Pras (Fugees) Shares Industry Gems On Hot 97

Dope interview with Pras | Fugees.  The brother knows how to crush the questions and maintain control.  He’s informative, intellectual and concise in thought.  A pleasure to watch indeed.

Ebro’s line of questioning had a tone of respect and there weren’t to many loaded questions that Pras couldn’t handle.   Laura Stylez and Peter Rosenberg where equally respectful but poignant with questioning.

I like seeing this respect for those that have paved the way, and yes, Pras has done his part when you do your homework and understand his real position within the Fugees.

Culture Vultures

I didn’t know that he was so aware and open to discuss the hypocrisies in music, politics and the culture.  He kinda set it off early on starting from here…

Black People Owning Their IP

Words Mean Something

Taking A Stand

On Lauren Hill Not Writing/Producing

…according to Robert Glasper claim.  Here is where after the warm buttering up, Ebro now gets to what we all want to know.  It wasn’t to sneaky but definitely a different direction from earlier questions.

After listening, you get that Pras acknowledges that Lauren Hill writes all her material.  As for producing, that’s another complicated matter that can only be negotiated because of the many technicalities.

This is where if any reading this is an artist, play close attention.  A lot of gems being dropped about publishing rights and credit when creating music.

Great stuff, dope job Hot 97 and Pras.

and thats #TheBrooklynWord.

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