Rare & Vintage 90’s Freestyles East/West Coast mixed by Mr Kuyateh

The following freestyles represent pretty much represent the majority of styles that one could emulate in Rap.  Mastering or at least being aware of each of these is the beginning of being the best as a lyricist.

Freestyles by Nas, Erule, Biggie, Tupac, Big L, Redman, Shyheim, Missy, Busta, Rapsody, The Fugees, Jean Grae, Kurupt, Eminem, Jay Z, Jaz O + more.

We have the First 25 Singer/Emcees That Entered the #SwitchedOnBapChallenge

Ski Beatz YouTube channel w/ all Vids

https://www.youtube.com/user/skibeatz videos being uploaded to Skibeatz channel)

What started out as a joke, is now, a full fledge challenge with singer/emcees going above and beyond what was expected.

It began with @AriasVoice sending this video dope version of  “When Spring Pull up” over Ski Beatz.  She sounds like candy, it’s delicious.

Ski posted it and said “I’m about to do a Switched On Bap challenge”, but was joking.

I saw the post, ideas for visuals started forming and hit him up like you ready.

He was like fuck it, let’s go.

I said give me 30 minutes and sent this a lil later.

Screen Shot 2018-07-18 at 12.25.56 AM

Ski’s creative mind just gets it.  The trust was there and it was all literally just a few sentences.

No long drawn out discussion or conference.

Why, because he knew I understand the energy of his project and that the joke was actually the perfect way to push the project and help build the culture.

It helped that he’s just as quick as fuck with getting visuals and content out.  I’d just play off of what he puts and vice versa.

But before the promo came in, this dope video was uploaded by the talented North Carolina native Bobby Cosack.  His has an aire of old early Hov, check it…

Which was soon followed by this smooth flow for the ladies by @_jonswaby_ .

And then the visuals were delivered.  Things started to heat up with the millennial energy of @goodvibeinme

Then @steelohim stepped in with conscious daggers.

@blackatommusic continued the uplifting vibes, good shit.

Things then took a turn with @therealobeythealtarnative adding effects and a more polished post, compared to the previous entrants.

All the previous bars by 90’s lyrical standards were special in their own right.  This was a lil different.  It took the fun out of it replacing it with a chance to make the most of the opportunity.

This was smart branding.

As a result, his energy naturally put a Thundercat call out to emcees.

@dean7martian stepped up chill 90’s type flow.  The off beat on beat is now coming in to this challenges arena.

Then @queenofex came in with fire that made her lipstick smoking…

Her bars were hard and different.  It was on now…

@deniroblack came back with revamped artwork and grimey flow to let head know the Bronx was in the building.

Shit was hard, @deniroBlack was thorough with it.

But were are the ladies at?

@serenity_skyy answered that with a dope melodic flow.  The auto tune added to the analog essence of Ski’s album.

@anthropmusic came back with a digital flow from the West Side.

@frankietaylor93 soon followed with fly swagged out floetic flow.  Just made that up, but it makes sense.

@mikemassmusic represented Tampa the right way.  Yea, my type of shit.

@mannythemvrk followed after a flow that immediately ya stop and think, wait a minute, I gotta focus.  Listen my peoples… Barz!

@londonboii59 reppin the Norfolk, Virginia came in with a flow that was hard body.  He made you believe that shit.  2 up 2 down…

@brianbarsburns came in and eased the energy with a meticulous flow that just made everything right.  This brother is nice.. reppin the 504 New Orleans.

@nickvarcity flow came in riding that beat right.  Smooth shit, makes you wanna smoke a special with a lil drink on the side and vibe out.

@snacktones came in with some soulful vibes.  Good to hear the male singers taking part, good shit.

@rashidamir_labk was fun.  His flow had that head nod effect, it made ya want to know the lyrics so you can say it.  Dope voice… Blast, everybody just saw a flash!

@claytonjonesimages had the most entertaining entry that pure fun.  All skill levels are coming out and enjoying being in the arena.

@snaggapuss_bx weighed in with motivation to start back up at Blink Fitness.  Hip hop is healthy now and this OG is proof.  Get off the couch…


@srayonakvezdam dropped a flow from Russia that sound like a serious story.  He got stuff to get off his chest.  I just dont know Russian, but it felt like it was right. Dope!

@internashstash came in repping Broooklyn with the roof, fitted, accent and all.  NY in the building… Stash!

@james.wav came in with a tale and song with confidence.  Chill flow, the visuals for a minute made me think it was a tv and i wanted to hit the side of it.  But it’s my phone and it’s an effect.

That concludes the first 25 wave and it’s been a dope ride.

It feels good to have been on this journey.

The Switched on Bap challenge has it’s footing and is on it’s way to make singers/emcees of all levels feel really good about themselves for connecting with the respected producer Ski Beatz.

His love of the culture and upcoming talents has a lot of folks smiling.

We’re ready to see more producers and artist do this.  But then again, they’re not Ski Beatz.

and that’s #thebrooklynword.

TBW Movies For Lovers of Movement & Sound – “VENGO” (Spain)

Vengo is simply one of the dopest movies ever!  Tony Gatlif brilliantly directed a perfect movie.

Imagine Romeo & Juliet mixed with Scarface, but instead of Montagues and Capulets you have a family of rivaling Gangster Gypsies in Spain.  Not only that, their crew has dancers, singers, and the dopest musicians ever.

After seeing this movie in 2004, Flamenco music and dance became an energy that has stayed with me till this day.

Off the jump, the movie begins with my favorite song in the movie.

Every song is my favorite and have is own special flavor. You not only feel the culture in every scene, but become immersed in a time and place that is no longer your own in less than 5 minutes.

The contrasting backdrops and long shots, the colors, the sound again.

Just watch it.

Oh and there are no sub-titles, but fear not.  You feel like you speak the language and understand everything within the first 5 minutes.

Time to watch, quite surprised the whole movie is on youtube… amazing.


That was pretty dope right?

Check how the energy of the music inspired this mix, circa 07′.

Michael Jackson & Marsha Ambrosius Duet “Butterflies” | Mr Kuyateh 2011 Throwback

Wow, haven’t heard this mix in years.  The early cheesy iMovie edit is classic, but still proud of the lil energy that went into that.

It was the 2009 and music and dancing was my ultimate therapy.  I was pretty consistent with The GiKu Experience Radioshow in Brooklyn and times were much different.

There was a radioshow in Greece called Smoothtraxx that I did a Michael Jackson Tribute mix for.  Good look Peter for sharing the sound on ya platform.

It was a good over 2 hour banger and mixed in a unique way with skits and alternate creations to enhance the experience.

I wasn’t producing then, so the sound levels were all over the place but end result was more important.  A cinematic sound journey starting from the beginning to the end of his eternal beginning.

MJ was the first person that I imitated and danced like as a child.  He literally started my journey into the world of dance.

Well, this is all that’s left of that mix.  It’s somewhere floating around the net and maybe some misc. hard drive in storage.

A version was put on Mixcloud, but copyright restrictions prevents U.S. listeners from hearing, so overseas heads can enjoy the musical treat.

Here it is:

If someone finds it somewhere, let us know.  Would love to hear it again…

Rest In Love MJ & JJ

Official #SwitchedOnBapChallenge presented by Ski Beatz

It’s now official, Ski Beatz is calling all singers/emcees/musicians to record yourselves singing, rhyming or playing an instrument to your favorite track off of “Switched On Bap” and post to instagram.

@ariasvoice did her thing to the track “When Spring Pull Up”.

So are you ready for the challenge?

Go on then…

Stop looking and buy the album here for your archives.

Now go hurry, record, post and tag us!

…and that’s #thebrooklynword.