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Nipsey Hussle Remix Tale (LA) & (NYC) TBW Radio

Nipsey Hussle Remix Artwork for The Brooklyn Word

Sup Brooklyn and beyond…

The Nipsey Hussle remix Tale is a soulful journey that reflects on just a glimpse of the young Kings life. His progressive movements were forward and uplifting.

Peep the messages and gems he drops in his tracks, the blueprint firmly said for eye opening minds.

Nipsey’s respect to the foundational game of rap, is shown in his flow. Advanced word play, dictated the Crenshaw way. Vibe out to the journey my peoples.

Kinda Late Wit It???

Originally slated to drop the weekend of his passing, I reached out to a few producer heads. Was fortunate enough to have the brother Shiro Fujioka (L.A.) hit me back, ready, with tracks to go.

It begins with the remixes “Ocean Views”, “U see Us” and “Mark My Words” by the elusive Mr Kuyateh (GiKu Music). He blends chopping up samples to focusing on stretching the vocals timing to work with the soulful tracks.

Sounding natural was the goal, but the original acapella’s timing didn’t match the production for “Ocean Views” or the background track for “U See Us” and “Mark My Words”. The only option was to focus on the tedious task of changing the vocals manually to match the rhythm.

The flow is a lil different from the original, so don’t be alarmed. It maintains that Crenshaw essence, with that Brooklyn soulful vibe.

Rock out to the experience…

Where have we been?

Our sites old design was a slow load, and needed a refresher.

My production was finished early on, but the sites backend wasn’t where it needed to be. And so the wait to push the show began…

Over the next few months of designing in between the day job, it became more functional and worthy of sharing with the public.

Fast forward and we have our first “The Brooklyn Word Radio” show (so to speak), in over 3yrs.


Shiro represented accordingly rocking the modular bap style of funk. His energy futuristic, transcending todays rhythmic landscape of producers. The universal synthetics of sound not bound by commercial grounds.

Peep him pushing the culture forward, educating minds like the legendary producer Ski Beatz, a pioneer in the Modbap movement.

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