BROOKLYN LET’S MOVE – free SUMMER PARK JAM + Live Painting + Live Dance Music + Dope Dj’s Cary Grant + SnowBklyn + Mr Kuyateh + FREE AFTER PARTY IN BEDSTUY

This Saturday August 20, 2016… Dj’s SnowBklyn, Cary Grant & Mr. Kuyateh are coming together on behalf of Brooklyn Let’s Move to bring you a global soundscape of sonic sounds.

We are calling all dancers (bboys, bgirls, house dancers, african dancers, breakers, reggae dancers, modern)…. to get it in.

Music includes Afrobeat, Afro House, Latin, World, Eclectic, Funk, Soulful House, Deep House, RnB Flips, Hip Hop, Jazz, Breakbeats, Rare exclusive cuts, on the spot remixes and more with creative trio.

Live Painting will be done by Brooklyn Artist KITO

The free AFTER PARTY will be at 622 Marcy Ave, BKLYN from 11pm – till @ Cary’s Grants beautiful Bedstuy home. Come through peacefully and with good vibes.

The park is located across the street from the Brooklyn Museum of Modern Art on Washington and Eastern Parkway.

Powered by The Brooklyn Word, SnowBklyn & All True Men Org

Flier Artwork by Mr Kuyateh


Day 2: PRINCE “The Beautiful Ones” (Brooklyn Remix | GIBRIL) + DAY 3: “The Beautiful Ones” (Mandinka Remix | GIBRIL)

Day 2 + Day 3 was an interesting journey.  I’m recalling the cherished memories of tracks as they play.  Family gatherings, cook outs, parties and my heart is not sad but empowered by Prince’s incredible spirit.

As a creator of sound, he was a genius at manipulating it and a prodigy of it’s mechanics.  I was actually sick yesterday, pretty bad too.  It wasn’t till late at night where there was time to tweak it, but out of all that, these 2 works emerge.

The Brooklyn Remix is an Afro Drum induced classic thats pretty straight forward.

The Mandinka Remix is where the mind started to explore the world of sound and that’s where it went.  – Gibril

Little Red Corvette Remix by Gibril | Day 1 of 14 Days (Limited Free Download)




One night, my daughter and I were chilling.  When the perfect idea came up!

Let’s have a “Just Dance Challenge”.  Now I’m not gonna front, i’m an old man in the dancing game.  I just don’t move like I used to, it is what it is, regardless this little challenge was actually inspiring.

It was pretty dope to see my daughter naturally pick up the love for dance.  Now as a parents, we hint and make it extremely accessible to her (since she was born), yet allowed her to explore it on her own.  I’m proud to say that she loves to dance and is self motivated.

I already knew it would happen, when was the answer that I didn’t know.  Now that I see her little body absorbing movement like a sponge, I will dance more around her and teach her my philosophical beliefs on movement.

I want her to understand the limitless possibilities of expression with the body.  How to push past her boundaries and develop a sense of self with her movements.  This is gonna be fun and something that I’ve always dreamed of.  I didn’t have a son to teach it to, but she’s more than enough and way tougher.  She’s perfect and will know the secret art of The Kuyateh dance!

So FYI, i’m seeing these dances for the first time and they show up mad quick.  No excuses either way, she beat me.


I been waiting for this type of night and knew that it was going to go down.

I catch the late night liquor store on Kingston and Dean in the Heights for some vodka, then grab juice at the corner store off Fulton before heading to the C train.  Yes I’m trying to get my head right ahead of time so no time is wasted upon at arriving at Subrosa.

The subway situation is funny, lol.  There a dude smoking a Black (black n mild) on the train and I’m thinking why is this dude smoking on the train.  Like that’s the dumbest shxt in the world to do and has no value at all and lacks respects for passengers or children on the train, I think while smh…

Not gonna lie though, I wish I could have smoked my shxt on the train but my situation would have been louder than his regular Black.  Then another random dude walks over commenting on his black and how he should light his shxt up and they become best train buds or something immediately talking about everything from their neighborhood to debating about hiphop top 5’s, Dipset era, old school emcees and some other shit .  One dude is from the Bronx, he was reppin Big Pun pretty hard, the other from Brooklyn was all Biggie/Jay.

I’d come to find out later while writing this post, that the newly formed best train buds entire experience was almost a metaphor for my evening.  Random souls + coming together + special black (a freaked black)  + profound love of hiphop/music culture.

I got to the spot around 1am or so.  Tailwind Turner (actor Dorian Missick) was on the decks and his ass was amped.  Shit, it was his Birthday and the crowd was looking oh so right.

BKM_5701 copy

My man was suited up (it had a nice little tailored fit I might add) and going in on a Michael Jackson track.  I can’t remember what, though… track details are always a blur, but I walked over to my usual spot near the dj booth to set up.

There’s a tap and I hear my name… “Gibril”, yo, it’s my homegirl Genia from DC.  We used to dance on Planet Groove for a few seasons (90’s BET music/dance show, Rachel was so freaking sexy *link below*).  So

(me with the Dreads dancing at the end, that split is mad laughable now, regardless, dance game always been on 100… big up all to the PG dancers and artist that came through)

Enough of the flashback…

Now I’m a bit more amped, got my homie in the house and Tailwind is rocking house.  Wait, he’s not just playing house, he’s going deep with it, rocking the classics and soulful soulful.

BKM_6022 copy

I remember his set from before, he went from rare funk classics to house classics and it impressed me.

BKM_6009 copy

With Spinna in the house, he was bound to go harder and I was right.  I’m surprised I never heard of him before hand, I guess he wasn’t spinning during my tenure with the Libation/Afro Mosaic Soul crew because I knew everybody.   Either way, his musical spirit is heavily appreciated.  Oh yea, he was rocking Serato.

Next was the switch up, I like this part.  It’s the in between stage where the next Dj sets up.  To the crowd the transition is relatively unnoticeable as they just want to hear the music.  To me, it’s the cleansing of the the musical ground.  It’s when the Dj is flipping through his/her bag-o-goodies, thinking “yea, i’m gonna rock this, let me take this out, i’m not sure about this but maybe…”.

BKM_5753 copy

In this particular case, Dj Spinna is flipping through 45’s with that expression of experience.  He’s comfortable doing what he does, he’s one of Brooklyn’s most successful working Dj/Producers.  I’ve witnessed on many levels his ability to move a crowd with versatile sets as well as genre or artist specific sets.

BKM_5931 copy

What was to come, was pure magic… but not before the live music act.

BKM_5826 copy

DapperAfrika performed two tracks with bass player and a singer joining in on the 2nd song.

BKM_5809 copy

There were a few technical sound leveling issues, which stalled the energy a bit, but by the 2nd song he had some momentum going.

When I see this type of thing occurring, I realize the importance of having a solid rehearsed routine ready.  Any setups, tech stuff should be worked out in advance or else it takes away from the performance unless everyone is at that level where the spur of the moment is their thing.  Either way, he had an interesting stage presence and has potential as an artist.  His soulful voice is confident and cool.

BKM_5849 copy

For the 2nd song, a female emcee joined him (don’t know her name yet) but she balanced the energy out.  I liked her voice, she reminded of a grittier Lauren.  Not grittier, gruffer.  That sounds weird, but her voice is heavier in delivery.

After the set Dj Spinna rocked, and when I say rocked it I mean he played a flawless all 45’s vinyl set.

BKM_6018 copy

Think about that for a minute, a perfect set.

BKM_5868 copy

What’s entailed in a perfect set?  This is all my opinion as a tastemaker of sound, your opinion is your own.  Let’s go…

7 Qualities of a Dope Dj Set by Gibril Kuyateh

  1. Dope ass tracks/records – not only do they have to be hitting, but they have to work with the party demographic (this is pretty much a given).  Some make the mistake of starting off slow with sub par tracks to warm up the crowd.  Thats cool in all, but honestly its best to come in with a bang.  With all the music in the world, there is no reason to cheat the ears of listeners.  So bring out the best…
  2. A story of sound, a journey – the ability to transport the dance floor to a place of your choice as a Dj.  I personally want it to feel like i’m stepping out of one world and into another.
  3. Crowd control – how are you controlling the crowd?  Are they tapped into your every beat or are you trying to tap into their’s?
  4. Seamless Transitions – one should be aware of the capabilities and limitations.  Trying to do to much and transitioning sloppily is cool for house parties and all that, but there are to many people around that really understand music on a deep level.  They see the flaws and make mental notes as necessary.  While that may not be a concern, understand it’s happening.  Performing at your best comfortably should not happen on that night but weeks before.  Rocking a dope party wit an incredible set opens up new doors period, even if that door is respect of your peers.
  5. Creativity – how creative are you during your set?  Nothing wrong wit playing tracks transitioning perfectly and going on to the next track.  But it not that it gets boring, it just not as memorable as hearing a cut your familiar with and adding a little flavor to it.  Either subtly or some in the moment remix/scratching.  Something to take your mind off the normal flow of the song, waking you up out of your programmed flow to be like “damn, i didn’t expect that” or “yo, they switched it up”.
  6. Attention to Detail – House/Dance Dj’s are very good at the subtleties (light details) as it’s expected to alter the sound using filters, pans, echoes, fade outs and all the bell’s and whistles.  While HipHop and most other genres more so showcase skill with scratching/blends, not really fuxking with ya mids/highs/lows in comparison.  The ultimate Dj does it all confidently, seamlessly and without falter.
  7. Comfort level on the decks – are you all into the computer vs looking at the crowd?  Is it taking mad long to get that next track on?  Is the look on ya face the look of worry/uncertainty or just another day, i can do this in my sleep.  Are you moving and dancing or really getting into your mixing?  Are you picking up the mic and talking…

Each one of these are mad important when evolving into a dope Dj.

Dj Spinna is a dope ass selector on the decks.  He slowly carried the crowd’s energy with the standard Soul In The Horn tradition.   60% set with Horns (dope shxt though, no cheesy/commercial set) the rest, whatever the Dj wants but best if Horn accents are intertwined.

BKM_6036 copy

You had rare grooves, funk, soul, hip hop sample originals sprinkled with classic hip hop.  All 45’s I might add, not a needle skip for the entire night.  The sounds were knocking as the quality from 45’s are much more intense than cd or digital files.  Everyone is happy, dancing and feeling oh so good. BKM_6042 copy

I posted up near the wall of the near the Dj booth as he was getting creative with Aretha Franklin’s “RockSteady” 45’s on both decks.  Watching him bring back the track and mixing the break is just art.  The pace and heat in the building continued to rise as Brooklyn’s Beloved Dj caught wreck without breaking a sweat.

BKM_5894 copy

Now is the time when DProsper (curator of Soul In The Horn/entertainment industry heavyweight) announces last call, you could feel the sighs in the room.

BKM_5897 copy

Damn, it’s that time already?

BKM_5913 copy

Regardless, the party kept going as Natasha Diggs (resident Dj) transitions in for the remainder.

BKM_6012 copy

I know she was spinning earlier, but I got there later and missed that set.  She didn’t miss a beat though and rocked her party as she typically does.

BKM_6003 copy

The good thing about Natasha is she is versatile.

BKM_5815 copy

Being a female Dj is easy and tough.

BKM_5811 copy

Opportunities arise easier with attractive looks/qualities, but when your around that dominant Pro dj energy, you can’t come with wackness.  Abilities develop quicker and the intuitiveness of those that are around you sink in at a quicker pace.  Natasha Diggs has been around many of the worlds best Dj’s of every genre, so she has a few tricks in her bag.  Tonight she was rocking Serato and not her usual 45’s.

BKM_5997 copy

I heard transitions, fades, dropping the highs and letting the lows rock, filter transitions and what attracted me to her sound.  Plus she was on her square, as the week prior (Soul In The Horn, Just Blaze, bday) it was a little different than usual.  But this night, was the Natasha that I was used to.

BKM_5998 copy

My night was complete at this point, the camera had to be put down and I pretty much got it in for the little bit of time I had left.  It was a great night, plus did a little networking which is always good.

As I’m heading back to Brooklyn in a cab, I’m thinking how lucky I am to have found a new home to enjoy on Friday’s in NYC.  I missed dancing, progressively socializing and being creative around creative people.

Hold the fuxk up… actually I was twisted and falling asleep in the cab trying to act like I was going to sleep like someone was watching me or something… that was an after thought the following day.  Not sure why I was lying like that?  I just in the zone of the story, everything else is Gucci tho…. (remind me to never use Gucci again, must be the mainstream mixtape playing in the back… damn, my mental is slipping.  Where’s my Special Black at)

The curator DProsper is pretty much a man of mystery, but I respect his artistic sense as he’s directly impacted the music industry burgeoning many of the artist that we all love today.  His humbleness is admired, as that trait is a difficult one to maintain in the pool of music industry sharks.

But don’t get it twisted, you have to be a shark to swim with sharks.

Fortunately this shark, is truly about building a dope legacy and carrying on the vibrations of good music, good vibes and extraordinary talent.  Catch you at the next Soul In The Horn!… written by Gibril Kuyateh aka GiKuBKM_6004 copy

ps… videos take work and mad time to say the least, no time to edit the many clips but will  add a least a few clips this week.





Forget About Miss Universe, It’s All About Miss African Beauty Curve!

Why am I now just getting the memo?  You to right?

Miss African Beauty Curve?

Let me begin by saying to each is own.  We all know the saying, but we also know that the market for voluptuously thick women has increased 10 folds as well as the interest in them, making it an over a billion dollar a year industry.

When I say voluptuous I mean the actual definition, not some obscure online term that has no clear range (that shxt is scary google catfish, every dude got a story that they never want to share):

  1. of, relating to, or characterized by luxury or sensual pleasure.
    “long curtains in voluptuous crimson velvet”
    synonyms: hedonisticsybaritic, epicurean, pleasure-lovingself-indulgent;

    (of a woman) curvaceous and sexually attractive.
    synonyms: curvaceousshapelyamplebuxom, full-figured
Now that we’ve defined the word, we understand that thickness can come in many sizes but the idea is that it’s curvaceous, shapely and ample/buxom.  Not some new shape to the human eye, that lacks form or any clear definition.
Not harsh, just my personal preference for thickness.
Now I’m gonna add some typical man shxt by saying a ‘fat bubbly ass‘ to add to the thickness.  That is the ingredients to making a visual neck breaker that will leave a trail of men with their tongues out, panting like dogs… (them not me, i’m really cool and even tempered with my shxt).

To see the stark contrast between a voluptuous woman and a regular woman, I want you to check out these beautiful but average in proportions African women who were apart of the Miss Africa USA competition.

Varying shades of black brown, chill traditional costumes and exotic features… cool, but, not thick enough to some while others may find it perfect for them.

Yea, they are cute for swimsuits and cutesy attire but when men think of thickness its comforting, something to grab onto while passionately dominating the woman for more stability and control.  Other times it’s the reverse, thinking that the thickness would over power.


It’s all tied into sex as it’s always been.  For ages men prefered woman with larger hips.  Familiar with the term, “child bearing hips”?  If so and your a lover or curious onlooker, continue on and enjoy the beauty of Miss African Beauty Curve.

So what did you think?  I personally like Noni Zondi and the host, they stand out but I didn’t finish and probably won’t because it’s 4:07 am.  But damn, they thick as fuxk.

So let’s wrap this up, if any corrections need to be made fuxk it i’m done. Forget about Ms. Columbia sexy ass twerking before her loss to Ms. Philippines….

she should have done that for the talent portion, ayyyy!

Or her manufactured speech, I mean, that shxt is hilarious… just saying.

Fyi… she’s latin fly don’t get me wrong, I’m a man of flavor and appreciate quite a bit.  But there is nothing like a proportionately thick natural woman of any flavor, especially African!

And that’s The Brooklyn Word.

ps…. not sure if it’s the time or how this post came about, lol, but it’s about time I post more about women and what men think in a intellectually stimulating way with a touch of “ig’nance”.  I’m all over the place with this post, time to sleep zzzz!




MOBB DEEP: Shook Ones Remix Chronicles prod. by Gibril Kuyateh

What’s good my peoples?  My bad about the date mixup, originally I said it would be out a week ago, I did a Steve Harvey slip… #happens

Either way, I’m happy to finally have it up.  Shook Ones is my favorite Mobb Deep track, hearing it immediately takes me back to Bethel High School in Hampton, Va (yes the same Bethel HS that Allen Iverson went to).  Outside of catching them on BET or hearing them on 103 Jamz with the Boodah Brothers (DJ Big B & Kool DJ Law – RIP DJ Law), I’d get completely ignorant with the fellas at student union parties on the Hampton University (Real HU lol) campus or Steam Fitters parties.

The track is like is the equivalent of a RedBull, you rock that shxt to get amped.  You rock Shook Ones when you wanna pull a hole through some shxt, it immediately taps into the warrior within you.

Fast forward to the present…

My head is in a space where I’m comfortable producing whatever I want of any style.  90’s hip hop, pops in my head “…that’s what I’ll do.  I’ll remix all my favorite hip hop tracks and give it that 90’s feel.”  Perfect personal project to play with and that I did.

Mobb Deep’s Shook Ones Remix Chronicles was born.  What started out as a single remix turned into 5 different remixes (3 public 2 private).  Each one representing an aspect of street life playing out as sound.

The first being the original Shook Ones

  1. “Shook Ones” Original Brooklyn Remix prod. by Gibril Kuyateh
  2. “Shook Ones” – Bang Bang Brooklyn Remix prod. by Gibril Kuyateh
  3. “Shook Ones” – Redemption Brooklyn Remix prod. by Gibril Kuyateh


“Shook Ones” Original Brooklyn Remix prod. by Gibril Kuyateh

  • no sampling, gKuyateh on keys/drum programming & and everything else.
  • original idea and direction


“Shook Ones” – Bang Bang Brooklyn Remix prod. by Gibril Kuyateh

  • includes sampling


“Shook Ones” – Redemption Brooklyn Remix prod. by Gibril Kuyateh

  • includes both sampling and original production
  • vibe is more spiritual and the MC taking more of the responsibility for his actions.


With that being said, enjoy the sounds and get that neck snapping…

And thats the Brooklyn Word!




How Developed Is Your Musical Ear? w/Rachelle Ferrell & Ledisi

Damn damn damn!  I had to stop this just to breathe and sorta wrap my head around the vocal complexity of what is happening.  The ladies below need no introduction as they are powerhouses of their craft.

Rachelle Ferrell and Ledisi!

Here’s what will happen in just a few seconds of listening…

  1. send chills down your spine
  2. make you look around even if you in a room alone, because your thinking somebody gotta pinch you
  3. make you think there are Angels
  4. effect your emotions and spirituality
  5. cause you to shake your head and cringe, its hard to take in this much pure audible energy (but it’s also not)
  6. make you curse, breath quick, maybe even pass out

Ok, let me kinda paint a picture for those that are more comfortable with mainstream female vocal talent.  If there was a hmmm, let’s say concert of TV and you told the average or established singer who is very popular on the radio that Rachelle or Ledisi would go on before or after them, I’m confident in that there would be some talks behind the scenes (probably managers) trying to get their artist to go at a different time, prevent them from performing or even wondering if it’s worth it to go on at all.

Now that has nothing to do with Ledisi reportedly being snubbed by Beyonce and the Recording Academy.

Quick rundown, Ledisi was scheduled to perform “Take My Hand Precious Lord” by Mahalia Jackson (the song she song in the Oscar nominated film Selma).

Something happened magical happened that day and Beyonce ended up singing it, instead of the track that she was scheduled to sing.

Kinda odd, since she wasn’t apart of the Selma team, but that’s the magic of the industry ‘tadaaaa’.

They strike fear in the world of subpar and established singers who are unable to channel their energy as beautifully and compelling as they can.  Beyonce is a siren in her own right, the energy is still very different.

Peep the original Super Soul Siren, the late Great Mahalia Jackson perform it and decide on your own which artist’s energy came closest.

Rachelle and Ledisi are Soul Sirens bred to tap into spiritual place that can’t me manufactured, bought or taught.  They were bred around real musicianship, black churches, music school and strict teaching where there are no fuxk up’s.

Rachelle was singing with Patti and working with Dizzy, George Duke and Quincy.  Those are OG’s in the world of music, legends as most would note.  They expect perfection because that’s the level of talent they are used to and what they embody in themselves.

It’s like Jesus training you to be preach or fry fish, if he did, you’d be pretty damn good and competition wouldn’t exist.

There you have it, I still haven’t finished watching it… Still got chills from the first 45secs.  I’m going to enjoy that on my own, without the thought of wanting to finish this post.  Music and spirits this beautiful deserve’s one’s full attention.

Peep this final video, a tribute to Anita Baker of the Queen’s of Soul.  The entire line up performing a tribute are all talented singers.  As you listen, pay attention to how your body feels when those with that special energy sing.

Did anyone make the hair on your body kinda stand up?  Did you feel that tingling feeling pronounced word?  Who caused a reaction?

The Brooklyn Words wants to know how developed your ear is…

FYI: updates and edits are done at a later time as to not distract from the typing flow.  If you see any error/mistakes, comment and it will be fixed as time allows – TBW