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“Nia” – DaVillins & DJ Skizz (Ruckdown | Brownsville) Remix Challenge Submission + Free download of Mr Kuyateh’s Version


DaVillins (Brownville|RuckDown) recently dropped a dope track prod. by DJ Skizz called “Nia”, which is a dope track for the ladies and pays tribute to Nia Long.

The track is on their latest EP #Cashmeredice which dropped on April 7th. To have fun with promotion, they put the word out for a #niaremixchallenge and I responded with this remix which includes a Marvin Gaye sample flip.

The fun part was creating an experience around the production and hoping that the listener is able to connect with it.  Mixing the layers and then mastering was a bit of a challenge but the sounds seem to resonate accordingly.

Let us know what you think of Mr Kuyateh’s and check out their latest release Cashmere Dice.  Bless up

Sean Price Mural Gathering w/ Duck Down & Family | Crown Heights, Brooklyn Aug. 2016

Click on image below to go to the full gallery… Sean P | Duck Down Memorial Crown Heights Aug 2016

Last week Crown Heights welcomed the Duck Down family as they paid tribute to the late Brownsville emcee Sean Price aka Ruck / Sean P / Mic Tyson.  Meres One did his thing with capturing the essence of “P”.  Respect to him and his grounded spirit.  Check em out as he has a few projects coming up and currently going on.

Throughout the day, heads rolled through to pay respects by the car load.  Brownsville was heavy in the building along with Lo-Lifes, Decepts, respected Rappers and those closet to the loved lyricist.

I love the vibe and support of fans of Duck Down.  It’s always mad love and chill, their ability to interact with the crowd is an example of why they have maintained a presence in the musical landscape.  They’ve done more than adapt, that i’d have to say is not giving them the necessary props.

Duck Down has always been ahead of the curve and sound in marketing strategies.  It is what it is, give it up.  It was only catapulted once  Sean was entrusted with the ability to just be him.  His naturally charismatic persona and super funny wit, reinvigorated the soul and movement.

Give it up to Dru Ha and his business savvy implementations.  He’s one of those in the cut dudes that’s just street loyal and about that betterment of his whole unit.  Salute to that and thats The Brooklyn Word.

Now back to the dope day where Ruck blasted through the bluetooth speakers and all had personal memories beyond what the person next to them may have.

I know it’s not an easy thing for those that are family.  All this is still a fresh energetically, smiles and such require more energy than what one may be willing to give.  But Ruck’s supporters are loyal and troopers.  They are governed by the Old Brooklyn ways and that’s shown as you witness how all just chill and reflect.  You just fill it in the air…

At one point, things got very emotional.  Old Brooklyn energy and the moment caused emotional tension to flair.  It resulted in a Brother punching a hole through the building.


I said it cause a Brother to punch a hole through the building.  Never have I witnessed some awesomeness.  Because it was oddly just that.

At some point those with tempers know that punching a wall hurts when u care even just a lil bit.  If you straight gone, it’s whatever and u feel it later.  But this went beyond that…

An entire hole was created by the blows of a very emotional being.  That’s no joke!

I considered filming it, but outside of struck with awe and frozen like a deer in headlights trying to process if I was seeing what I was actually witnessing, I felt it wasn’t right.  It wounldn’t have done anything but perpetuate an energy that doesn’t need to be perpetuated.  That shit would have made WorldStar though… lmao… nah, i’m more centered than that fortunately.  Bless up to that Brother, hope he finds peace.

Moving on…  i’m seeing familiar faces in the crowd and photos like General Steele, Tek, Rock, Bernadette (wife), his daughter and fam, VVS Verbals, Sadat X, Torae, Skyzoo, Illa Ghee, Elbee Thrie (PhonyPPL) and more…

The flow is so Brooklyn and the epitome of a respectful gathering.  Mad Lo is everywhere, Decept shirts and paraphernalia, Sean P tribute shirt/caps and the tone is reflective.  Not turnt up or wild, rather light and reflective.

I bask in it, dipped in vintage Lo that only a day one head would rock.  My respect is also a connection, as Crown Heights is my hood.

Things got interesting when I caught VVS chillin wit crew across the street and the freestyle session started.  Verbals is a beast on his own, but his crew and those that hopped in off the strength was all Brooklyn.

I miss that energy and was more than happy so capture it in it’s purest form.  Will take me awhile to edit but once I do, it will be up.

With that I say, enjoy the flicks…. the direct link is at the top (click pic) and a few photos are below.  Bless up and thats #TheBrooklynWord! – Mr. Kuyateh 

Here are some snapshots from the day

Sean Price “60 Bar Dash” prod. by Dj Gibril the Polohead

Rest in Lo, your words are echoing through the music universe and altering the very nature of this music landscape that we call hip hop.  Sean P forever! – G. Kuyateh

Free Download!


How The Remix Came About

I did this a year ago and lightly making touches over the months. It was supposed to drop with some video I shot at the Duck Down fundraiser for Sean P’s fam in Brooklyn.  Shxt was dope, mad heads stopped through to show love.

I had some tech issues with the sound, which prevented me from releasing it, which also prevented me from dropping this properly. For some odd reason, there were elements that didn’t flow and I had to approach it completely differently.

That realization didn’t occur until a few days ago. It suddenly all made sense and once the mixing started to flow, other ideas to build evolved. I already had the sample and 75% of the track done. The last 25% of it was falling apart but it all worked out.

My production is across the board from Hip Hop to NYC House (or club as old heads would say). Also I fuxk with RnB, Soul and eclectic vibes.

I’m a man of the 90’s, grew up a Polo aka Lo head from Crown Heights and was deeply embedded in the preservation of hip hop and the dance culture.

The shift in New York’s sound is very disappointing being that we used to be respected for it, now muthafuxkers don’t even know what New York or Brooklyn Hip Hop sounds like.

With that, I decided to do my part and start my own movement with sound. Producing along the lines of sounds that I grew up with, that boom bap, jazzy hip hop, funky soulful shxt.

It’s what I do, regardless of whether or not you enjoy… the point is preservation because others covering our culture don’t pay it the proper respect and thats The Brooklyn Word…

Holla if you have budgets and an idea or if you need some artistic brand development. I’m well versed in many areas outside of production. bless up – Dj Gibril

released March 18, 2016
Lyrics: Sean Price | Duckdown
Production + Mix/Master: Gibril Kuyateh

Lastly, I put this joint on shxtcloud (soundcloud) as well, but they are assholes and dicking all of the dj’s that pay to use their service.  So I’m transitioning from their service as much as possible.  I’ll get more into that later…