iamnobodi – Found You (Gibril Remix)


iamnobodi is a smooth brother down with the Soulection crew.  Heard this track and was pretty much like yo, I gotta extend that intro… it’s the perfect smooth club banger.

So maybe a couple of months ago I started a rough draft version and posted it on the gram:


Had all intentions of finishing it, but didn’t know how deep i would go with it.

I really just wanted that voice solo’d out with an easy rhythm riding that shxt real smooth.  The alternate version that I didn’t record but improv’d for hours (may do live or something) is playing the keys with it.

The results was sounding kinda dope but a lil too monotonous as a stand alone track.  I’m ok on the keys but not comfortable enough to hold attention like i’d like, so give it in doses. I understand my limits and ride a fine line.

The results is a smooth and sexy riddim that will keep the ladies swaying till the early morning…

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Here’s a sample of their chill ass show… think 90’s throwback, r&b soul with an electronic boost of energy.  Ginuwine in 2016 meets experimental Cali dance and ambient vibes….

Yea that’s them… trust dopeness and the sound of tomorrow!

And that’s The Brooklyn Word…..  – Gibril



Alicia Keys – In Common | Brooklyn Deep House Remix

I can’t get enough of Alicia’s direction with this banger of a track!

I just saw the video, dope… it’s exactly the flow i was envisioning

I think I was listening to Luna and it came on afterwards.  So i’m listening nodding the fuxk out my head already producing the foundation in my head.

I look and got mad happy when I saw that it was the oh so fly Alicia Keys.  She always embraced a dope sense of culture and identity of self, so not totally surprising.

She took it further by being natural… no face beat… no make up (or light make up, u get the point).

I like he she continues redefining the commercial standard of beauty and that’s dope.  The African rhythm and sound is straight on some ole Naija/Ghanaian energy mixed with light moving electronic synths that carry you through the journey of her love tale, embracing u with a warmth and relatable track.

This music stylist predicts it to be one of the Summer’s biggest tracks, I won’t be surprised if some out of the norm super Emcee’s jump on board to expand their musical reach and demographic.  Who knows, maybe i’m reaching with that or maybe not…

It would be smart as Alicia’s “In Common” is a universal song with global appeal.  I bet the majority of her sales will be international and have a steady flow over the years.

All in all, i’m just proud to hear her being her and staying true to her self.

As for my remix hmmmm…

Free Download: http://bandcamp.com/track/alicia-keys-in-common-brooklyn-deep-house-remix

I had some medically prescribed Kush in the system (Dr’s orders), a lil 151 and pretty much went in a zone.  As usual, I wanted to keep the foundation of this version and let it rock.

Only riding the beat with a sound direction that wasn’t to conflicting but complementary.  Will prob do about 3 more but they’ll be just for me and if good enough will rock while spinning at a party/event or something.

My African roots are always present in production but I particularly like to induce that Deep House + Afro House sound that’s soulful.

I’m a Brooklyn dude and we rock to real house music that moves the soul.  Think Shelter, 667, Franks Lounge, Libation, Dance Ritual, Body & Soul, Soul Summit in Fort Greene Park

So I understand house very well as it’s a Spiritual thang, a Body thang, a Soul thang.

Now I’m still a pretty dope house dancer when not playing daddy duties (think Shelter getting it in on the floor with or without powder type of dude).  This understanding of timing and whether or not a track moves a street dancer or trained enables me to be authentic and real when saying… It’s a dope dance track, because I could dance to it.

With that to say, share with fellow dj’s and music lovers.  I’d love to see people dance to the remix, tag me if ya do.

Lastly, support ya girl Alicia Keys as she is winning right now and in a lane of her own.

Bless up! – Gibril



Bubble Bobble Flashback + Links 2 Play Vintage NES Game Online

I just had a Bubble Bobble Flashback.  I freaking loved that my game.  I remember heading to the arcade (aka video store) on Kingston Ave. and St. Johns (Brooklyn, New York) to waste precious quarters meant for laundry, food or anything other than games to battle cats.  This was the typical go to game when Street Fighter was occupied and you waited for your turn.

The video store was my hood’s go to spot for the latest arcade games.  I was a Street Fighter pro who won plenty of dollars which was only wasted on more Street Fighter.

At home, I kept a journal of every game I’ve beaten.  Sadly that journal has been lost, but let’s just say every game owned and borrowed was beaten and I didn’t use cheat codes to do it.

I thought I’d be a video game champ one day, but those dreams were dismissed once I missed the 1st Super Mario Bros competition at the Jacob Javits Center…. tsk tsk

Fast forward to tonight…

I stumble upon a link that has NES video game emulators and bubble bobble is on it.  How dope is that, figured I’d share.

Emulators are a tricky thing as they are glitchy and have to be restarted and such.  Sometimes they work other times they don’t.  Kind like old Nintendo cartridge so the frustration is understood.  Enjoy…

Bubble Bobble



Kid Icarus

Life Force

Mike Tyson’s Punch Out

Super Mario Brothers (the original)




Day 5: Prince – Purple Rain Remix by Gibril

So i’ve been sick for the last week or so and it’s stalled the remix process.  I have up to day 10 almost completed, but the tweaking tracks is not a light job and I’m finding myself spending more time on each of these than anticipated.  Not to mention the uploading and creation of artwork is a light strain on my brain.

I will say that this has been a dope creative process and i’m exhibiting new techniques that you may not notice but is there.  The ability to chop up a track or make any vocal track almost a cappella is what I’m proud of the most.

Through all this, it’s as if Prince is teaching me less than a fraction of what he knows.  Each remix is more challenging to listen to as memories arise that make me say “Damn, why the fuxk did he have to pass and what the fuxk really happened because it’s maaaad suspect” (white people translator… Prince’s death is a tragic loss and the circumstances behind it or quite sketchy).

I doubt another one will go up tonight, but hope you enjoy and share if you do.  Bless up! – Gibril