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Short Film: “Blue Diamonds” | Patrick House (Comedy)


A fan of Patrick House yet?

Well take into consideration his short film “Blue Diamonds”.  Official selection Atlanta Comedy Film Festival, Gold Award, Silver Award and it continues shining brighter in film competitions.

It’s about a group of friends dealing with erectile dysfunction decide to resort back to their thieving ways to solve their problem and make some extra money in the process.  

Peep the trailer below…

One thing for sure, it looks like a funny ass adventure.  Patrick House smooth camera action makes the trailer pop.  Gotta salute the music supervisor, cause the soundtrack fits the landscape perfectly.

Following it up with the video for Marcus Machado’s – “I Can’t Lose” only cemented House’s creative visions.  He’s strategic and meticulous yet simple.

While I didn’t see it yet, the clip below had me dying but in a feel good way.

It reminded me of family, it was relatable and at the end of the day that’s the only thing that matters.  A film that conveys trust within the viewer, dope job!

I’m still bugging off the bio lol, yall are wilding.  Loving the humor.



TBW Movies For Lovers of Movement & Sound – “VENGO” (Spain)

Vengo is simply one of the dopest movies ever!  Tony Gatlif brilliantly directed a perfect movie.

Imagine Romeo & Juliet mixed with Scarface, but instead of Montagues and Capulets you have a family of rivaling Gangster Gypsies in Spain.  Not only that, their crew has dancers, singers, and the dopest musicians ever.

After seeing this movie in 2004, Flamenco music and dance became an energy that has stayed with me till this day.

Off the jump, the movie begins with my favorite song in the movie.

Every song is my favorite and have is own special flavor. You not only feel the culture in every scene, but become immersed in a time and place that is no longer your own in less than 5 minutes.

The contrasting backdrops and long shots, the colors, the sound again.

Just watch it.

Oh and there are no sub-titles, but fear not.  You feel like you speak the language and understand everything within the first 5 minutes.

Time to watch, quite surprised the whole movie is on youtube… amazing.


That was pretty dope right?

Check how the energy of the music inspired this mix, circa 07′.