Vashni Korin|Documentarian & Director

To say Vashni Korin’s work as a director is dope is an understatement.  One must first digest the content and then make a sound interpretation based of innate feeling.  So with that, let’s peep the video she directed for Brooklyn native and certified emcee Cavalier.

Aight, now let’s lightly analyze the energy of the video.

Cavalier spits a tale intertwining various social issues, while paying homage to his Brooklyn culture as Vashni captures moments of culture not privy to outside minds.  Her fluid flow of the camera, immerses non intrusively with Cavalier, creating strong imagery in each frame.

The woman exude power, direction and beauty tastefully.  While the men confident display leadership and strength.  Both genders dressed impeccably is simply stunningly stylish.  Cavalier is seen throughout the video paired with two stylish sista’s which to us, can symbolize the unity of the black man and woman having each others back to get the job done.

Every figure in the video plays an important part within the community and building it up.  Vashni’s visual story doesn’t sell out the culture, rather uplifts it and the role of everyone within it.

Here is another video from CavaliersPrivate Stock” release shot by Vashni Korin.

Another gorgeous display of Nola energy, style and movement.  The imagery in Holla Kid is more intimate and plays out like an instrument.  The styling is dope and have that southern classy swag which sets it apart.  Details matter with this director which takes pride in the final product.  Storyboard P makes an appearance which perpetuates the smooth movement of events, playing off the laid back flow of Cavalier.

She is definitely one of those directors to keep an eye out for…

… and thats The Brooklyn Word!


Black Thought & 9th Wonder are taking over Hip Hop on June 1, 2018 with “Streams of Thought”

In less than a week, one of Hip Hop’s most lyrically revered is releasing his first solo project with one of the culture’s most talented producers. We anticipate it to go down as as an essential classic.

Tariq Trotter aka Black Thought is joining forces with 9th Wonder & The Soul Council on production, to strike back at the culture with “Streams of Thought“.

stream of thought artwork

This is so dope for so many reasons, here are our top 5:

  1. 90’s heads been waiting for this since “Do You Want More”
  2. Black Thought did a 10min Funk Flex freestyle and broke the internet.
  3. His freestyle was better than most albums that came out after 2000, and has since been the pinnacle of what a true emcee is.
  4.   The Soul Council is composed of some of the best soulful audiophiles in the business and with 9th at the head, there is no way it won’t get a Grammy nod (early prediction).
  5. Cause Kanye’s album is dropping the same day.

With all  that’s happening in the culture these days, “Streams of Thought” is a refreshing breathe of fresh sound in a polluted and non lyrical time.  Spitting bars that matter is more of relic, slowly gaining steam with picky millennial ears.

The recent Pusha T, Kanye & Drake drama has brought some attention to the ancient art of subliminal battle rhymes.

The above drama has separated itself from the sing songy and androgynous energy of today’s youthful rhymes, which lack the finesse of the ancient art.  It’s currently touted on media sites as a Clash of the Titans type of match, which put’s word structure, wit and delivery ahead of commercial standards.

Well if that’s the case, the culture has no choice but to add a new neutral contender, who is merely an opponent as a result of sharing release dates and not by subliminal lyrical jabs being thrown/returned.

Black & 9th enters the ring with”Stream of Thought” and one can only Wonder?  Can Thought and 9th overshadow the clout chasing shenanigans pushing many artist today or will it get lost in the dust of “the machine“.

The Brooklyn Word predicts, it will reign supreme to real culture heads.   Once Nas’s album drops later in the month, heads will have time to properly digest all the recent albums.  While we feel the culture will agree that no album is fucking with “Streams of Thought”, we understand the commercial heads will side towards Good Music (no hate, we love Good Music).

Honestly, it’s just intuition and prediction, it’s not like we actually  know fa sure.  We haven’t heard a track from Thought & 9th, Nas or Kanye (aside from Poopity di scoop).

I think Nas is gonna be an iconic banger, but after many years and mental growth I’ve realized that Black Thought is better than Nas as an emcee.  I doubt you’ll ever see Nas battle Black Thought and if so, I doubt he could keep up with the amount of material that Thought has as well as daily experience, as Black Thought stays on the grind with the Tonight Show, touring and lectures.  The man has no time to relax and chill.  Shit, it’s been almost 30yrs and we are just now getting a solo project lol… thats a hard working muthafucka.

Follow the The Soul Council & Black Thought on Instagram: @ejones_music @khrysis @kashdntmkebeats @ampmusic @9thwondermusic @blackthought


Enjoy our own little remix to vintage Black Thought while we wait for the tasty sounds from 9th and The Soul Council… and thats The Brooklyn Word.

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Sound Therapy 🎧: ….because after that freestyle, i had to do a proper tribute. Been rocking as a supporter since Organix on cassette and countless 90s concerts/performances at record stores in Norfolk/Norfolk State University, bump into's and smoke sessions (just a handful). ☻ …because @blackthought has always been in my Top 5, @questlove is my favorite hip hop drummer and @theroots is my first and favorite live hip hop group/band ♚ The Roots – "Dont Say Nuthin" video edit & music prod by @mrkuyateh_brooklyn ♊ ♞ #blackthought #theroots #thelegendaryrootscrew #questlove #realhiphop #boombap #illadelphia #blackart #rapper #poet #slampoetry #battlerap #philly #brooklynhiphop #contentcreator #influencer #tastemaker #nychiphop #melanin #emcee#thebrooklynword

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Don’t follow people, follow pashun
Find your pashun and you will find your people
Don’t follow people, follow pashun
Find your pashun and you will find your people…

NFROMTHEWAVE is the newest 21 year old artist reppin Brooklyn wit that vibey vibey to rock the party.


We first heard the track and caught the video at a secret location in the soul of Crooklyn.  The vibes were light in the apartment and full of organic smokey love.

My mans was like, “tell me what you think of this” and began the setup of a sound from a 21 year old lyricist that would eventually make waves throughout millennial circles and music culture blogs.

Verse 1:
You da man, You da man, You da man
Like bro god damn
Always takin pictures
With your money in your hand
Tryna show off and stunt for your friends
I don’t think you lookin’ at life thru the lense
Wanna live right but you still on the fence
Can’t keep it real cause you always pretend
All that you needed was always within
People work harder when they movin’ with a passion
Some people rap, Some people do fashion

I vibrated higher with organics as the track played out.

The energy felt good, I thought. Head nodding and toes stretching finding it’s place within the rhythm.

Then we got, Then we got
Athletes, Mathletes
People that want this shit badly
And they go hard for it, gladly
Livin’ their dreams make em happy
And they get crafty with it put their whole soul in it
And they won’t slow down they don’t know no limit
Cause the hustle don’t stop so they’ll never be finished
But the simpleton man still waiting for the bus
He gon’ live his whole life eating other peoples dust
Need to get his mind right Start living like us
You can gain the whole but it’ll never be enough

“Yoooo!  Bring that back, I gotta dance.”

I said as my man smiled.

“This is the wave”, he said.

Don’t follow people, follow pashun
Find your pashun and you will find your people
Don’t follow people, follow pashun
Find your pashun and you will find your people x2

My feet started moving, flowing smoothly but preparing itself for the 8 count pseudo offbeat timing.

Verse 2:
Who da man, Who da nigga with the plan
Got the game in my pocket and the World in my hand
If ya man want the verse then me need 50 grand
If the people wanna show then ima need a hunnet bands
Comin’ live from provganistan
I’m the main source for the sauce and the middleman
Niggas want war they ain’t never gon’ win
Must be all drunk man must be off gin
Thinkin that you gon step up to the kid

The vibes is right, music is playing and while my man is gauging the experience.  The zone gets deeper.

Like you really won’t get dropped quick up in vip
Get chin checked, Get popped in ya lip
Thats what you get man shouldn’t talk shit
Can’t walk the walk you gon end with a limp
You a wimp acting like you really ain’t but you is
I can tell that you isn’t really handling your biz
What it is is you niggas move around like pawns on the grid
Your whole damn style over did
Hell no you niggas not lit
I can tell you niggas paper thin
And you got no heart and we know that you’re not passionate

Nfromthewave’s flow is smooth and controls the dance in a non intrusive way.

That’s a good thing, it’s something the dancer’s will notice as well.

The passion he calmly exude’s, perpetuated by the driving rhythm is a win for all once the track is played.

Get connected with Nfromthewave today.

Oh yea, almost forgot.  Other songs were previewed and he’s on some next level shit.  A true emcee with bars and artistic range.  The wave is only forming, and that The Brooklyn Word.

Queens of Hip Hop Remixed Vol.1

Prouced by Mr Kuyateh ft. Roxanne Shante, Bahamadia, MC Lyte & Queen Latifah


What do you do when you find 4 acapellas from hip hop’s dopest female emcees?  You remix it and call it “Queens of Hip Hop Vol. 1”.  Cause ain’t nothin betta than dope lyrics over jazzy beats.

I was adamant about beginning the project with voices that pioneered the lyrical side of the game.  Not only are these women game changers but lyrically suited to handle any rapper that crossed their path.


Peep how they command the attention of the listener in each track.  The delivery is razor sharp, from the gut, and thought provoking.  Their words swing through the rhythm, cutting through the bullshit.


The production is a salute to the art of chopping shit up and sampling it.  I wanted to create a lush jazzy vibe to embrace emcee’s lyrics.  It was important for the beat to be self sufficient as an instrumental.  It had to have it’s own fun life and yet not overpower the track.  Like sex, the balance of words and rhythm was key.


Enjoy this flavorful mix, and that The Brooklyn Word…