Day 5: Prince – Purple Rain Remix by Gibril

So i’ve been sick for the last week or so and it’s stalled the remix process.  I have up to day 10 almost completed, but the tweaking tracks is not a light job and I’m finding myself spending more time on each of these than anticipated.  Not to mention the uploading and creation of artwork is a light strain on my brain.

I will say that this has been a dope creative process and i’m exhibiting new techniques that you may not notice but is there.  The ability to chop up a track or make any vocal track almost a cappella is what I’m proud of the most.

Through all this, it’s as if Prince is teaching me less than a fraction of what he knows.  Each remix is more challenging to listen to as memories arise that make me say “Damn, why the fuxk did he have to pass and what the fuxk really happened because it’s maaaad suspect” (white people translator… Prince’s death is a tragic loss and the circumstances behind it or quite sketchy).

I doubt another one will go up tonight, but hope you enjoy and share if you do.  Bless up! – Gibril

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