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Michael Jackson & Marsha Ambrosius Duet “Butterflies” | Mr Kuyateh 2011 Throwback

Wow, haven’t heard this mix in years.  The early cheesy iMovie edit is classic, but still proud of the lil energy that went into that.

It was the 2009 and music and dancing was my ultimate therapy.  I was pretty consistent with The GiKu Experience Radioshow in Brooklyn and times were much different.

There was a radioshow in Greece called Smoothtraxx that I did a Michael Jackson Tribute mix for.  Good look Peter for sharing the sound on ya platform.

It was a good over 2 hour banger and mixed in a unique way with skits and alternate creations to enhance the experience.

I wasn’t producing then, so the sound levels were all over the place but end result was more important.  A cinematic sound journey starting from the beginning to the end of his eternal beginning.

MJ was the first person that I imitated and danced like as a child.  He literally started my journey into the world of dance.

Well, this is all that’s left of that mix.  It’s somewhere floating around the net and maybe some misc. hard drive in storage.

A version was put on Mixcloud, but copyright restrictions prevents U.S. listeners from hearing, so overseas heads can enjoy the musical treat.

Here it is:

If someone finds it somewhere, let us know.  Would love to hear it again…

Rest In Love MJ & JJ

Grab Ya Keyboard and Try Playing In Between This Epic Battle of The Keys Between Family


We are unlocking training Gems from our private youtube playlist for your musical evolution.

These videos are designed to carry you through to an evolved state of rhythmic understanding.  How do I know, it’s what I use to tap into the matrix of sound.

If you get what I’m saying here cool, if not, its ok… that eye will open in the future.

Try anyway, even if you play one key at a time.  One key turns to two and so on…  before long, your sorta playing along in your own unique way.

The same principle goes for dancing.

If you dance with a better dancer, you progressive much quicker.  Less about the skill of the dancer doing the magic, but to me it’s about the energy of the dancer.

It can be absorbed and it can be given, said from experience.

Each of these players are dope within their own rights.

The brother in the white’s style has more jazz influence.  He’s creative and sporadic with phrasing.  Now peep his nod to classical music near the middle.  That different vibrational energy strengthens the understanding of his jazz influence and the other styles thrown into this dope freestyle session.

Now the other brother with the Jordan cap is more of a Gospel/R&B player.  Its more structured, not all over the place and sound in structure.  It vibrating differently plus he’s playing at a lower octave comfortably.  He also throws in Jazz but you can feel that, if this was college, he would major in Gospel/R&B and minor Jazz/Classical.

One is not better than the other, they are interpreting the music sphere differently yet similarly.  Also noting they are relatives plays apart because their own frequencies are in tune and connected.

It also tells a lot about their personalities.  The one in the white is more impetuous and likelier to not want to be held back when playing.  Jordan cap is more stable and would firmly stay in his lane when playing in a group dynamic.  Just our opinion.

Ok, this is getting deep so i’ll stop there.  Mentally ingest slowly…

All these little things and more are told by the sound, you can just hear and feel it.  If you can’t, just means you need more developing and embracing more sounds spectrums simple.

…and that’s #thebrooklynword.

Shame Artwork v2

Still in my:

  • “I should have been in Cancun, Mexico get to the airport and my damn passport is expired. Fuxk… so i’m in the studio in Brooklyn and flipped this joint” phase.

SHAME – TYRESE | Deep House Mix prod. by Gibril Kuyateh

I’ve been feeling the SHAME track for a minute now and finally had a moment to freak this joint.  I didn’t have the time to add the flute and more keys, but thats coming.  Felt like that can be an alternative version as I don’t want to rush it and shxt.  

I did some editing to the video as well, making it black and white and slightly over exposed to to give the look a different experience from the original.  Denzel Washington did his thing directing the video, Tyrese rocked it with an incredible performance along with Jennifer Hudson the everyone in the video.

Its the perfect track for the dance floors, enjoy! – #mrkuyateh

Download here…

New projects: have a remix for The Weeknd “OFTEN”, check it out…

Also plan on dropping some music on iTunes/Traxsource/GooglePlay and all other music platforms via GIKU MUSIC and their amazing distribution network.

Holla wit budgets if you looking to do studio business…