about that for a minute, a perfect set.

BKM_5868 copy

What’s entailed in a perfect set?  This is all my opinion as a tastemaker of sound, your opinion is your own.  Let’s go…

7 Qualities of a Dope Dj Set by Gibril Kuyateh

  1. Dope ass tracks/records – not only do they have to be hitting, but they have to work with the party demographic (this is pretty much a given).  Some make the mistake of starting off slow with sub par tracks to warm up the crowd.  Thats cool in all, but honestly its best to come in with a bang.  With all the music in the world, there is no reason to cheat the ears of listeners.  So bring out the best…
  2. A story of sound, a journey – the ability to transport the dance floor to a place of your choice as a Dj.  I personally want it to feel like i’m stepping out of one world and into another.
  3. Crowd control – how are you controlling the crowd?  Are they tapped into your every beat or are you trying to tap into their’s?
  4. Seamless Transitions – one should be aware of the capabilities and limitations.  Trying to do to much and transitioning sloppily is cool for house parties and all that, but there are to many people around that really understand music on a deep level.  They see the flaws and make mental notes as necessary.  While that may not be a concern, understand it’s happening.  Performing at your best comfortably should not happen on that night but weeks before.  Rocking a dope party wit an incredible set opens up new doors period, even if that door is respect of your peers.
  5. Creativity – how creative are you during your set?  Nothing wrong wit playing tracks transitioning perfectly and going on to the next track.  But it not that it gets boring, it just not as memorable as hearing a cut your familiar with and adding a little flavor to it.  Either subtly or some in the moment remix/scratching.  Something to take your mind off the normal flow of the song, waking you up out of your programmed flow to be like “damn, i didn’t expect that” or “yo, they switched it up”.
  6. Attention to Detail – House/Dance Dj’s are very good at the subtleties (light details) as it’s expected to alter the sound using filters, pans, echoes, fade outs and all the bell’s and whistles.  While HipHop and most other genres more so showcase skill with scratching/blends, not really fuxking with ya mids/highs/lows in comparison.  The ultimate Dj does it all confidently, seamlessly and without falter.
  7. Comfort level on the decks – are you all into the computer vs looking at the crowd?  Is it taking mad long to get that next track on?  Is the look on ya face the look of worry/uncertainty or just another day, i can do this in my sleep.  Are you moving and dancing or really getting into your mixing?  Are you picking up the mic and talking…

Each one of these are mad important when evolving into a dope Dj.

Dj Spinna is a dope ass selector on the decks.  He slowly carried the crowd’s energy with the standard Soul In The Horn tradition.   60% set with Horns (dope shxt though, no cheesy/commercial set) the rest, whatever the Dj wants but best if Horn accents are intertwined.

BKM_6036 copy

You had rare grooves, funk, soul, hip hop sample originals sprinkled with classic hip hop.  All 45’s I might add, not a needle skip for the entire night.  The sounds were knocking as the quality from 45’s are much more intense than cd or digital files.  Everyone is happy, dancing and feeling oh so good. BKM_6042 copy

I posted up near the wall of the near the Dj booth as he was getting creative with Aretha Franklin’s “RockSteady” 45’s on both decks.  Watching him bring back the track and mixing the break is just art.  The pace and heat in the building continued to rise as Brooklyn’s Beloved Dj caught wreck without breaking a sweat.

BKM_5894 copy

Now is the time when DProsper (curator of Soul In The Horn/entertainment industry heavyweight) announces last call, you could feel the sighs in the room.

BKM_5897 copy

Damn, it’s that time already?

BKM_5913 copy

Regardless, the party kept going as Natasha Diggs (resident Dj) transitions in for the remainder.

BKM_6012 copy

I know she was spinning earlier, but I got there later and missed that set.  She didn’t miss a beat though and rocked her party as she typically does.

BKM_6003 copy

The good thing about Natasha is she is versatile.

BKM_5815 copy

Being a female Dj is easy and tough.

BKM_5811 copy

Opportunities arise easier with attractive looks/qualities, but when your around that dominant Pro dj energy, you can’t come with wackness.  Abilities develop quicker and the intuitiveness of those that are around you sink in at a quicker pace.  Natasha Diggs has been around many of the worlds best Dj’s of every genre, so she has a few tricks in her bag.  Tonight she was rocking Serato and not her usual 45’s.

BKM_5997 copy

I heard transitions, fades, dropping the highs and letting the lows rock, filter transitions and what attracted me to her sound.  Plus she was on her square, as the week prior (Soul In The Horn, Just Blaze, bday) it was a little different than usual.  But this night, was the Natasha that I was used to.

BKM_5998 copy

My night was complete at this point, the camera had to be put down and I pretty much got it in for the little bit of time I had left.  It was a great night, plus did a little networking which is always good.

As I’m heading back to Brooklyn in a cab, I’m thinking how lucky I am to have found a new home to enjoy on Friday’s in NYC.  I missed dancing, progressively socializing and being creative around creative people.

Hold the fuxk up… actually I was twisted and falling asleep in the cab trying to act like I was going to sleep like someone was watching me or something… that was an after thought the following day.  Not sure why I was lying like that?  I just in the zone of the story, everything else is Gucci tho…. (remind me to never use Gucci again, must be the mainstream mixtape playing in the back… damn, my mental is slipping.  Where’s my Special Black at)

The curator DProsper is pretty much a man of mystery, but I respect his artistic sense as he’s directly impacted the music industry burgeoning many of the artist that we all love today.  His humbleness is admired, as that trait is a difficult one to maintain in the pool of music industry sharks.

But don’t get it twisted, you have to be a shark to swim with sharks.

Fortunately this shark, is truly about building a dope legacy and carrying on the vibrations of good music, good vibes and extraordinary talent.  Catch you at the next Soul In The Horn!… written by Gibril Kuyateh aka GiKuBKM_6004 copy

ps… videos take work and mad time to say the least, no time to edit the many clips but will  add a least a few clips this week.






(typed this in one take a let it flow, i’ll edit and clean it up later)

Last week at Soul In The Horn was another banger.  The excitement of getting out Friday night was already bubbling up.  Natasha Diggs always throws it down and I knew she’d get my feet moving.  Dj Center typically comes with eclectic bangers and interesting vibes that will make u go digging, but Talib Kweli on the decks???

I wasn’t sure what to expect as far as the sound journey.  The thought was the type of mental puzzle that music types like myself like to indulge in.  Questions like:

  • is he gonna rock any of his new material
  • how is his transitions
  • damn how deep is his collection
  • will I dance, damn I hope I can get it in just a bit

All this helps the time past as I’m flying through the city, music blasting across the Brooklyn Bridge, then up the West Side Highway and over to the Meatpacking District to Subrosa for Soul In The Horn.

The parking Gods were with me, blessing me with a spot right around the corner.  The energy was live as it always is in that area with the surrounding clubs/shops/eatery.

I take a break before going in to set up camera settings get my head right, taking outdoor night shots here and there.  Up walks Bilal and crew.  I love the energy these days as this is pretty normal.  Regardless, i’m fan of the artistry of music and internally the soul brother’s contribution.  We briefly vibe before I snap a shot, *click* (sure camera’s don’t make click sounds anymore but fuxk it).

Soul In The Horn Natasha & DProsper + Talib Kweli + Dj Center + Sly 5th Ave + Lena Carr + MoBetta

Fast forward… I get there just in time for the performances (typical Gemini shit). A woman I now know to be Lena Carr performs a few tracks.  I’m not familiar with her name so she must be beginning he traction.

Soul In The Horn Natasha & DProsper + Talib Kweli + Dj Center + Sly 5th Ave + Lena Carr + MoBetta

Lena caught my immediate attention cause she’s cute, a plus for a female vocal performer, the focus came back quickly though.  I was shooting vids/flicks and wanted to visually represent this artist as beautiful as I see her.  The music was cool, chill radio r&b soul vibe that the ladies would rock to and feel all femininely connected to and shxt.

It will be interesting to see how she develops, there’s more searching going on there and when she finds it Lena Carr will be reborn.

Although I’m in the front, I like taking shot in the cut and catching the subtle touches.  Not using my flash is limiting, but necessary to maintain the peacefulness and naturalness of a shot to me.  It’s unintentional and innocent… “I want to capture her innocence”, i’m thinking.

Next up to the stage was Grammy nominate Sly 5th Ave on Sax (multi instrumentalist Prince, Taylor Swift, Quantic) and DJ Center ( Push The Fader | GiantStep) for a live set.  I guess it was impromptu by the flow but could have been prepared.

Soul In The Horn Natasha & DProsper + Talib Kweli + Dj Center + Sly 5th Ave + Lena Carr + MoBetta

Center’s eclectic gems from Latin lands warmed the crowd as Sly5thAve played with the rhythm.  I wanted more from Sly5thAve as his playing was dope during the moments where he rocked out.

Soul In The Horn Natasha & DProsper + Talib Kweli + Dj Center + Sly 5th Ave + Lena Carr + MoBetta

Things turned up once Maurice “MoBetta” Brown hopped on stage trumpet in hand.

Soul In The Horn Natasha & DProsper + Talib Kweli + Dj Center + Sly 5th Ave + Lena Carr + MoBetta

The added impromptu energy reminded me of the beauty of this party.  You never know what’s about to jump off.  But when it does it’s magical and for that moment the best thing in the world.  I’m watching music magic happen before my eyes, I choose to be inspired!

Fast forward and DProsper (host/curator) introduces Talib Kweli.


Soul In The Horn Natasha & DProsper + Talib Kweli + Dj Center + Sly 5th Ave + Lena Carr + MoBetta

This is the part that I enjoy.  That set up, the DJ entering the area, headphone check, computer connection, cd’s organized (or not), vinyl crates ready, crowd overview, the nervousness or confidence… yea, that’s that shxt.

Soul In The Horn Natasha & DProsper + Talib Kweli + Dj Center + Sly 5th Ave + Lena Carr + MoBetta

Soul In The Horn Natasha & DProsper + Talib Kweli + Dj Center + Sly 5th Ave + Lena Carr + MoBetta

Soul In The Horn Natasha & DProsper + Talib Kweli + Dj Center + Sly 5th Ave + Lena Carr + MoBetta

It the thought is a flash, yet remains completely aware of the present.  I honestly can’t remember many of the tracks that played, because he took me on a dope sound journey.  I recall the transitions which were smooth, the follow up tracks on point and relevant to the crowd, his dexterity with scratching tracks in and overall energy.  The longer he rocked, the more comfortable he became and then shit just got ill…

Soul In The Horn Natasha & DProsper + Talib Kweli + Dj Center + Sly 5th Ave + Lena Carr + MoBetta

There was this Busta track that stands out, what the fuxk was that Talib???

I know a lot about music and obscure shit, but I make no claims to be a Questlove type of encyclopedic mind.  I actually don’t know much about music after 2000 lol, it’s like my mind shut down and said nothing else matters.

Ok, it’s not like that’s true mad dope shxt but i’m going off course (typical Gemini shxt).

All that was to say, maybe it’s a Busta track that I never heard but I really think it was some new shxt.  I saw Busta playing some new material for his holiday drop.  That joint though Talib…. was FIRE!

Soul In The Horn Natasha & DProsper + Talib Kweli + Dj Center + Sly 5th Ave + Lena Carr + MoBetta

In between all that, my feet was moving through the crowd getting it in here and there.  Ladies was looking fine as they do every week, sexy movements here, smiles there, it all enhanced the Talib’s presence… good look Brooklyn.

So yea, I enjoyed Talib on the decks.  I’m mad opinionated because my understanding of the decks come from dance/house dj’s.  In that area, sound and aesthetics are very particular.  A lot of controlling and manipulating is always going on.  Every little detail is important if it’s heard for the partygoers experience.

Natasha Diggs closed out the night as she does, with instant foot movers and head nodders.  Her sexy and warm soulful sound is very comfortable for the crowd.  She knows how to control the vibe well and adjust with the dips to bring it to her level of satisfaction.  I’ve seen first her take a crowd that died and made that shxt some old Studio 54 type party, dead ass.

Soul In The Horn Natasha & DProsper + Talib Kweli + Dj Center + Sly 5th Ave + Lena Carr + MoBetta


Soul In The Horn Natasha & DProsper + Talib Kweli + Dj Center + Sly 5th Ave + Lena Carr + MoBetta

Soul In The Horn Natasha & DProsper + Talib Kweli + Dj Center + Sly 5th Ave + Lena Carr + MoBetta

Back to the subject… I know how Natasha get’s down and I’m ready to dance for real.  No camera holding or nothing.

Soul In TSoul In The Horn Natasha & DProsper + Talib Kweli + Dj Center + Sly 5th Ave + Lena Carr + MoBetta

Soul In The Horn Natasha & DProsper + Talib Kweli + Dj Center + Sly 5th Ave + Lena Carr + MoBetta


I see the dancers getting it in near the front, the vibe is lovely, i’m going to just run to the car and grab something, get my head right and come back.

My ass bounce from Subrosa and I can’t find the car (the alcohol was kicking in, i was supposed to be dancing it off, i don’t get stupid drunk in public ever, just internally mind fucked, no one knows tho).

I thought I parked a block away but now I walked a good 8 or 9 short blocks.  Oh shxt, wait a minute!  My bag had a hole in it I think, what if I the key fell out somewhere.  Damn, i’m not gonna find it…

Wait a minute, I don’t think I locked the door.  Is it possible somebody stole the car or wait, that space I was in was maaad shaky.  Even though I asked the cop if I was good and he said yea, what if I wasn’t, that muthafuxker set me up and had me towed…..

All these thoughts are in my head as I’m walking.  I said fuck it, started heading back to the Subrosa and I’m a block away and over to the right is the car… damn, that was a twisted “gotta have my pops moment”.

Fast forward and I’m back in the spot and ready to make my presence known on the dance floor.  Taking the jacket off, I hear Natasha say… “We’d like to thank you all for coming out….” lol.

My heart dropped, buzz fully intact and feet ready to move… goodbye dance hard on, time to go home.  There’s always next week or the week after, think I’ll relax this weekend with my baby girl and recharge.

Fast forward… yes I made it home safely (sorta fell asleep at a bus stop but I was parked and near home).

And that’s The Brooklyn Word… unfiltered realness!

Video: Ep. 02 The Brooklyn Word w/ Talib Kweli + Jessica Care Moore + Kenyatta Beasley + Chiara Fasi @ Soul In The Horn!

Ep.02 of The Brooklyn Word:

ft. Jessica Care Moore celebrating her latest release Black Tea: The Legend of Jessi James at Friday’s night’s hottest event by Dj Natasha Diggs and DProsper  ‘Soul In The Horn‘.

Once Talib Kweli blessed the stage with Jessica, things really got ‘poppin’.  Their stage chemistry is undeniably a beautiful experience.  Her words resonate with black soul, vibrating through one’s core like a room full of subwoofers.  I hear, reflect and do my best to hold the camera still.  The head was nodding mad hard tho…

No long after Jessica and Talib rocked, DProsper hopped on the mic to introduce Kenyatta Beasley (trumpeter/film composer) and a dope ass drum who was rocking usd midi pads in his set.

The blend of technology and live instrumentation is always fly.  Together they danced between notes, trumpet blaring oh so soulfully.  Tracks ranged from hip hop to a soulful jazzy house vibe and completed the set perfectly.

But that wasn’t all… Kenyatta brought out Chiara Fasi (accomplished teacher and well respected violin virtuoso) and the night evolved into another magical moment.  Chiara’s style and improvisational technique is as beautiful as she, perfectly complimenting the trio.

If that wasn’t enough, it was Talib’s Bday celebration, so his energy was even more intense.  How dope is all that!  It’s always good to see people and dope musicians in a chill ass vibe, just doing them casually, without ‘life’s entertainment filter‘ as I call it.

There aren’t many places where you could visit for an experience as unique as that.  DProsper and dj Natasha Diggs, created an enjoyable, relaxed, low pressured yet addictively entertaining Friday night’s at Subrosa, in the heart of the Meat Packing district.

It’s because of that, some of the best musicians, dj’s and artist swing through supporting and enjoying themselves like they’re with family.  And you should too… gk

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“we cover our culture differently…” – The Brooklyn Word

Ep.01 Dj Natasha Diggs Video Mix + Kendra Foster & Maurice “MoBetta” Brown (LIVE)

Who is Natasha Diggs?

Lauren Hill’s vinyl addicted Dj and she’s on fire! *chuch*

See why she’s one of NYC’s hottest and busiest Dj’s, as we take you on a journey into sound.

press play & continue this sound journey, pressing pause to enjoy the video

Natasha Diggs (Mobile Mondays NYC) Champions Of Sound Mix Tape #2

continue reading once music starts for the full xXxperience

Imagine this…

The crowd is sexy, the energy is right and jewel after jewel is playing.

Those jewels that remind you of moms/pop/nana and childhood.

Those dance and rare groove classics that are luscious to the ear.

Those jewels that had you sweating on the dance floor in the Paradise Garage or Studio 54.

An attractive Dj that understands how to rock a crowd

is steadily nodding her head to the beat.

Headphones on,

headphones off.

Level check, crowd look, whats next, quick digg, crowd popping

here comes the fade in…

and boom!

She hits you with another sound banger.  You smile, looking up occassionally and continue to sweat to the grooves of Natasha Digg’s.

Thats what it’s like, every time she rocks!  I straight up co-sign, finding myself drenched in sweat  holding a camera in between shots.

The blissful selections are a music tastemakers paradise.  Or anyone that just loves good fuxking music.  She definitely hits the spot.  And did I mention, shorty be is a 45’s specialist.  Yup, Natasha is versatile with it.  Whether on digi decks.

  • music tastemaker are music lovers that practically orgasms over the best of the best in sounds and is very refined in taste and well versed on various genres/labels/artist/years ... similar to a sommelier but with music.

Ep.1 part 1

Dj Natasha Diggs + friends Kendra Foster & Maurice “MoBetta” Brown as they join in for a first… The Brooklyn Word VIDEO MIX to Karen Young’s “Hot Shot” (West End Records 78′).

Ep.1 part 2

An intimate sound session with Kendra Foster & Maurice “MoBetta” Brown.

Kendra Foster

Singer w/ D’Angelo and the Vanguards + Songwriter on Black Messiah 

voice like butterflies dipped in lace effortlessly serenaded the crowd.  It was at that point that I began to melt.  I’m a tastemaker and music moves me, so I’m pretty picky on what I like and how I want it delivered to my ear.  Premium top shelf quality, no bottom shelf sounds.  If it’s a raw and untamed artist, I bypass the professional sound and focus on the level of passion delivered.  If a pro, then I do expect ‘almost perfection’ with a narrow margin for error.

Her voice is dope and feels good to the soul.  It moves the youth in you,

perfectly balancing its effect evenly among the diverse crowd.

Men and women nodded, in that soulful way that we head nod, to a melodic star.

Maurice “MoBetta” Brown

Grammy Award winning trumpet virtuoso + Producer

When I walked into the spot that night, it was hott.  Dope party hottt, sirens blaring hott.

MoBetta was on stage, trumpet in hand wailing along with the music.

Then swinging it away for quick breaths and the funkiest head nod,

you seen all day.  All of a sudden he started rhyming, spitting bars in between trumpet wails.

I love it, I miss this.  We don’t see guys like this enough.

See MoBetta is one of those trumpet players thats just gives

everything fuxking he got, in every note.

You feel the communication…

It’s that artistry that’s missed.

It’s that level of musicianship that is dying.

That level of dedication to where you are one with your craft’s weapon.

He is one with his trumpet and voice and production.

Let us all strive to these levels and higher.

Good music such this, musicians like this, singer like this, dj’s like this,

spirits lke this

must be preserved!

The Music Revolution Has Begun

– gibril kuyateh