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Ski Beatz – “Ground Wire” | Video by the dope artist Distrakt

The Ground Wire video is now resonating, tune in.

Ski Beatz artistic direction is just as impressive as his creative direction.  For this project he brought on the soulful 3d artist/animator/emcee/composer/designer and more Distrakt.

The choice was perfect in our opinion because Distrakt’s mind is not really from this planets time space frequency.  He vibrates inter-dimensionally.

If that’s over ya head, then ya eye is not open yet… no problem, in due time that will change.

First thing noticed, rather felt, is his keen ability to adhere to sound and redirect as animation.

It’s details are simplistic on the initial layer, similar to the use of simplistic analog gear used by Ski.  Yet the many underlying layers of each frame choice and graphic addition expressed the world of Ground Wire’s.

Ok, gonna get a lil deep here follow me.  

There’s more to producing than creating a track.  There’s the not so talked about world of that track.

A world that the producer creates/simulates and is actually alive in the mind.

Ok, I know your like wtf?

Tis true and in our opinion all artist experience a similar occurrence, though might not know how to interpret it.  But it’s an alternate world of sound within the producer’s mind.

Now if this world could be visualized, the above video is one very close possibility of how that reality looks like.

The pyramid over the main graphic character’s head (aka Ski) tapping into the circuitry source and controlling that reality, birthing the sound we now here as Ground Wire and really the genesis of the Switched On Bap project.

Yes, that’s what it is, we’re tapped in.

I had flashbacks of vintage SpiderMan cartoons with Dr Octopus.

Then I wanted to show you a bit of the Distrakt’s world and the level that he’s on.

Now peep his lyrical skills merged with selfless expression.  Yes, he created this eclectic artistic work, different vibrations going on here.


With that, definitely look out for the brother.  He’s an artistic sprit that mean more to the culture, than than the minds eye can see.

… and that’s #thebrooklynword.  Salute!

Ski Beatz Creates A Synthesized World with the release of “Switched On Bap”

I get an email package.

It’s from one of Rocafella’s original producers, Ski aka Ski Beatz. I know the brother is busy getting ready for the new release, so the call and package was pleasant gift.

“Hell yea”, i’m thinking! The snippets have been bananas, can’t wait to rock this.

I get the speakers ready then change to headphones for an immersed experience.

It’s an early MP3 preview of the full “Switched On Bap” album coming out July 6, 2018.

Screen Shot 2018-06-04 at 5.09.40 PM

The 27 min long promo copy hasn’t been broken up into individual tracks yet.

I dont mind that at all, as it’s easier to feel the track as a story playing out, enjoying it’s tale narrated by it’s composer.

You know Ski as the producer of Jay Z’sDead President” & “Feelin It“, as well as a member of Original Flavor. The early 90’s rap group that earned their place in the culture with dope bars, dope beats and an early appearance from the young Jay Z who had a rapid fire flow on their classic track “Can I Get Open“. Other notables include Mos Def, Jay Electronica, Joell Ortiz and Jean Grae.

Production includes Camp Lo’s “Uptown Saturday Night” album. That joint had straight heat on it, which further cemented Camp Lo’s position in Rap Culture.

Peep him on Mass Appeal’s “Rhythm Roulette”:

Ski was on fire then and he’s still on fire now. The latest project is a sonic kaleidoscope and boy does this process get deep.

Screen Shot 2018-06-04 at 5.13.58 PM

Screen Shot 2018-06-04 at 5.11.21 PM

As Switched On Bap began, you immediately hear his recent transition into the world of modular synthesis.

What exactly is that world like?

Well, imagine taking a single note of sound and fine tuning it for hours/days perfecting the right pitch/noise and then building off that over and over to create what will eventually be one song.

This sound is unique to the engineer’s ear, translated to the end user (which is you and I).

It’s a world beyond our normal construct.

Time doesn’t exist there, there is only the execution of thought.

Too deep? Then your not ready for that seldom treaded sonic road. A Rabbit Hole of the mind that Ski is navigating through with a soulful integrity.

Screen Shot 2018-06-04 at 5.06.58 PM

  • Ground Wires: has the analog feel that can’t be duplicated with digital equipment. The frequencies are virgin pure, the difference can be felt when compared to it’s bastard cousin the compressed and imperfect digital sound.
  • The track has a west coast feel and drives real heavy. Any L.A. emcee would have a field day with this joint.
  • Katana Electric: oh my lawd, the name is perfect and melodically seducing. That patch, emits its analog voice like a cry. Just fucking beautiful. Light up, have a drink, fuck, meditate, whateva… it all goes when that joint is on.
  • Air Ride: Feels like im floating, solid headphones captures the ambience and spatial distance of the synths. Yea, this is some real chill shit right here.

  • Douglas Park: another in ya ear funk joint with so much goodness it makes you have that “stank face”. Every pass is entertaining and meticulously well thought out. The drops are delicious and the heart of this track, the low bass is the soul. That lil harmonica type ish and gated phase is straight nasty… son i’m done, dat shit crazy.
  • K Dot: head got that constant bob, to this track. When the vocals are not present, tracks become a gorgeous soundscape, where it’s up to the artist (aka producer) to create a masterpiece. Sure you can be minimal, nothing wrong with that. But you also have the option to be great and create an experience that only you can create. Thats what we have here ladies and gentleman. This sound cannot be duplicated.
  • Circuit City: sounds like its name, creating a cinematic world that’s delightful and charming. It’s the blissful pride of the synths at a high. It’s like the bonus round in the video game of life.
  • When Spring Pull Up: oh my gawd. Music at times becomes edible and everything about this is right. The beat is smooth the lead controlling it’s course like a well prepped meal. The keys are the conversation around the table, the lead the host Ski and the trinkling down sound is positivity vibrating higher. This is an R&B soul singers dream right here. Like an Amy Wine house meets Jill Scott vocal vibe would kill this.
  • The Rabbit Hole Theory: every track is visual and it’s own sonic world. This is what analog world sounds like once it goes to that very lonely and excitingly secluded place in the music realm. A place rarely traveled for it’s location is a long and treacherous. It drives some men insane, while others find the balance in and out of both dimensions.
  • Sneaky Feet: is a foreign urban jungle, banging hard. The sound is so clean and crisp, salute to the mixing, mastering.
  • Quantum Shy: is a mellow feel good joint. If you never heard a song that say’s emits a thank you feeling, you will when you hear Quantum Shy. You can here the producer rounding off the journey with the easy going pace. Ski is saying thank you for the experience, the journey, the prayers, the circuitry and the listeners.

Go check this project out when it drops July 6, 2018.

It’s perfect for cruising in the whip, working out, rocking the crowd or just chilling out.

… and that The Brooklyn Word!

How Developed Is Your Musical Ear? w/Rachelle Ferrell & Ledisi

Damn damn damn!  I had to stop this just to breathe and sorta wrap my head around the vocal complexity of what is happening.  The ladies below need no introduction as they are powerhouses of their craft.

Rachelle Ferrell and Ledisi!

Here’s what will happen in just a few seconds of listening…

  1. send chills down your spine
  2. make you look around even if you in a room alone, because your thinking somebody gotta pinch you
  3. make you think there are Angels
  4. effect your emotions and spirituality
  5. cause you to shake your head and cringe, its hard to take in this much pure audible energy (but it’s also not)
  6. make you curse, breath quick, maybe even pass out

Ok, let me kinda paint a picture for those that are more comfortable with mainstream female vocal talent.  If there was a hmmm, let’s say concert of TV and you told the average or established singer who is very popular on the radio that Rachelle or Ledisi would go on before or after them, I’m confident in that there would be some talks behind the scenes (probably managers) trying to get their artist to go at a different time, prevent them from performing or even wondering if it’s worth it to go on at all.

Now that has nothing to do with Ledisi reportedly being snubbed by Beyonce and the Recording Academy.

Quick rundown, Ledisi was scheduled to perform “Take My Hand Precious Lord” by Mahalia Jackson (the song she song in the Oscar nominated film Selma).

Something happened magical happened that day and Beyonce ended up singing it, instead of the track that she was scheduled to sing.

Kinda odd, since she wasn’t apart of the Selma team, but that’s the magic of the industry ‘tadaaaa’.

They strike fear in the world of subpar and established singers who are unable to channel their energy as beautifully and compelling as they can.  Beyonce is a siren in her own right, the energy is still very different.

Peep the original Super Soul Siren, the late Great Mahalia Jackson perform it and decide on your own which artist’s energy came closest.

Rachelle and Ledisi are Soul Sirens bred to tap into spiritual place that can’t me manufactured, bought or taught.  They were bred around real musicianship, black churches, music school and strict teaching where there are no fuxk up’s.

Rachelle was singing with Patti and working with Dizzy, George Duke and Quincy.  Those are OG’s in the world of music, legends as most would note.  They expect perfection because that’s the level of talent they are used to and what they embody in themselves.

It’s like Jesus training you to be preach or fry fish, if he did, you’d be pretty damn good and competition wouldn’t exist.

There you have it, I still haven’t finished watching it… Still got chills from the first 45secs.  I’m going to enjoy that on my own, without the thought of wanting to finish this post.  Music and spirits this beautiful deserve’s one’s full attention.

Peep this final video, a tribute to Anita Baker of the Queen’s of Soul.  The entire line up performing a tribute are all talented singers.  As you listen, pay attention to how your body feels when those with that special energy sing.

Did anyone make the hair on your body kinda stand up?  Did you feel that tingling feeling pronounced word?  Who caused a reaction?

The Brooklyn Words wants to know how developed your ear is…

FYI: updates and edits are done at a later time as to not distract from the typing flow.  If you see any error/mistakes, comment and it will be fixed as time allows – TBW