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Kodi Lee’s Performance Will Bring You To Tears

By now most of the world is familiar with Kodi Lee. The blind and autistic singer/piano player that got the golden buzzer on America’s Got Talent.

I never underestimate the talent on videos, giving all a chance. What I would witness when hearing Kodi was beyond what was expected.

From the first key stroke to the first line of ….., Kodi mesmerized. He performed pure of heart and without ego, doing it beautifully. His range varying yet controlled hitting the core of your soul.

It’s hard not to be touched by his authenticity, vibe out and get connected. Check the original written by Leon Russel and our favorite version by Donny Hathaway.

The original written by Leon Russell
The hit soulful version by Donny Hathaway

Donny’s version does something special to the soul. The keys, accompanying instruments and the notes he hit are magical. All music lovers need it in their collection.

Here is a house version by our very own Mr Kuyateh of GiKu Music and honestly, it’s time to redo it. Conceptually it was interesting, but we were in the early stages of vocal stretching using logic pro 9. A technique in which you manipulate every split second of sound in order to match it to a rhythm.

His rhythm didn’t go to the beat at all, so there was a challenge just getting a sound that somewhat flowed. Speeding up the track mixing it like a dj, was not going to work in this case. Every syllable and utterance of sound had to be adjusted manually as the automatic synching didn’t analyze the vocals as expected.

Listening a lil over a year now and I’m thinking wow that was really off. At that time, just getting it to that level was satisfactory. The improvement in production is very real, so glad to go through the self taught journeys.

To put it simply, i’m nice wit it now. So at some point a proper version will ensue. Till then, listen to early humbling beginnings…

… and that’s The Brooklyn Word!

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