Bucktown USA Mixtape Vol. 1


The Bucktown USA Mixtape Vol. 1 hit the web about a month or so ago featuring General Steele, Vvs Verbal, Coke, Louie Skaggs, Brooklyn Bixby, Mar’rz Atomz & Araminta Moon.  I been meaning to write about it but needed some critical information in regards to fully understanding what Bucktown USA is all about.

I got put on to the mixtape by Vvs Verbal, when I bumped into him downtown Brooklyn.  I think I was heading to the Atlantic Ave. entrance and passed a dude who i’m thinking look mad familiar.  He’s looking at me like, you do look familiar, we both after a moment realized that it was from the Sean Price fund event in Park Slope, Brooklyn in 2015.

I had Verbal on the mic corresponding the event, which was real chill.  Unfortunately, the mic has an on and off switch which is near where most people would grab the mic, and 70% of the audio was lost.  But once I noticed it after the fact, I corrected and got a dope lil freestyle session with random cats that appreciate the cypher that Vvs Veral initiated.

With that, I bring you the Mixtape (also avail. as a free download courtesy of Bucktown USA).  Vvs Verbal style is my type of shxt!  He represents accordingly and has interesting word play.  I can’t wait to hear more from the brother.

General Steele always shines bright with the classic flow that we all love.  I’m still absorbing the release and artist styles, the production is on some classic NYC shxt which i support.  Gotta keep the NYC music spirit alive my peoples.  bless up!!!


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