Review of Kanye’s “Ye” Release & It’s Worse Than We Thought

The Brooklyn Word’s opinions are just that and based off the art of Rap. We are unbiased, unfiltered and unapologetic. While we love the culture, we do not feed into the bullshit or culture vultures that plague Hip Hop today! – Crown Heights, Brooklyn

So with that, let’s get it poppin!

I Thought About Killing You: aight, I have to be open minded but listening to the intro is a bit morbid. This is beginning to sound like the new energy of Hip Hop that’s emotional.

The beat is interesting and then comes in tougher later. It’s a hard trap’ish vibe with lyrics that match. After listening to Black Thought’s solo project, adjusting back to musical reality is crucial to sharing an unbiased opinion. This isn’t what I was expecting.

Yikes: the energy is maintained, matching the earlier tracks vibe. The track feels angry and all over the place as far as the lyrics go.

All Mine: aight, this minimal beat is hypnotic and infectious. Millennial’s will get it immediately, older 90’s heads will feel a way cause it’s not like College Dropout.

Wouldn’t Leave: Ok, now we talking. This is the first musical track that is starting to resonate, the anger is passing and becoming reflective. The hook and singer gives it soulful chills. It’s not a club track, but if you can relate to Kanye’s wild out sessions, than I guess you got yaself a new anthem.

No Mistakes: my energy is draining and i’m feeling sad even though I’m watching game 2 of the finals. Cleavland has 64 and Golden State 72 dammit. I need more drive in a track, i dont want to feel so down while listening. The beat is fire tho…

Ghost Town: sounds like old Kanye coming in, uh oh. Ok Yeezy is singing, it’s getting real. He’s a Gemini, I’m a Gemini, I’m remaining optimistic and open minded. Even though I feel like driving off a cliff. This is the perfect album to OD on or commit suicide. Hey, I know that sounds kinda bad but I’m just interpreting the energy. Time to go to the next track…

Violent Crimes: oh man, it’s the same thing. I swear if you listen to this drunk and depressed, you might do some foul shit. Aight I’m done, can’t listen to anymore. I’m sure the complete project is artistic and creative but honestly I’m not feeling it.

The album was touted as a future masterpiece but it doesn’t have much that real Rap sustenance that fans can relate to. Hip Hop culture vulures and sad people that rock smokey eyes, will have a field day tho. I honestly wouldn’t trust any music blog or individual that is like this joint is a classic and award winning.

It’s nowhere near any of the following:


Sure every new work has it’s own identity and no we don’t expect one’s artistic projects to all sound the same. This one is simply depressing and not the type of album I’d want my child listening to. This doesn’t change our opinion about Mr West as we’re real Rap heads and his early contribution to the culture was significant.


Things took a change and so did the quality of his music. He was no longer the happy Polo Bear that we remembered.

What I do appreciate is him separating his energy to create something different for Pusha T. If Nas’s album completely different from both Pusha T and his, then yes he is a true musical creative.

Time will tell, in the mean time peep our version of what we were expecting from Kanye new project. Using pretty bad audio from an interview we remixed him doing “Gorgeous” acapella…

All eyes are gonna be on Nas at the middle of this month and then the rest of the Good Music team. We’ll be there as well to keep you posted, keeping it straight 100, and that’s The Brooklyn Word.

ps. The Cavs lost, Ye is not a Clevland omen.

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