What is ART… if Not a Means of Unfiltered Self Expression?

What is ART?

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Does Donald Trump Understand the Difference?

Sure does sound like he know the difference here.  Look at him throwing shade disguised as jokes at Hilary Clinton during this charity of all things lmao…

Now check the tweet below and you would still think he was cool and shxt.

#TrumpVlog #TheInterviewMovie A sad day for freedom of speech-

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Did you notice he called Sony cowards for not releasing the film “The Interview“.  It’s a ridiculous comedy starring Seth Rogan & James Franco.  Their satirical approach which plays on assassinating the President of North Korea Kim Jong Un, caused a political and technological wrath of attacks.

Those attacks were brought on by North Korea as retaliation.  They allegedly (confirmed) hacked Sony servers and released some pretty damaging info. on the company and it’s executives (read this Times article for more hack details after reading this post of course).

The point here is that he called Sony gutless for not sticking by their First Amendment right for Freedom of Expression and Association.

Think about it, he’s basically calling them ‘Suckers‘ for giving in.  An interesting and hypocritical standpoint for the Republican… #factsonly

Snoop Dogg’s New Track with Clown Faced Trump

I’m digging the video personally, we don’t see musicians taking aggressive political stances publicly.

It was a bold move for Snoop given his celebrity stature.  The clown faces is not racist as some blogs might inaccurately say, it’s the movements of the politicians which are clown like.  The alternative facts and spin that they weave our minds into which the directors creatively envision as clown faces (not completely unheard of as clowns and politicians have a long history).

It’s the pseudo face that they (politicians) wear when they speak to the citizens and the recognition or awakening of the motives.  The Harley Quinn feature in my mind can symbolize anarchy or that which could result from the constant mistruths from all levels of government and media.

Another salute to Jesse Wellens and James Defina for the vision and guts to go ahead with it.  The other tricky part is Snoop can’t (or can i’m not sure as it can be alternative facts used to incriminate him) be legally held accountable being that it could have been apart of a script and that the blame would fall on the video’s director/producer but i’m not over here snitching on nada my bruh’dah.

I can say it’s one the best songs that I heard from the Dog Father in a minute, salute to that.

The Godfather – One of Trumps Favorite Movies

Does it make since that a person who loves a movie as violent and politically corrupt as The Godfather, would openly chastise an entertainer (Snoop Dogg) about freedom of expression, when it’s a position he’s supported and used himself on many occasions.

Just makes you go hmmm…

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Well, it would seem that he’s all in his feelings when a popular entertainer has anything bad to say because it deflects attention from his false flagged agendas.

And that’s pretty sad, because he used to be able to talk a joke like a champ.  What happened to that tough skin Don?

Well we are sure there are more things for a President to focus on during their first 100 Days in office then a Snoop Dogg single.

Now if that was Doggystyle 2, it would have made more sense, but nah B, it was just a dope single that now will probably make him at least a million of the free promotion and tweet… Checkmate Uncle Snoop, Biatch!

It could have been worse though, then the concern over his life would have been validated. Remember CNN did that piece on if Trump was assassinated.  It wasn’t as visual as D.O. double Gee holding a toy gun to the President in clown face but it was just as cynical if the government really looked at it… check it out now:

They practically subliminally embedded light thoughts in the minds of hundred’s of thousands if not millions that there is a chance for Obama’s influence to remain at the helm.

Now some may be like your reaching, well not really, and if I was did he also reach by bringing attention to what could have been an easy blow off.

Share ya thoughts… the track though is banging! – Mr Kuyateh 


BROOKLYN LET’S MOVE – free SUMMER PARK JAM + Live Painting + Live Dance Music + Dope Dj’s Cary Grant + SnowBklyn + Mr Kuyateh + FREE AFTER PARTY IN BEDSTUY

This Saturday August 20, 2016… Dj’s SnowBklyn, Cary Grant & Mr. Kuyateh are coming together on behalf of Brooklyn Let’s Move to bring you a global soundscape of sonic sounds.

We are calling all dancers (bboys, bgirls, house dancers, african dancers, breakers, reggae dancers, modern)…. to get it in.

Music includes Afrobeat, Afro House, Latin, World, Eclectic, Funk, Soulful House, Deep House, RnB Flips, Hip Hop, Jazz, Breakbeats, Rare exclusive cuts, on the spot remixes and more with creative trio.

Live Painting will be done by Brooklyn Artist KITO

The free AFTER PARTY will be at 622 Marcy Ave, BKLYN from 11pm – till @ Cary’s Grants beautiful Bedstuy home. Come through peacefully and with good vibes.

The park is located across the street from the Brooklyn Museum of Modern Art on Washington and Eastern Parkway.

Powered by The Brooklyn Word, SnowBklyn & All True Men Org

Flier Artwork by Mr Kuyateh

Dope Brooklyn Artist – TTK

Earlier today, the image above popped up in my feed from my Brother TTK.  I got happy, with the quickness. You see I completely relate to the image… rather my interpretation of it.

I see the camaraderie of brotherhood, united and walking together as one.  The flip tho, is that their common bond is Polo (Ralph Lauren) and not just any Polo aka Lo, but the finest vinage piece money can’t buy (well sorta, but it’s tricky and heads typically don’t sell or charge crazy prices).

There is also the soldier aspect, where the brothers are always mentally on the battlefield.  That field can be everyday life, the streets, one’s own interpretation go so many ways and thats the entertaining part.

TTK is an extremely talented professional artist/writer and fellow Lo head that is affiliated with the RLPC crew.  His art infuses pop culture with street culture in an artistically intellectual way.  It challenges the social norm in areas such as racism, culture, community and leaving you to dig deeper in understanding who you actually are in life’s battle field.

I look forward to seeing this young brother take the art world by storm (pun intended) as a representative of the Brooklyn culture.  Support our fellow artist today and share with your network.  The gift of art is a gift of heart!  And that’s the Brooklyn Word.

Check him out at http://www.artbyttk.com and instagram.



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My radioshow the GKXRS (formerly The GiKu Xperience Radio Show in Brooklyn… long right, i know smh) is a different experience from the individual singles available.  The show is mixed to tell and enhance the story of the conception of The Brooklyn word.

Experience both today, download and share your thoughts.

i’d like to know how it moves you… bless up – gk

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Tracklist | The Brooklyn Word

The Brooklyn Word is composed of:  

  • 9 Hip Hop + 2 Eclectic & Soulful + 1 Funk + 5 AfroBeat & House + Bonus beats (won’t be available for download) + 1 Exclusive Tree Spoken Word sound design concept + originality and old school flavor

GKXRS Intro ft. Maimouna Youssef

Interlude: : American Hero theme

Thee Amazng – Raize ya glasses

Gibril – Hands Of The Divine ft GRA$E

Interlude: : Professor X and Magneto…by any means necessary

Beam, Gra$e, Gibril – Young Magneto

Sanada Maitreya – As Yet Untitled Gibril Remix

Interlude: Vlad & Maino “Is There A New York Sound…”

Biggie ft. Gra$e – Who Shot Ya Gibril Remix

Interlude: The Warriors

The Chase Gibril beat

Kompleshun & Gra$e – 99 Problems But A Mitch Get None Off The Dome Freestyle

Gra$e – Rolling On Dubs

Interlude: Breakfast Club smoking scene

Gra$e – Sara Og (written flow to untouched Flying Lotus Beat)

Snowy Day In Brooklyn In (Beat)

Interlude: Richard Pryor on love & women

Columbia Nights – Wait A While (Gibril’s Cool Out Remix)

Columbia Nights – Wait A While (Gibril’s Freetown Remix)

Interlude: Richard Pryor on women & love

LaTasha Lee – Can’t Keep From Falling In Love (Gibril Heartbeat Remix)

Casandra Wilson – You Move Me (Gibril’s Freetown Remix)

Gra$e – My Life

Gra$e, Justo Ontario – The Brooklyn Word

Interlude: I’m Gonna Get You Sucka… I’sha want one rib

Harold Alexander – Mama Soul “Gibril Gemini Edit”

Interlude: Spike Lee as Pratt on the gentrification in Brooklyn

The World Hurts beat

The Mandingo Is Coming beat

Interlude: Black Pepper

MC Tree – Untitled Spoken Word sound design concept