Chris Crack Is The Funniest Emcee With Straight Bars

The award for funniest young emcee with straight bars goes to Chris Crack.  My man is hilarious plus he got a flow that’s on point.  I think i wrote about him before, but I was introduced to his sound through Mc Tree (Chicago Soul Trap Pioneer).  Tree is like a mentor from my understanding and does production for the young G.

The New Deal Crew consist of Chris Crack, Cutta, Tmthy, Trtl, Jara.

I’m in a writing mood tonight, so continuing the flow.  My head is feeling right, sour’d up with that special black.  The Macbook is now on Bandcamp with his albums playing.  All I gotta say is I definitely respect what the New Deal Crew is doing.  They are now down with Red Bull Select – Chris Crack and gaining fans on the daily.  I’m gonna go deeper at a later time, I need to connect with him and get the story first hand.

Shit, I don’t know what to share first.  I just listened to 2 albums and going back will fuck up my flow, so i’ll go to ShxtCloud (soundcloud, those bastards) for his newer heat.

Oh shxt, new heat just dropped today…

This joint is my shxt, whoever produced it even used a Linda Lewis sample… i peeped that.  Cat’s don’t know about Linda Lewis.


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