Dope Tracks of The Week – Anderson Paak + Jean-Claude + Talib Kweli

Here are some dope tracks to move ya mind as it may…

  • Anderson Paak – Room In Here ft. The Game and Sonyae Elise

Props the Anderson for the dope track, funny I been listening to it and didn’t know that The Game was rhyming.  Dope choice Game for hoping on this better this, wouldn’t have thought it was his flav, now i know.

Anderson reminds me a bit of Bilal but with a younger vibe, Bilal is on some next continuum shxt, a compliment nonetheless. 


  • Jean-Claude – If Music presents: You Need This! A Journey Into Deep Jazz (Album Sampler) 

More often than not, my spam is full of junk.  This time it was a promo from Lee Bright over at BBE.  I hate when good stuff goes there, fortunately I caught this Jazz gem.

It has that swing, dope horn sections and moving rhythms that perfect to vibe out to and sample for you producers out there.  Jean-Claude of If Music compiles some delicious treats, ingest slowly.  His site will leave you exploring for days, make sure you have time before getting sucked into melodic goodness.


  • Talib Kweli & 9th Wonder – Indie 500

If you haven’t heard this from Talib catch this joint that kinda sneaked up on heads.  Talib’s verbal skills got more meticulous over time and the collabs are ridiculous.  I wrote about it lightly a few weeks ago when it was free (not sure if it still is), but had to bring it back to the front.

9th Wonder is that chess piece on any production team, bringing in one of the most interesting and lyrically gifted female emcee’s out today Rapsody who has the Jean Grae type vibe.  I can’t get enough of her voice, it’s so vintage.  Not to mention Pharoah Monch, Hi-Tek, Nottz, Halo, Brother Ali, Planet Asia and many more who just destroy it.

Dope music didn’t die at all, you now just have to find it under all the clutter and bullshxt.  Support dope music, dope artist today…

And that’s The Brooklyn Word!



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