Dope Brooklyn Artist – TTK

Earlier today, the image above popped up in my feed from my Brother TTK.  I got happy, with the quickness. You see I completely relate to the image… rather my interpretation of it.

I see the camaraderie of brotherhood, united and walking together as one.  The flip tho, is that their common bond is Polo (Ralph Lauren) and not just any Polo aka Lo, but the finest vinage piece money can’t buy (well sorta, but it’s tricky and heads typically don’t sell or charge crazy prices).

There is also the soldier aspect, where the brothers are always mentally on the battlefield.  That field can be everyday life, the streets, one’s own interpretation go so many ways and thats the entertaining part.

TTK is an extremely talented professional artist/writer and fellow Lo head that is affiliated with the RLPC crew.  His art infuses pop culture with street culture in an artistically intellectual way.  It challenges the social norm in areas such as racism, culture, community and leaving you to dig deeper in understanding who you actually are in life’s battle field.

I look forward to seeing this young brother take the art world by storm (pun intended) as a representative of the Brooklyn culture.  Support our fellow artist today and share with your network.  The gift of art is a gift of heart!  And that’s the Brooklyn Word.

Check him out at and instagram.


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