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Review of “Nasir” | NAS

This review was written the day after the album dropped, but held back till the smoke cleared from all the opinionated culture enthusiasts.  Bloggers, writers, tastemakers all that.

Those muthafucker’s are everywhere, yet, they really don’t say nothing.  It’s funny and sad.  They really don’t understand this culture when they write these dissertations for their own to understand.

I haven’t read a single review from any blogger or music site and don’t care to, this is strictly my opinion based off my love and understanding of the culture.  They don’t know any more than person on the street and definitely don’t know about the foundation of rap from experience, only word of mouth and delving into the world claiming ownership.

I was born in Crown Heights, Brooklyn.  Raised on Video Music Box and all the Hip Hop radio stations.  I saw the emergence of Nas and Queensbridge, watching while holding the antenna on channel U31 so that the reception was clear and shit.

We debated Hip Hop and dope lyricist on the train and in the the lunchroom of Murry Bergtraum H.S. (later Bethel H.S. in Hampton, VA.).  Our debates would build the culture to what it is today, a multi-trillion dollar industry that’s still growing.

Please don’t put my opinions in the same category as the “gentrified taste” of Hip Hop hobbyist writing on their laptops in coffee shops or plush lil offices in Red Hook or Williamsburg.  I am rap and hip hop bitches.

With that, let’s begin.

This is the tracklist for the Nasir album:

“Everything,” “Bonjour,” “Not For Radio,” “Adam & Eve,” “Simple Things,” “Cops” and “I Can Explain”

Not For Radio:  comes on with importance.  The intro features Puffy and as the track goes on, it’s clear… Puffy ad libs are back!

The beat drops, it’s an ethereal downtempo track with a big presence.  There’s a choir, a full orchestra sample chop or live and then sampled (not sure).

This set’s a strong tone as the first track, Nas doesn’t dissappoint with God Body lyrics for the peoples.  The hook is dope and the rhythm grows on me.  My mind is switching from listening to the beat, to trying to break down what Nas is saying in real time.  I kinda don’t want to, I just want to hear Nas get it in cause it’s been awhile.

Kanye did a dope job in regards to switching the energies between the albums.

While Kanye’s album was more of a look into his personal journey, it wasn’t a fun album that you’d want to listen to and party or cruising through the city blasting in the Summer.

It was a good album, that’s a great album, if you are going through similar pain and such.  Nas’s album, is a different direction and so far it’s feeling real happier.

Cops Shot The Kid:  oh yea, this is what i’m talking about.  The Slick Rick sample loop is perfect.  That track already has a party energy attached, partygoers will immediately relate to this joint.  I already see all the hands in the air and dancing.

Dope shit, this is a gonna be a classic track right here.  Nas is in a powerful zone when you break down the lyrics.  Ye‘ joins in further drilling in the empowering message thats being delivered to all races, creed and religions.

That hook is dope… i’m starting to get a feeling of it sounding a dope movie.  Like it needs to be a soundtrack.  Hmmm, this is a soundtrack of the times.  I dig it.

White Label:  the production is what heads have been waiting for from Yeezy.  It was the perfect alleyoop, wit Nas slam dunking it for the culture.

The messages continue through the melodicaly minimal vocal driven hook.  Nas has a lot on his mind as well.  It’s quite reflective and show his growth since the QB days.

Bonjour:  just beautiful!  I’m loving the production direction.  Dope tracks tell a story on it’s own, with the Emcee adding or creating a new world at whim.  Here the tracks is so good, it almost overshadows Nas.

I want more Bars on this joint, but nahhh, we are getting teased here.

Oh yea, the message switches up… it’s for the ladies.

Everything:  Ye is singing again, i’m not mad at that as long as the build up involves dopeness at the end.  Another beautiful track.

I didn’t even research it to see who’s on it, i’m just raw doggin it and as stated earlier, writing in real time as it plays out.

This is track is more messaged based, a jewel for young minds to mine later in their lives as they mature.  Nas is more descript creating a visually stunning imagery in my mind.

Fist and lighters up from everyone once this is played on tour.  It’s the superman track of the album.  A Superman track is that joint that makes you feel invincible when you listen to it.

ps… the other voice is The Dream, yea he sounds good, i wanna hear more from the brother.

Adam and Eve:  aight, Nas got that vintage flow on this 90’s type production.  It reminds me of “Verbal Intercourse” off of Raekwons Cuban Links album,

but different.

Nas’s flow is much looser as he bar up with words on top of words.

Simple Things:  is another downtempo head nodder.  The rhythm draws me in here, particularly the rhythm hits the minor chords… oooh, sounding delicious.  It sounds like a carnival song being played through bad speakers but in a dope way.

I wanna see this video shot in Coney Island and along the board walk.  I wanna see mad slo mo and the matured QB King and crew posting up on some throwback hype williams ish.  Oh yea, sexy shorties eating cotton candy, candy apples and those twirly lollipops.

Final Review:  It’s an album thats very mature minded and powerfully delivered.  The majority of the tracks is classic Nas speaking wisdom with his smooth QueensBridge flow.

The energy in my opinion is in a different space than his past albums, here’s why:

  • The production made limited use of harder kicks and snares, opting for softer almost electronic kick instead.  That makes sense given Kanye’s extensive time in that musical space.  Plus it’s what today’s music consist mostly of.  Nothing wrong with that production decision, his personal choice.  My point is merely that adding that natural sound creates a different and more potent energy.  The Bonjour track energy is more memorable innately, as vintage kick/snares were used.  Classic rap essentials and purist typically deem this a must have, though not necessary.  A slipper slope, when that production choice is made either way.  Here are a few classics Nas and you’ll understand my point more…

  • The bmp is slower than on tracks that are considered classic:  the vibe of the album is mad chill and subdued except for a joints like “Cops Shot The Kid”.  It felt like, if you give Nas a faster track, he’ll be more energetic and pay more attention to the delivery than a slower lazier type flow.

  • The album being limited to 7 tracks:  so Illmatic had 5 joints, all the rest had over 10.  And while that’s not an industry standard any longer, it allowed him to get out different sides.  The party side, the street side, the God Body side and you get the point.  I’m thinking there is a part 2 to this Album like there is way more that will be released in the future, who knows.
  • Lastly, even though Nas has always had that smooth flow, he feels tired.  If you really feel music, you can hear it when compared to earlier works.

All that was from the first listen.  I’ll sit down and understand it differently as time goes on as well as analyze Nas’s bars for self.

It’s message, well I’ll leave it for you to interpret.  Not everything should be told…

and that’s The Brooklyn Word.





Review of Kanye’s “Ye” Release & It’s Worse Than We Thought

The Brooklyn Word’s opinions are just that and based off the art of Rap. We are unbiased, unfiltered and unapologetic. While we love the culture, we do not feed into the bullshit or culture vultures that plague Hip Hop today! – Crown Heights, Brooklyn

So with that, let’s get it poppin!

I Thought About Killing You: aight, I have to be open minded but listening to the intro is a bit morbid. This is beginning to sound like the new energy of Hip Hop that’s emotional.

The beat is interesting and then comes in tougher later. It’s a hard trap’ish vibe with lyrics that match. After listening to Black Thought’s solo project, adjusting back to musical reality is crucial to sharing an unbiased opinion. This isn’t what I was expecting.

Yikes: the energy is maintained, matching the earlier tracks vibe. The track feels angry and all over the place as far as the lyrics go.

All Mine: aight, this minimal beat is hypnotic and infectious. Millennial’s will get it immediately, older 90’s heads will feel a way cause it’s not like College Dropout.

Wouldn’t Leave: Ok, now we talking. This is the first musical track that is starting to resonate, the anger is passing and becoming reflective. The hook and singer gives it soulful chills. It’s not a club track, but if you can relate to Kanye’s wild out sessions, than I guess you got yaself a new anthem.

No Mistakes: my energy is draining and i’m feeling sad even though I’m watching game 2 of the finals. Cleavland has 64 and Golden State 72 dammit. I need more drive in a track, i dont want to feel so down while listening. The beat is fire tho…

Ghost Town: sounds like old Kanye coming in, uh oh. Ok Yeezy is singing, it’s getting real. He’s a Gemini, I’m a Gemini, I’m remaining optimistic and open minded. Even though I feel like driving off a cliff. This is the perfect album to OD on or commit suicide. Hey, I know that sounds kinda bad but I’m just interpreting the energy. Time to go to the next track…

Violent Crimes: oh man, it’s the same thing. I swear if you listen to this drunk and depressed, you might do some foul shit. Aight I’m done, can’t listen to anymore. I’m sure the complete project is artistic and creative but honestly I’m not feeling it.

The album was touted as a future masterpiece but it doesn’t have much that real Rap sustenance that fans can relate to. Hip Hop culture vulures and sad people that rock smokey eyes, will have a field day tho. I honestly wouldn’t trust any music blog or individual that is like this joint is a classic and award winning.

It’s nowhere near any of the following:


Sure every new work has it’s own identity and no we don’t expect one’s artistic projects to all sound the same. This one is simply depressing and not the type of album I’d want my child listening to. This doesn’t change our opinion about Mr West as we’re real Rap heads and his early contribution to the culture was significant.


Things took a change and so did the quality of his music. He was no longer the happy Polo Bear that we remembered.

What I do appreciate is him separating his energy to create something different for Pusha T. If Nas’s album completely different from both Pusha T and his, then yes he is a true musical creative.

Time will tell, in the mean time peep our version of what we were expecting from Kanye new project. Using pretty bad audio from an interview we remixed him doing “Gorgeous” acapella…

All eyes are gonna be on Nas at the middle of this month and then the rest of the Good Music team. We’ll be there as well to keep you posted, keeping it straight 100, and that’s The Brooklyn Word.

ps. The Cavs lost, Ye is not a Clevland omen.

Black Thought & 9th Wonder are taking over Hip Hop on June 1, 2018 with “Streams of Thought”

In less than a week, one of Hip Hop’s most lyrically revered is releasing his first solo project with one of the culture’s most talented producers. We anticipate it to go down as as an essential classic.

Tariq Trotter aka Black Thought is joining forces with 9th Wonder & The Soul Council on production, to strike back at the culture with “Streams of Thought“.

stream of thought artwork

This is so dope for so many reasons, here are our top 5:

  1. 90’s heads been waiting for this since “Do You Want More”
  2. Black Thought did a 10min Funk Flex freestyle and broke the internet.
  3. His freestyle was better than most albums that came out after 2000, and has since been the pinnacle of what a true emcee is.
  4.   The Soul Council is composed of some of the best soulful audiophiles in the business and with 9th at the head, there is no way it won’t get a Grammy nod (early prediction).
  5. Cause Kanye’s album is dropping the same day.

With all  that’s happening in the culture these days, “Streams of Thought” is a refreshing breathe of fresh sound in a polluted and non lyrical time.  Spitting bars that matter is more of relic, slowly gaining steam with picky millennial ears.

The recent Pusha T, Kanye & Drake drama has brought some attention to the ancient art of subliminal battle rhymes.

The above drama has separated itself from the sing songy and androgynous energy of today’s youthful rhymes, which lack the finesse of the ancient art.  It’s currently touted on media sites as a Clash of the Titans type of match, which put’s word structure, wit and delivery ahead of commercial standards.

Well if that’s the case, the culture has no choice but to add a new neutral contender, who is merely an opponent as a result of sharing release dates and not by subliminal lyrical jabs being thrown/returned.

Black & 9th enters the ring with”Stream of Thought” and one can only Wonder?  Can Thought and 9th overshadow the clout chasing shenanigans pushing many artist today or will it get lost in the dust of “the machine“.

The Brooklyn Word predicts, it will reign supreme to real culture heads.   Once Nas’s album drops later in the month, heads will have time to properly digest all the recent albums.  While we feel the culture will agree that no album is fucking with “Streams of Thought”, we understand the commercial heads will side towards Good Music (no hate, we love Good Music).

Honestly, it’s just intuition and prediction, it’s not like we actually  know fa sure.  We haven’t heard a track from Thought & 9th, Nas or Kanye (aside from Poopity di scoop).

I think Nas is gonna be an iconic banger, but after many years and mental growth I’ve realized that Black Thought is better than Nas as an emcee.  I doubt you’ll ever see Nas battle Black Thought and if so, I doubt he could keep up with the amount of material that Thought has as well as daily experience, as Black Thought stays on the grind with the Tonight Show, touring and lectures.  The man has no time to relax and chill.  Shit, it’s been almost 30yrs and we are just now getting a solo project lol… thats a hard working muthafucka.

Follow the The Soul Council & Black Thought on Instagram: @ejones_music @khrysis @kashdntmkebeats @ampmusic @9thwondermusic @blackthought


Enjoy our own little remix to vintage Black Thought while we wait for the tasty sounds from 9th and The Soul Council… and thats The Brooklyn Word.

Sound Therapy 🎧: ….because after that freestyle, i had to do a proper tribute. Been rocking as a supporter since Organix on cassette and countless 90s concerts/performances at record stores in Norfolk/Norfolk State University, bump into's and smoke sessions (just a handful). ☻ …because @blackthought has always been in my Top 5, @questlove is my favorite hip hop drummer and @theroots is my first and favorite live hip hop group/band ♚ The Roots – "Dont Say Nuthin" video edit & music prod by @mrkuyateh_brooklyn ♊ ♞ #blackthought #theroots #thelegendaryrootscrew #questlove #realhiphop #boombap #illadelphia #blackart #rapper #poet #slampoetry #battlerap #philly #brooklynhiphop #contentcreator #influencer #tastemaker #nychiphop #melanin #emcee#thebrooklynword

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Video Reviews: Young Paris ft. Ben Bronfman & Sadat X ft R.A. The Rugged Man

RnB meets Afro melanin vibes…

Young Paris Feat. Ben Bronfman – Best of Me

For those not familiar with Young Paris, he’s the Congolese Brother whose following is growing in NYC and Worldwide.  His proud demeanor might be taken as cocky to some, but very typical for an African man.

That paired with the commercial flair of Ben Bronfman, leads to this downtempo lounge banger.  Ben is an activist/entrepreneur whose Billionaire family is rooted in entertainment.  Being a child of the former CEO of Warner Music has it’s privileges.

I see that Roc Nation is attached to the project, that would have to be off of Ben’s network. If Roc Nation took on Young Paris, his branding would be kicked up more than what I’ve seen.  That’s coming though as he continues to mesmerize crowds with an exhilarating performance. (update… I’d like to correct myself, Young Paris is officially signed to Roc Nation

I’m a little surprised that the video is under budgeted given the tone of the track.  It lacked the feminine energy and playa vibe that it was creating.  Surely some fly shorties would have stepped this video up, something both individuals are no strangers to.

Regardless, i’m curious to see the direction that Young P takes as he continues developing as an African artist.

Ben is on some Pharrel/Kanye type vibes.  I actually didn’t know that he was an artist, I know he has his hands in mad entertainment projects but this was interesting nonetheless.  Not mad at him for embracing African energy as this opening let’s many more follow in the footsteps.

I’m thinking about remixing it what an Afrobeat vibe, maybe get creative and add melanin females in the visuals….


Classic Hip Hop vibes…

Sadat X – Industry Outcast’s (feat. R.A. the Rugged Man & Thirstin Howl III)

Salute Sadat X (Brand Nubians), I miss hearing his iconic voice.  He teamed up with R.A. the Rugged Man and Thirstin Howl III for rapid fire, lyrically induced track filled with Polo aka Lo’ analogies, mental gems and an energy I haven’t heard in awhile.  Mainly because tracks like this don’t get the commercial air play it deserves.

It’s reminiscent of the underground tracks they’d play back in the day on the Stretch and Bobbito show here in NYC, but in 2016.  I haven’t seen R.A. the Rugged Man in a minute but I know he’s very active in music and working with that kid A.F.R.O who spits/rhymes like an alphabetic beast.

Vibe out and let us know what you think.  I never really thought of Sadat X and R.A. being Industry Outcast but thinking about what they could mean, I guess I get it.  The challenge of releasing solo projects minus the team (Grand Puba, Lord Jamar, Alamo) is always there, but they’ve been doing it for years.  Some of the albums worked others didn’t do as expected but they are still here.

To Hip Hop lovers, they’ll always be embraced.  To hear Sadat X go in even deeper, check out his recent album Agua with production from Pete Rock, Diamond D, DJ Scratch and more.



Alicia Keys – In Common | Brooklyn Deep House Remix

I can’t get enough of Alicia’s direction with this banger of a track!

I just saw the video, dope… it’s exactly the flow i was envisioning

I think I was listening to Luna and it came on afterwards.  So i’m listening nodding the fuxk out my head already producing the foundation in my head.

I look and got mad happy when I saw that it was the oh so fly Alicia Keys.  She always embraced a dope sense of culture and identity of self, so not totally surprising.

She took it further by being natural… no face beat… no make up (or light make up, u get the point).

I like he she continues redefining the commercial standard of beauty and that’s dope.  The African rhythm and sound is straight on some ole Naija/Ghanaian energy mixed with light moving electronic synths that carry you through the journey of her love tale, embracing u with a warmth and relatable track.

This music stylist predicts it to be one of the Summer’s biggest tracks, I won’t be surprised if some out of the norm super Emcee’s jump on board to expand their musical reach and demographic.  Who knows, maybe i’m reaching with that or maybe not…

It would be smart as Alicia’s “In Common” is a universal song with global appeal.  I bet the majority of her sales will be international and have a steady flow over the years.

All in all, i’m just proud to hear her being her and staying true to her self.

As for my remix hmmmm…

Free Download:

I had some medically prescribed Kush in the system (Dr’s orders), a lil 151 and pretty much went in a zone.  As usual, I wanted to keep the foundation of this version and let it rock.

Only riding the beat with a sound direction that wasn’t to conflicting but complementary.  Will prob do about 3 more but they’ll be just for me and if good enough will rock while spinning at a party/event or something.

My African roots are always present in production but I particularly like to induce that Deep House + Afro House sound that’s soulful.

I’m a Brooklyn dude and we rock to real house music that moves the soul.  Think Shelter, 667, Franks Lounge, Libation, Dance Ritual, Body & Soul, Soul Summit in Fort Greene Park

So I understand house very well as it’s a Spiritual thang, a Body thang, a Soul thang.

Now I’m still a pretty dope house dancer when not playing daddy duties (think Shelter getting it in on the floor with or without powder type of dude).  This understanding of timing and whether or not a track moves a street dancer or trained enables me to be authentic and real when saying… It’s a dope dance track, because I could dance to it.

With that to say, share with fellow dj’s and music lovers.  I’d love to see people dance to the remix, tag me if ya do.

Lastly, support ya girl Alicia Keys as she is winning right now and in a lane of her own.

Bless up! – Gibril


Listening Kanye’s “The Life Of Pablo” on PornTube

So yea, its not as weird as it sounds.  Lemme explain…

Caught an article saying that the album was >Kanye “The Life of Pablo”< on Pornhub. Jokes aside, I’m thinking dope let me check it while cleaning and shit.  I been wanting to check it since it dropped but it would always slip my mind.  (listen before it’s a bust… pun intended).

The album is only streaming on Tidal, but I haven’t had time (would take me maybe 30 secs. to locate somewhere online).  The PornHub link was perfect timing, anywayz!

Last week, I was vibing with DProsper (respected manager/emcee, industry manager mover and shaker) and thought, yea I gotta check it to see where he’s at these days.  The last CD (never purchased digitally) I had by Ye was College DropOut.  The main reason I got it was that he was rocking the Lo (Polo) Teddy on it.  The Lo-Head in me had to support, but it was actually super dope!

Regardless, that brings me to today and “The Life Of Pablo“.  The side moving advertisements from PornHub are hilariously moving to the music.  It’s that serendipitous moment where it all works and in beat too, pun intended.  And nah, i’m not over here wacking off, the music is playing in the background.

Now I’m gonna get a bit serious keeping the shxt 100, the music tastemaker is talking now.  Anything else would be uncivilized and against my character.  Aight let’s go….

My final analysis is that “The Life Of Pablo” is a juxtapose of genres that reflect Kanye West’s many artistic personalities.  I get this as a fellow Gemini, I mean, Gems minds are everywhere… yet in that moment.

There are times where I’m like WTF is this, I can’t rock wit it but I see how it can be artistically freaked on stage.  The visuals and performance aspect is in my opinion why Ye went there.  Other joint’s in that same vain were creatively intriguing, but it didn’t grab me like yo I wanna rock that.

No More Parties In LA” is my favorite on the release and makes the most sense to my hip hop spirit.  More of these type tracks would have created a resurgence and interest from legit hip hop heads across the world.  The flip is, urban hip hop heads are not necessarily paying customers, so an album like that is different when performed compared to his creative sounds which are more visual.  I don’t think Ye’s heart is there at this time, which why only one two (30 Hours) track mimics his loved “College Dropout” album.

Quick rundown of the album’s arrangement:

  1. Ultralight Beam – is pretty dope and soulful.  I liked this as the introduction, it captivated the listener immediately drawing expectations of something great.
  2. Father Stretch My Hands Pt. 1 – is more commercial and it where the direction changes to a more modern sound.  Not my favorite but it still works with todays standard sound.
  3. Father Stretch My Hands Pt. 2 – is the continued energy of pt. 1, but I like that better as the arrangement has an underground  90’s feel to it.
  4. Famous – not my vibe, but it’s catchy and can get the head nodding.  It’s more braggy than lyrically induced, plus the efforts are rudimentary.  The hook (Swizz Beatz) is catchy and flows well.
  5. Feedback – sounds like Puffy West, he kinda bit his flow which is an oxymoron since Puffy doesn’t write his material (but the delivery is always all puff, nobody can duplicate that).  He was tweaking on this joint, real shxt.  The young kids will prob enjoy dancing to it, that type of rhythm is there.
  6. Low Lights – This was a good interlude, i like the shxt that’s really saying something.  It reminds that Ye still got the soulful ear.
  7. Highlights – is cool and commercial.  I can see stripping bitches sliding down a dirty pole into a split, real slowly to this.  My type of shxt when twisted and on my hood shxt.
  8. Freestyle 4 – is weird AF.  It’s the Jekyll and Hyde side coming out, not feeling it.
  9. I Love Kanye – is fun, very narcissistic… guess it “o-so-Kanye”.
  10. Waves – rippled right past me, next!
  11. FML – is mad different, but i Like that type of different.  Reminds me of Portishead, I fux wit it.  He’s such a weird ass creative genius.  (clarification, creative genius because of his intense passion and eccentric approach that stands out from his peers good/bad debatable, nonetheless, his spirit feels tormented hence the many levels of expression on the album.  Hey, i’m energy sensitive!)
  12. Real Friends – is cool and more of the hip hop structure that I was expecting.  The beat is a 6.5, but the message is a 9.  I like when he get’s personal and puts more effort in his writing.
  13. Wolves – is so so, but I feel his artistic approach.  Kanye is mad coded with his shit and translate through art as imagined by him.  I appreciate his openness and ability to express his self alternatively.
  14. Silver Surfer – Max B interlude… he had to do this after the Waves drama, so it’s more “as a result of” than “intended from the get go”.
  15. 30 Hours – the energy is kicking in, this is the old Kanye.  I want more of this flow, but that’s wishful thinking.  Chill head nod shxt.
  16. No More Parties In LA – is fuxking hot!!! I love this track, Kendrick ripped it.  That’s what I’m talking about in regards to Ye’s genius.  His mind is convoluted with so much shxt it’s impossible to be focused on one sound, i get it.  But this shit is dope!
  17. Facts – skipped it after 3 secs
  18. Fade – Ok, this is where many are like that shxt is wack and weird.  I don’t and know I have a higher respect for Ye’s creatively.  This is paying homage to house music, after all Kanye is Chicago bred.  The intro lyrics sound off, no wait, the vocal mixing is off, it’s too much and needs to be lowered/flatened a bit with less treble.  The classic sound is very recognizable to househeads, it’s dope to hear him incorporate it into his album and end it.  I’m going to remix this joint, straight up!

So that concludes my review, no I didn’t review for errors.  No body got time for that, my mind goes at a 100 miles an hour.  I actually typed this straight through, if I stop and think about what I’m writing, will take me 20 time longer at least.

Rewinding back to “No More Parties In LA”! – written by Gibril Kuyateh Instagram