Bubble Bobble Flashback + Links 2 Play Vintage NES Game Online

I just had a Bubble Bobble Flashback.  I freaking loved that my game.  I remember heading to the arcade (aka video store) on Kingston Ave. and St. Johns (Brooklyn, New York) to waste precious quarters meant for laundry, food or anything other than games to battle cats.  This was the typical go to game when Street Fighter was occupied and you waited for your turn.

The video store was my hood’s go to spot for the latest arcade games.  I was a Street Fighter pro who won plenty of dollars which was only wasted on more Street Fighter.

At home, I kept a journal of every game I’ve beaten.  Sadly that journal has been lost, but let’s just say every game owned and borrowed was beaten and I didn’t use cheat codes to do it.

I thought I’d be a video game champ one day, but those dreams were dismissed once I missed the 1st Super Mario Bros competition at the Jacob Javits Center…. tsk tsk

Fast forward to tonight…

I stumble upon a link that has NES video game emulators and bubble bobble is on it.  How dope is that, figured I’d share.

Emulators are a tricky thing as they are glitchy and have to be restarted and such.  Sometimes they work other times they don’t.  Kind like old Nintendo cartridge so the frustration is understood.  Enjoy…

Bubble Bobble



Kid Icarus

Life Force

Mike Tyson’s Punch Out

Super Mario Brothers (the original)




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