Bryson Tiller – Dont (Mr Kuyateh Edit)

Listen to “Don’t” – MR. KUYATEH edit

I’ve been feeling real musical lately and edits/remixes have been flowing out at an accelerated.  Don’t by Tiller is one of those new tracks that I fux wit.  His flow and demeanor is very chill and low key yet powerfully stated.

I wanted to rock with the already sexy vibe and create a track for the dancers that like to move a lil quicker.  The AfroTrap Edit is a mixture of my original NabaKuFunk sound, latin vibes and the original Trap Soul foundation.

Merging it all was not intended as I never really know what direction it’s going to go in. Originally I had a more latin/brazilian vibe going but it didn’t seem as natural to my spirit though it sounded dope.

Then I did a more minimalistic version thats just sexy, subtle and quiet.  It was dope but I still wanted to do something a bit more special and unique to my abilities.  That version was something that could be easily replicated, but me going a bit deeper in the production created a new and different experience that’s reflective of my internal spirit.

This is the version that I want the public to hear, the others can be heard if i’m spinning or once all my edits are introduced on The Brooklyn Word Radio 2016.  I’m working on that, it’s on the back burner as bigger things are happening behind the scenes.

To that I say, dance to my soul my peoples… – Mr. Kuyateh | dat Brooklyn African



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