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Short Film: “Blue Diamonds” | Patrick House (Comedy)


A fan of Patrick House yet?

Well take into consideration his short film “Blue Diamonds”.  Official selection Atlanta Comedy Film Festival, Gold Award, Silver Award and it continues shining brighter in film competitions.

It’s about a group of friends dealing with erectile dysfunction decide to resort back to their thieving ways to solve their problem and make some extra money in the process.  

Peep the trailer below…

One thing for sure, it looks like a funny ass adventure.  Patrick House smooth camera action makes the trailer pop.  Gotta salute the music supervisor, cause the soundtrack fits the landscape perfectly.

Following it up with the video for Marcus Machado’s – “I Can’t Lose” only cemented House’s creative visions.  He’s strategic and meticulous yet simple.

While I didn’t see it yet, the clip below had me dying but in a feel good way.

It reminded me of family, it was relatable and at the end of the day that’s the only thing that matters.  A film that conveys trust within the viewer, dope job!

I’m still bugging off the bio lol, yall are wilding.  Loving the humor.



Vashni Korin|Documentarian & Director

To say Vashni Korin’s work as a director is dope is an understatement.  One must first digest the content and then make a sound interpretation based of innate feeling.  So with that, let’s peep the video she directed for Brooklyn native and certified emcee Cavalier.

Aight, now let’s lightly analyze the energy of the video.

Cavalier spits a tale intertwining various social issues, while paying homage to his Brooklyn culture as Vashni captures moments of culture not privy to outside minds.  Her fluid flow of the camera, immerses non intrusively with Cavalier, creating strong imagery in each frame.

The woman exude power, direction and beauty tastefully.  While the men confident display leadership and strength.  Both genders dressed impeccably is simply stunningly stylish.  Cavalier is seen throughout the video paired with two stylish sista’s which to us, can symbolize the unity of the black man and woman having each others back to get the job done.

Every figure in the video plays an important part within the community and building it up.  Vashni’s visual story doesn’t sell out the culture, rather uplifts it and the role of everyone within it.

Here is another video from CavaliersPrivate Stock” release shot by Vashni Korin.

Another gorgeous display of Nola energy, style and movement.  The imagery in Holla Kid is more intimate and plays out like an instrument.  The styling is dope and have that southern classy swag which sets it apart.  Details matter with this director which takes pride in the final product.  Storyboard P makes an appearance which perpetuates the smooth movement of events, playing off the laid back flow of Cavalier.

She is definitely one of those directors to keep an eye out for…

… and thats The Brooklyn Word!