So here’s the deal.  I have alot on the dome with all these shootings, politics and the everyday bullshit that is fed to us through the media.

I wasn’t sure how to express my feelings, but I knew music would be involved.  At first it was just gonna be a track or two.  Then I wanted some spitters on it or basically a dope lyricist that would understand the energy.

Here’s the problem with that…  People aren’t as available or willing to support like one would think.  Regardless of status, all artist these days are in their own world.  One could say i’m the same, though I’d like to think i really reach out and support all movements.

I didn’t want to go through the hassle of asking anyone for shxt cause it would only end in delays.  Not only that, I now understand that my production takes a moment to understand.  Some of it hits on the standard beats that’s easily identifiable, but other rhythms people just don’t seem to understand.

So with that, I figured why not just set the mic up and spit some poetry.  I’m very careful not to call myself an emcee because i’m not and don’t want to be.  I just want my production to be heard, colloborate with dope artist and produce for budget having clients.

Can’t I live lol… regardless, i had fun with this.  And will continue as my opinion matters to my circle so there.  Salute – Mr. Kuyateh

Salute to all the fallen men and women, raise up! #blacklivesmatter #allivesmatter #wemustvibratehigher


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