Don’t follow people, follow pashun
Find your pashun and you will find your people
Don’t follow people, follow pashun
Find your pashun and you will find your people…

NFROMTHEWAVE is the newest 21 year old artist reppin Brooklyn wit that vibey vibey to rock the party.


We first heard the track and caught the video at a secret location in the soul of Crooklyn.  The vibes were light in the apartment and full of organic smokey love.

My mans was like, “tell me what you think of this” and began the setup of a sound from a 21 year old lyricist that would eventually make waves throughout millennial circles and music culture blogs.

Verse 1:
You da man, You da man, You da man
Like bro god damn
Always takin pictures
With your money in your hand
Tryna show off and stunt for your friends
I don’t think you lookin’ at life thru the lense
Wanna live right but you still on the fence
Can’t keep it real cause you always pretend
All that you needed was always within
People work harder when they movin’ with a passion
Some people rap, Some people do fashion

I vibrated higher with organics as the track played out.

The energy felt good, I thought. Head nodding and toes stretching finding it’s place within the rhythm.

Then we got, Then we got
Athletes, Mathletes
People that want this shit badly
And they go hard for it, gladly
Livin’ their dreams make em happy
And they get crafty with it put their whole soul in it
And they won’t slow down they don’t know no limit
Cause the hustle don’t stop so they’ll never be finished
But the simpleton man still waiting for the bus
He gon’ live his whole life eating other peoples dust
Need to get his mind right Start living like us
You can gain the whole but it’ll never be enough

“Yoooo!  Bring that back, I gotta dance.”

I said as my man smiled.

“This is the wave”, he said.

Don’t follow people, follow pashun
Find your pashun and you will find your people
Don’t follow people, follow pashun
Find your pashun and you will find your people x2

My feet started moving, flowing smoothly but preparing itself for the 8 count pseudo offbeat timing.

Verse 2:
Who da man, Who da nigga with the plan
Got the game in my pocket and the World in my hand
If ya man want the verse then me need 50 grand
If the people wanna show then ima need a hunnet bands
Comin’ live from provganistan
I’m the main source for the sauce and the middleman
Niggas want war they ain’t never gon’ win
Must be all drunk man must be off gin
Thinkin that you gon step up to the kid

The vibes is right, music is playing and while my man is gauging the experience.  The zone gets deeper.

Like you really won’t get dropped quick up in vip
Get chin checked, Get popped in ya lip
Thats what you get man shouldn’t talk shit
Can’t walk the walk you gon end with a limp
You a wimp acting like you really ain’t but you is
I can tell that you isn’t really handling your biz
What it is is you niggas move around like pawns on the grid
Your whole damn style over did
Hell no you niggas not lit
I can tell you niggas paper thin
And you got no heart and we know that you’re not passionate

Nfromthewave’s flow is smooth and controls the dance in a non intrusive way.

That’s a good thing, it’s something the dancer’s will notice as well.

The passion he calmly exude’s, perpetuated by the driving rhythm is a win for all once the track is played.

Get connected with Nfromthewave today.

Oh yea, almost forgot.  Other songs were previewed and he’s on some next level shit.  A true emcee with bars and artistic range.  The wave is only forming, and that The Brooklyn Word.


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