A Great Day In Hollywood or A Great Spin On A PR Nightmare?

A few days ago i saw that beautiful image shot by Kwaku AlstonA Great Day In Hollywood‘, that’s floating around melanin feeds everywhere.

I’m thinking, Netflix is really handling their business and supporting the culture.

I mean, sure it didn’t hurt when melanin energy established the popular “Netflix and Chill” moniker which contributed to countless sales and free advertising courtesy of millennial’s everywhere.

Surely they are advancing in creative relationship, because of respect for melanin contributions right?

Then the adverts started with the lil homie and all..

and I was still good.

The visuals are on point plus the classic nod to “A Great Day In Harlem” by Art Kane was a nice touch.   New York Stories: Great Day In Harlem

I always wondered who everyone was in that photo…


Here’s a lil video about that day…

Then of course, there was the classic XXL spread that showcased a unified rap community.

great day in hip hopgreat day

And then I remember reading about the CEO being fired for being excessive with the ‘N-word‘.  Damn Homie…

In the end, Jonathan Friedland’s inner gangsta got the best of him.

Now sure his bank account was secured by Netflix after the departure (it’s apart of an early departure clause),  the company still had to quickly react with a counter blow to balance the talk on social platforms… curses to those who say, a random coincidence.

I mean, aint no better to cast a shadow on ‘Black Twitter‘ than to have Black Hollywood sing ‘Lift Every Voice‘ on the streets of NY.

Don’t believe the hype!  – Chuck D

Even though the hype is dope. Gotta love seeing all those faces and energy.

…and that’s #TheBrooklynWord!

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