Biggie Smalls – Juicy remix | dj Gibril the PoloHead

Rest In Love B.I.G. 

This was produced entirely by dj Gibril using the Biggie acapella and the original Mtume “Juicy Fruit” track.  I wanted to keep the core of the original but while chopping up the sample, it kinda flowed into something a little different and I flowed with it.

That also meant I head to stretch the timing of vocals and alternate the original flow a bit.  It wasn’t my initial intention, but once started rolled with it.  Stretching vocals and shortening each word/breathe is intensive.  It can always be cleaner and better, that’s no problem, the issue is always time.  How much time do you want to put into it?  I started this last night and wanted to get it over as quick as possible so there are a few rough areas that I cleaned up by distracting it with other sounds and such.  But if ever a real pro job needs to be done and money is on the table, then I got that too…

All in all, this was fun and an interesting interpretation.

Bk to the fullest, Crown Heights reppin… Lo Heads in the house!

And that’s #theBrooklynWord!

I’m slowly migrating from using ShxtCloud (aka soundcloud), please patient as I test alternative music streaming services (eg. bandcamp or fatdrop) that enable downloading.

Artwork: Becky Mann
Typography: G. Kuyateh

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