Review of “Streams of Thought” Vol.1| Black Thought & 9th Wonder and The Soul Council

Aight, here we go…  “Stream of Thought” is now out and this is our breakdown of the concise yet powerful 5 Track release:

TWOFIFTEEN: the intro and quick speed switch-up is always a nice touch.  The beat comes in real smooth, with the kicks/snares knocking harmoniously with the melody.

The balance of rhythm and rhymes is music perfection.  One doesn’t overpower the other, actually, I never heard a rhythm that overpowers Black Thought.  He seems to meld into the spiritual core of the rhythm, acting as a lead instrument automatically.

The lyrcis are poignant, perfectly delivered and full of quotables and nods at social issues, politics, race and entertainment.  Some are readily understood, the majority are hidden and have to be deciphered for self… we discuss, culture but don’t give our cultures full blueprint.  FOH!

9TH VS THOUGHT:  boom bap at it’s finest.  9th does it again, this production has more attitude as Black Thought spits with intensity.  One has to admire his command of the language and ability to twist words like Mclaren and sounding it out like Mac Lauren.

This track is a lesson in the art of Rap, not hip hop.  He’s speaking effortlessly as a Professor of the game, directly to students.  The 9th driven track speaks with beats that mimic Thoughts sentiments.

Thought’s speaks is more than self admiration, rather facts to be contended if one dared.  His confidence comes from knowing that there aren’t many that would publicly aim darts. He has perfected all aspects of the emcee game without ghost writers and never really stopped training aka lyrical sword stays sharp and well maintained.

DOSTOYEVSKY feat. RAPSODY:  the beat comes in hard and heavy.  It’s not a crowded sound but built like a gun ready to lick lyrical shots at hip hop mental’s across the globe.  This isn’t a fluff release, every bar has meaning and nah, no wack filler verses at all.

Think the “Black Thought Funk Flex freestyle” but amplified 10x and powered by 9th and The Soul Council.

Rapsody rounds out the banger with bars that hold it’s own when versed up with Professor Thought.  She’s direct and apologetically dexterous with her grammar.  Love her wordplay and the way she rides the rhythm.

This is real fucking Rap, it’s not Hip Hop my peoples.

MAKING A MURDERER feat. STYLES P: ok, we got the Fela flip coming in strong.  Makes me wanna drink a Corona while smoking a freaked Black.  I feel like I’m in Belly and shit, playing out the Tunnel intro.

It’s a pleasant throwback feel that perfect for the clubs and any party.

Thought is just relentless with the offbeat flow that threw itself back on beat with the tempo.  Then Styles P bussing off with that grimey smooth flow.  These are the things that rap dreams are made.

What’s really fucked up is, i’m listening on some wack speakers right now and I know the bass is hard hitting and with that analog thump.  Kinda pissed that the first listen is subjected to such shitty acoustics, but it is what it is.  That track is still fire tho…

THANK YOU ft KIRBY:  damn that snare is sweet.  The final track is a soulful feel good, thanking everyone respectfully, who has contributed to his growth.  Head nodding happens innately as the production carries you through the semester with Professor Thought and Professor Wonder.

Journey on and experience your personal interpretation of “Streams of Thought” by supporting real Rap.

….and that’s The Brooklyn Word!


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