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"Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls; the most massive characters are seared with scars" - Khalil Gibran

EP1-3 Switched On Bap starring Ski Beatz & The Glorious Bastard #TheBrooklynWord TV

We’re 3 episodes deep in Modbap sessions.  The journey continues with Ski & Ben as sounds rabbit hole expands around them.

Catch up on the modular happenings.  This is straight unfiltered raw shooting, so vibe up and get connected.

Ep1 The Rabbit Hole

Ski Beatz speaks on Modulars and the direction in which he see’s it going in rap/hip hop.  At this time, he’s pioneering the movement and we’ll be the first to say that he is the first to bring it to the rap/hip hop culture.

Yes, all before used it in dance/experimental genres that were avant garde.  His approach bridged the boom bap sensibility merging the worlds harmoniously.  As this genre expands, we take great pride in being apart of the inception this new sound.

Peep game and watch the 1st vid…

Ep2 “Finding the Perfect Rhythm & Lead”

Ski is in the moment, feeling the vibe.  The process is an intuitive journey, the loop happens.  Then you press on feel that shxt out.  This is a Master of the Craft, zoning.

Infinite possible sonic choices at his disposable, at his own time as it’s his personal journey.  Get connected and watch now.

Ep3 “Copying Modular Signals + Basics”

In Ep3 we are getting a lil more technical.  Ski & Ben go in with specs, still light wit it tho.

Each sound loop you hear is a possible sample.  Each change sounds dope, but saving each and every change would rack that memory up something awful.

A Master of the craft is searching for that special sound that get’s them to be like, “I want that, lemme record that”.

Ben also goes in on the power consumption which is super important.  Listen to what he’s saying and look into creating your own and experimenting with the genre.

and that’s #TheBrooklynWord!


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Gaining Your Independence back from Soundcloud to leverage Your Musical Brand Into The Future

Quick time saver, save in your notes or contact…

Had to do this write up because they make it so difficult to get help when there’s an issue.

Say “Hell No To Soundcloud’s Flow

Because their site leaves you in an endless clicking session just to get a support section.

Say “Hell No To Soundcloud’sFlow

Because our music is making them $$$ and creating wealth for their families, yet, their system is autonomous and inhumane.   The opposite of what a musician needs, yet you go on shelling it all out with a dream and a face that got creamed.  Cause they dicking you.


I know, I know.

Yall still paying for premium accounts with the lackluster antiquated analytics monitoring thats rarely updated to the level of where it could, be if they shelled out just a lil more.

If you don’t know about software and didn’t test different analytic reporting programs over the years, what I’m saying goes over your head.  And that’s ok, to keep it simple, they are selling you bottom shelf watered down Henny, at top shelf prices.

You should feel aways and take stand that benefits ya career.

Peep what I did below and say “Hell No To Soundcloud’s Flow

..shit, gave that up a long time ago when they dicked me by having me pay for and account where they disabled the download button for all my uploads for like 6 or so months because of an infringement aka uploading a remix (which is what the platform is for).

But get this, after my yearly subscription ended, I renewed thinking I’d be able to upload and nope, they kept the restriction on.  I was like fuck that.  No use in getting dicked like that anymore.

And used the save money to start with enough storage to upload more than 50 times the amount Soundcloud gave.  I then deleted a good 50 tracks (all were doing well a few thousand here and there) but I don’t care about the numbers like that.

I know they can be manipulated, manufactured and adjusted or made to become stagnant if need be *unofficially*…

Used the free service and put up only tracks that I’d want up there but also tracks that aren’t super important compared to a label release.

If anything important, i’m only putting short teasers and directed them to my site.

Full implementation is making 30-60sec teasers for all music and directing traffic to my own page where my site viewers don’t have to be influenced by all the new ad type shit that they incorporated and messages that don’t relate to them.

Soundcloud is really no longer a site for musicians to be carefree, it’s a business tool for musicians and a successful revenue online radio show lol.  It’s a big ass radio show that is making you pay to host ya show… FOH wit dat.

All hopeful musicians can just start their own SC site  on a page they own personally, that has their own friends and if it pops you can sell ad space on your page.  The investment is cheaper for you in the long run.  That’s what they are doing to you, only difference is instead of renting the apartment your a house with a lot of land where you can do whatever you can think of.  With a focused mind and determination of course.  But I’m sayin, like duh… fuck renting, gimme dat land.

But then you some still ask, well how am I gonna get all the people on Soundcloud and around the world to listen to the music on my site.

That’s why the teasers are up on SC, plus you’d need to put that promo grind in if ya believe in ya craft.

peep game, and that’s #thebrooklynword.

Soundcloud Pro Unlimited = $144 a year

  • advantages – already built and you just upload, has millions of real people, is a brand that a lot that don’t know better trust, full stats thats really shit stats, replace a track (like you should be able to do that anyway thanks for adding a feature and disabling and selling the enabled version for $144 instead of free), schedule when your track goes live (which is like scheduling a post, u can just add soundcloud to a media aggregator and do the same for free), quiet mode (to turn off comments GTFOH, i pay for that now), and their super special feature Spotlight (you get to pin 5 tracks at the top of your page and they add a slight sheen to it, a mist of glamour, a speck of magnificence so it catches peoples eye, till they get used to seeing 50 more pages like it and it’s nothing)
  • disadvantages – you get copyright notices quick which either freeze ya account, penalize you by disabling features like downloads if they are really mad, and there is no creative freedom when a hawk has you in it’s claws… unless you are water, then the hawk cannot grab you.  Be water my friend, be water.

Owning your own site w/better features = $96

  • (Site Host) with unlimited premium themes to choose from
  • storage ($96/13gb storage, $48/6gb, $0/3gb)  – we’ll use the $96 one equivalent for this example
  • a simply payment structure built in
  • monetize your site for ads
  • video support

Sure you have to add pictures and have an eye to put the site together where it flows like you’d like.  But the way the themes are these days, it mad easy.  Literally just cut and paste on a simple end, it’s never that easy for me.  I have to do everything different from everyone to be completely unique.  So I go for the more challenging things to do naturally.

There is also another option where you can literally start if all for between $30-$50) and have similar options to the above.

You learn this stuff by trying out for self instead of always taking the first opinion from so called experts.

Coming Soon

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We will be testing music licensing opportunities for tv/film/videogame within the next week via @gikumusic by partnering with an established licensing house out of the U.K. 🙌🏿 Our goal is get that bag for dope professional artist with quality work and have a social presence (website, social media, studio quality music, bio, photos…). 👀 Having the above is not necessary but 9 times out of 10, those that do carry themselves more professionally and we don't have time for bs or questions that a professional should know. 🧐 Do ya homework to understand the biz, info will come quick and there wont be time for answers outside of whats on the brief. 👀 Track prod by @mrkuyateh_brooklyn 🙌🏿 Info will be placed here and archived on our site ☝🏿 We are adding quality content slowly and cleaning cluttered tags from old post on our site. ☝🏿 Videos meant for the site take longer to edit then ig post vids. But have some cool stuff coming as time allows for editing. And that's #thebrooklynword ☝🏿 #producers #singer #vocalist #songwriter #producer #emcee #rapper #musician #studio #nativeinstruments #garageband #logicpro #flstudio #protools #musiclicensing #uk #housemusic #afrobeat #afrohouse #hiphop #rap #rnb #soul #musicplacement #musicsync #musicsupervisor #musicsupervisors

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