Forget About Miss Universe, It’s All About Miss African Beauty Curve!

Why am I now just getting the memo?  You to right?

Miss African Beauty Curve?

Let me begin by saying to each is own.  We all know the saying, but we also know that the market for voluptuously thick women has increased 10 folds as well as the interest in them, making it an over a billion dollar a year industry.

When I say voluptuous I mean the actual definition, not some obscure online term that has no clear range (that shxt is scary google catfish, every dude got a story that they never want to share):

  1. of, relating to, or characterized by luxury or sensual pleasure.
    “long curtains in voluptuous crimson velvet”
    synonyms: hedonisticsybaritic, epicurean, pleasure-lovingself-indulgent;

    (of a woman) curvaceous and sexually attractive.
    synonyms: curvaceousshapelyamplebuxom, full-figured
Now that we’ve defined the word, we understand that thickness can come in many sizes but the idea is that it’s curvaceous, shapely and ample/buxom.  Not some new shape to the human eye, that lacks form or any clear definition.
Not harsh, just my personal preference for thickness.
Now I’m gonna add some typical man shxt by saying a ‘fat bubbly ass‘ to add to the thickness.  That is the ingredients to making a visual neck breaker that will leave a trail of men with their tongues out, panting like dogs… (them not me, i’m really cool and even tempered with my shxt).

To see the stark contrast between a voluptuous woman and a regular woman, I want you to check out these beautiful but average in proportions African women who were apart of the Miss Africa USA competition.

Varying shades of black brown, chill traditional costumes and exotic features… cool, but, not thick enough to some while others may find it perfect for them.

Yea, they are cute for swimsuits and cutesy attire but when men think of thickness its comforting, something to grab onto while passionately dominating the woman for more stability and control.  Other times it’s the reverse, thinking that the thickness would over power.


It’s all tied into sex as it’s always been.  For ages men prefered woman with larger hips.  Familiar with the term, “child bearing hips”?  If so and your a lover or curious onlooker, continue on and enjoy the beauty of Miss African Beauty Curve.

So what did you think?  I personally like Noni Zondi and the host, they stand out but I didn’t finish and probably won’t because it’s 4:07 am.  But damn, they thick as fuxk.

So let’s wrap this up, if any corrections need to be made fuxk it i’m done. Forget about Ms. Columbia sexy ass twerking before her loss to Ms. Philippines….

she should have done that for the talent portion, ayyyy!

Or her manufactured speech, I mean, that shxt is hilarious… just saying.

Fyi… she’s latin fly don’t get me wrong, I’m a man of flavor and appreciate quite a bit.  But there is nothing like a proportionately thick natural woman of any flavor, especially African!

And that’s The Brooklyn Word.

ps…. not sure if it’s the time or how this post came about, lol, but it’s about time I post more about women and what men think in a intellectually stimulating way with a touch of “ig’nance”.  I’m all over the place with this post, time to sleep zzzz!




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