Day 4: PRINCE -“INSATIABLE” Mandinka Remix

Day 4 is no joke!  More was accomplished than expected as Prince’s energy synergies with my own.  The sense of creative expression is at it’s highest and going where it may.

“Insatiable”| Mandinka Remix is an expression of the sensual spirit that we all have.  It’s desires unbound and free in private but publicly refrained and suffocated.

Prince exemplified freedom of expression by flirting between the lines of ambiguity all while banging the hottest chicks of all flavors.

It’s that, which we all came to love and cherish.  I can say, you gotta be a bad ass muthafuxka for you to be able to get some ass just by playing 2- 90 minute slow jam tape’s full of nothing but Prince.

That’s right, this larger than life musical Genius got mad men across the world skin’s for day’s.  He created generations of freaks from geeks to chic.  He created ya future baby’s daddy and baby’s momma, ya future daughter and ya future son.  He created uncles and future grandparents all grown from the purple nectar’s musical prowess.

For that, let me give thanks with musical offering to the world… – Gibril

Day 2: PRINCE “The Beautiful Ones” (Brooklyn Remix | GIBRIL) + DAY 3: “The Beautiful Ones” (Mandinka Remix | GIBRIL)

Day 2 + Day 3 was an interesting journey.  I’m recalling the cherished memories of tracks as they play.  Family gatherings, cook outs, parties and my heart is not sad but empowered by Prince’s incredible spirit.

As a creator of sound, he was a genius at manipulating it and a prodigy of it’s mechanics.  I was actually sick yesterday, pretty bad too.  It wasn’t till late at night where there was time to tweak it, but out of all that, these 2 works emerge.

The Brooklyn Remix is an Afro Drum induced classic thats pretty straight forward.

The Mandinka Remix is where the mind started to explore the world of sound and that’s where it went.  – Gibril

Little Red Corvette Remix by Gibril | Day 1 of 14 Days (Limited Free Download)


Little Red Corvette Remix by Gibril | Day 1 of 14 Days (Limited Free Download)

I had a bold idea to do 14 daily remixes to Tribute the Legend PRINCE.  The thought and intentions were well placed, as for time… thats another thing.  I seem to always do this lol, but it’s all good I work best under pressure.

This is the best therapy for me right now.  Prince and his Gemini spirit is kindred to my own Gemini Spirit.  I hope you all enjoy… bless up!


This went where it went and I pretty much just let that shit flow.  I thought I was doing a Hip Hop beat but something else transpired.

This is one of endless song direction options, if I play with it again, something else would transpire.  I wanted to keep the original essence yet make it unique enough to showcase my sensibility of sound.

This can always be improved, cleaner chops and such but time is a luxury that I don’t have.    Who know’s where we’ll go tomorrow but I hope you enjoy the free download.

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Watching Me Remix – Renee Neufville | ZHANE

If you haven’t heard ya favorite radio Dj’s rocking “Watching Me“, the latest track from Renee Neuville than you been slipping.  Most of you all are familiar with the 90’s banger “Groove Thang” by Zhane, but the sexy Caribbean has been busy touring with Roy Hargrove’s The RH Factor in addition to individual appearances throughout the world.

I been meaning to remix something of her’s officially but there’s a lot of hoops for all that.  So I figured, what the hell and worked with the existing track and building off of it since instrumental and vocal stems were not available.

It’s always an interesting journey with remixing a track, because you don’t know where it will go and take you as the producer.  I did most of this awhile back, but it was missing something and pretty much just sat on the hard drive.  Recently, i’ve been having a creative spark finishing up unfinished tracks and this flowed.

Actually I believe I did the bulk last night tweaking it all today.  Anyways enjoy and check out more production from Gibril Kuyateh.  If your a label or studio house looking for production or sound design, that’s ya man.