Little Red Corvette Remix by Gibril | Day 1 of 14 Days (Limited Free Download)

I had a bold idea to do 14 daily remixes to Tribute the Legend PRINCE.  The thought and intentions were well placed, as for time… thats another thing.  I seem to always do this lol, but it’s all good I work best under pressure.

This is the best therapy for me right now.  Prince and his Gemini spirit is kindred to my own Gemini Spirit.  I hope you all enjoy… bless up!


This went where it went and I pretty much just let that shit flow.  I thought I was doing a Hip Hop beat but something else transpired.

This is one of endless song direction options, if I play with it again, something else would transpire.  I wanted to keep the original essence yet make it unique enough to showcase my sensibility of sound.

This can always be improved, cleaner chops and such but time is a luxury that I don’t have.    Who know’s where we’ll go tomorrow but I hope you enjoy the free download.

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