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Anthony Joshua Ain’t Ready for Wilder

Salute to Ruiz (Mexico) for the win and new Heavy Weight Champion of the World. He went into beast mode against Anthony Joshua (UK), in what many, including us, saw as an upset.

Peep the clip above and take in the moments in which Ruiz unleashed the beast within. For a big man, he was kick as hell. His combo’s timed and accurate.

He wasn’t going against the Joshua that we expected, the Joshua who pulverized competitors with combos and power. He happened to get a fighter that we’ve never seen.

This Anthony Joshua was cautious and almost scared after that first big blow. He was like a puppy after birth, on unsure shaky legs, trying to adjust to the world. We were surprised to witness the champion at such a disadvantage.

It must be noted, that it could have been a hard ass hit that the average person could not withstand.

Now while i’m not in the ring, it’s easy for me to criticize the outcome. My “safe place” confusion thinks:

  • Why was he so hurt after his first knockdown shortly, after he knocked down Ruiz?
  • Did Ruiz really hit that hard or was he just unprepared for the fight after Jarell “Big Baby”Miller failed the drug test, thinking it would be an easy win?

I really don’t know.

Here he takes it like a former champ, in his post interview. Keeping it the classy way.

I’m still baffled on what when wrong. He’s taken way worse abuse, yet the Ruiz’s first flurry completely rocked his world.

Here’s why we previously considered Joshua an all around fighter and alpha competitor.

The question now is how would Anthony Joshua really fair against Deontay Wilder?

If he did beat Ruiz, the next bout probably would have been against Wilder. That would have been a hell of a match and what we all have been waiting to see.

Our fantasy pick was Wilder. Only if he kept his composure and aimed accordingly. His willingness to be haphazard with punches, is a weakness that Wilder would have had to improve on going against Joshua. Anthony’s accuracy and fundamental technique would have been Wilder’s weakness.

Now all that’s is hearsay and Joshua’s main goal is getting his title back, which means Deontay is on hold for now.

Either way, it made for the most interesting turn out since Tyson and Douglas.

… and that’s The Brooklyn Word!

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