What is ART… if Not a Means of Unfiltered Self Expression?

What is ART?

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Does Donald Trump Understand the Difference?

Sure does sound like he know the difference here.  Look at him throwing shade disguised as jokes at Hilary Clinton during this charity of all things lmao…

Now check the tweet below and you would still think he was cool and shxt.

#TrumpVlog #TheInterviewMovie A sad day for freedom of speech-

A post shared by President Donald J. Trump (@realdonaldtrump) on

Did you notice he called Sony cowards for not releasing the film “The Interview“.  It’s a ridiculous comedy starring Seth Rogan & James Franco.  Their satirical approach which plays on assassinating the President of North Korea Kim Jong Un, caused a political and technological wrath of attacks.

Those attacks were brought on by North Korea as retaliation.  They allegedly (confirmed) hacked Sony servers and released some pretty damaging info. on the company and it’s executives (read this Times article for more hack details after reading this post of course).

The point here is that he called Sony gutless for not sticking by their First Amendment right for Freedom of Expression and Association.

Think about it, he’s basically calling them ‘Suckers‘ for giving in.  An interesting and hypocritical standpoint for the Republican… #factsonly

Snoop Dogg’s New Track with Clown Faced Trump

I’m digging the video personally, we don’t see musicians taking aggressive political stances publicly.

It was a bold move for Snoop given his celebrity stature.  The clown faces is not racist as some blogs might inaccurately say, it’s the movements of the politicians which are clown like.  The alternative facts and spin that they weave our minds into which the directors creatively envision as clown faces (not completely unheard of as clowns and politicians have a long history).

It’s the pseudo face that they (politicians) wear when they speak to the citizens and the recognition or awakening of the motives.  The Harley Quinn feature in my mind can symbolize anarchy or that which could result from the constant mistruths from all levels of government and media.

Another salute to Jesse Wellens and James Defina for the vision and guts to go ahead with it.  The other tricky part is Snoop can’t (or can i’m not sure as it can be alternative facts used to incriminate him) be legally held accountable being that it could have been apart of a script and that the blame would fall on the video’s director/producer but i’m not over here snitching on nada my bruh’dah.

I can say it’s one the best songs that I heard from the Dog Father in a minute, salute to that.

The Godfather – One of Trumps Favorite Movies

Does it make since that a person who loves a movie as violent and politically corrupt as The Godfather, would openly chastise an entertainer (Snoop Dogg) about freedom of expression, when it’s a position he’s supported and used himself on many occasions.

Just makes you go hmmm…

Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 11.28.23 PM.png

Well, it would seem that he’s all in his feelings when a popular entertainer has anything bad to say because it deflects attention from his false flagged agendas.

And that’s pretty sad, because he used to be able to talk a joke like a champ.  What happened to that tough skin Don?

Well we are sure there are more things for a President to focus on during their first 100 Days in office then a Snoop Dogg single.

Now if that was Doggystyle 2, it would have made more sense, but nah B, it was just a dope single that now will probably make him at least a million of the free promotion and tweet… Checkmate Uncle Snoop, Biatch!

It could have been worse though, then the concern over his life would have been validated. Remember CNN did that piece on if Trump was assassinated.  It wasn’t as visual as D.O. double Gee holding a toy gun to the President in clown face but it was just as cynical if the government really looked at it… check it out now:

They practically subliminally embedded light thoughts in the minds of hundred’s of thousands if not millions that there is a chance for Obama’s influence to remain at the helm.

Now some may be like your reaching, well not really, and if I was did he also reach by bringing attention to what could have been an easy blow off.

Share ya thoughts… the track though is banging! – Mr Kuyateh 


Sean Price Mural Gathering w/ Duck Down & Family | Crown Heights, Brooklyn Aug. 2016

Click on image below to go to the full gallery… Sean P | Duck Down Memorial Crown Heights Aug 2016

Last week Crown Heights welcomed the Duck Down family as they paid tribute to the late Brownsville emcee Sean Price aka Ruck / Sean P / Mic Tyson.  Meres One did his thing with capturing the essence of “P”.  Respect to him and his grounded spirit.  Check em out as he has a few projects coming up and currently going on.

Throughout the day, heads rolled through to pay respects by the car load.  Brownsville was heavy in the building along with Lo-Lifes, Decepts, respected Rappers and those closet to the loved lyricist.

I love the vibe and support of fans of Duck Down.  It’s always mad love and chill, their ability to interact with the crowd is an example of why they have maintained a presence in the musical landscape.  They’ve done more than adapt, that i’d have to say is not giving them the necessary props.

Duck Down has always been ahead of the curve and sound in marketing strategies.  It is what it is, give it up.  It was only catapulted once  Sean was entrusted with the ability to just be him.  His naturally charismatic persona and super funny wit, reinvigorated the soul and movement.

Give it up to Dru Ha and his business savvy implementations.  He’s one of those in the cut dudes that’s just street loyal and about that betterment of his whole unit.  Salute to that and thats The Brooklyn Word.

Now back to the dope day where Ruck blasted through the bluetooth speakers and all had personal memories beyond what the person next to them may have.

I know it’s not an easy thing for those that are family.  All this is still a fresh energetically, smiles and such require more energy than what one may be willing to give.  But Ruck’s supporters are loyal and troopers.  They are governed by the Old Brooklyn ways and that’s shown as you witness how all just chill and reflect.  You just fill it in the air…

At one point, things got very emotional.  Old Brooklyn energy and the moment caused emotional tension to flair.  It resulted in a Brother punching a hole through the building.


I said it cause a Brother to punch a hole through the building.  Never have I witnessed some awesomeness.  Because it was oddly just that.

At some point those with tempers know that punching a wall hurts when u care even just a lil bit.  If you straight gone, it’s whatever and u feel it later.  But this went beyond that…

An entire hole was created by the blows of a very emotional being.  That’s no joke!

I considered filming it, but outside of struck with awe and frozen like a deer in headlights trying to process if I was seeing what I was actually witnessing, I felt it wasn’t right.  It wounldn’t have done anything but perpetuate an energy that doesn’t need to be perpetuated.  That shit would have made WorldStar though… lmao… nah, i’m more centered than that fortunately.  Bless up to that Brother, hope he finds peace.

Moving on…  i’m seeing familiar faces in the crowd and photos like General Steele, Tek, Rock, Bernadette (wife), his daughter and fam, VVS Verbals, Sadat X, Torae, Skyzoo, Illa Ghee, Elbee Thrie (PhonyPPL) and more…

The flow is so Brooklyn and the epitome of a respectful gathering.  Mad Lo is everywhere, Decept shirts and paraphernalia, Sean P tribute shirt/caps and the tone is reflective.  Not turnt up or wild, rather light and reflective.

I bask in it, dipped in vintage Lo that only a day one head would rock.  My respect is also a connection, as Crown Heights is my hood.

Things got interesting when I caught VVS chillin wit crew across the street and the freestyle session started.  Verbals is a beast on his own, but his crew and those that hopped in off the strength was all Brooklyn.

I miss that energy and was more than happy so capture it in it’s purest form.  Will take me awhile to edit but once I do, it will be up.

With that I say, enjoy the flicks…. the direct link is at the top (click pic) and a few photos are below.  Bless up and thats #TheBrooklynWord! – Mr. Kuyateh 

Here are some snapshots from the day

2015 Essence Street Style Block Party | THE BROOKLYN WORD TV

The Summer of 2015 was ‘Poppin’ in Brooklyn.  Concerts, parties, performances and so much more was jumping off practically everyday.  The last big event that occurred, was the Essence Street Style Block Party.  It was a beautiful day of fashion forward rooted spirits and families enjoying city life, music and ethnic culture.

Enjoy the video mix, photos and more clips will be uploaded over the weekend.

 ‘We Are Family’ (Brooklyn Remix | Gibril Kuyateh)

Soundcloud: @gikumusic

Ep.01 Dj Natasha Diggs Video Mix + Kendra Foster & Maurice “MoBetta” Brown (LIVE)

Who is Natasha Diggs?

Lauren Hill’s vinyl addicted Dj and she’s on fire! *chuch*

See why she’s one of NYC’s hottest and busiest Dj’s, as we take you on a journey into sound.

press play & continue this sound journey, pressing pause to enjoy the video

Natasha Diggs (Mobile Mondays NYC) Champions Of Sound Mix Tape #2

continue reading once music starts for the full xXxperience

Imagine this…

The crowd is sexy, the energy is right and jewel after jewel is playing.

Those jewels that remind you of moms/pop/nana and childhood.

Those dance and rare groove classics that are luscious to the ear.

Those jewels that had you sweating on the dance floor in the Paradise Garage or Studio 54.

An attractive Dj that understands how to rock a crowd

is steadily nodding her head to the beat.

Headphones on,

headphones off.

Level check, crowd look, whats next, quick digg, crowd popping

here comes the fade in…

and boom!

She hits you with another sound banger.  You smile, looking up occassionally and continue to sweat to the grooves of Natasha Digg’s.

Thats what it’s like, every time she rocks!  I straight up co-sign, finding myself drenched in sweat  holding a camera in between shots.

The blissful selections are a music tastemakers paradise.  Or anyone that just loves good fuxking music.  She definitely hits the spot.  And did I mention, shorty be is a 45’s specialist.  Yup, Natasha is versatile with it.  Whether on digi decks.

  • music tastemaker are music lovers that practically orgasms over the best of the best in sounds and is very refined in taste and well versed on various genres/labels/artist/years ... similar to a sommelier but with music.

Ep.1 part 1

Dj Natasha Diggs + friends Kendra Foster & Maurice “MoBetta” Brown as they join in for a first… The Brooklyn Word VIDEO MIX to Karen Young’s “Hot Shot” (West End Records 78′).

Ep.1 part 2

An intimate sound session with Kendra Foster & Maurice “MoBetta” Brown.

Kendra Foster

Singer w/ D’Angelo and the Vanguards + Songwriter on Black Messiah 

voice like butterflies dipped in lace effortlessly serenaded the crowd.  It was at that point that I began to melt.  I’m a tastemaker and music moves me, so I’m pretty picky on what I like and how I want it delivered to my ear.  Premium top shelf quality, no bottom shelf sounds.  If it’s a raw and untamed artist, I bypass the professional sound and focus on the level of passion delivered.  If a pro, then I do expect ‘almost perfection’ with a narrow margin for error.

Her voice is dope and feels good to the soul.  It moves the youth in you,

perfectly balancing its effect evenly among the diverse crowd.

Men and women nodded, in that soulful way that we head nod, to a melodic star.

Maurice “MoBetta” Brown

Grammy Award winning trumpet virtuoso + Producer

When I walked into the spot that night, it was hott.  Dope party hottt, sirens blaring hott.

MoBetta was on stage, trumpet in hand wailing along with the music.

Then swinging it away for quick breaths and the funkiest head nod,

you seen all day.  All of a sudden he started rhyming, spitting bars in between trumpet wails.

I love it, I miss this.  We don’t see guys like this enough.

See MoBetta is one of those trumpet players thats just gives

everything fuxking he got, in every note.

You feel the communication…

It’s that artistry that’s missed.

It’s that level of musicianship that is dying.

That level of dedication to where you are one with your craft’s weapon.

He is one with his trumpet and voice and production.

Let us all strive to these levels and higher.

Good music such this, musicians like this, singer like this, dj’s like this,

spirits lke this

must be preserved!

The Music Revolution Has Begun

– gibril kuyateh