The Wiz Live is finally airing on NBC and honestly, it will be interesting to see the direction the writers took compared with the original “The Wiz” (which starred Diana Ross, Michael Jackson and so many other talented artist).  wiz_the_16x9

One thing that I’ll miss is Dorothy and the crew strolling past areas of Brooklyn and NYC recreated as Oz.  I’m known to be like, yooo… “thats down the sreet from me” or “I know where that’s at”.

This one looks to be closer to the original “The Wizard of Oz” in regards to the set designs… but honestly, I purposely stayed away from seeing to many trailers and spoilers.  Preferring to experience this talented Black cast and their contribution to one of my favorite movies.

Stephanie Mills looks incredible as Auntie Em as does the rest of the cast.  For those that remembered, she was Dorothy Gale in The Wiz on Broadway. I’ll follow up after watching and hope you do to…

Support our actors and their movements… – The Brooklyn Word!  mary-j-blige-wiz-1_zpssct3m23r 





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