Forget About Miss Universe, It’s All About Miss African Beauty Curve!

Why am I now just getting the memo?  You to right?

Miss African Beauty Curve?

Let me begin by saying to each is own.  We all know the saying, but we also know that the market for voluptuously thick women has increased 10 folds as well as the interest in them, making it an over a billion dollar a year industry.

When I say voluptuous I mean the actual definition, not some obscure online term that has no clear range (that shxt is scary google catfish, every dude got a story that they never want to share):

  1. of, relating to, or characterized by luxury or sensual pleasure.
    “long curtains in voluptuous crimson velvet”
    synonyms: hedonisticsybaritic, epicurean, pleasure-lovingself-indulgent;

    (of a woman) curvaceous and sexually attractive.
    synonyms: curvaceousshapelyamplebuxom, full-figured
Now that we’ve defined the word, we understand that thickness can come in many sizes but the idea is that it’s curvaceous, shapely and ample/buxom.  Not some new shape to the human eye, that lacks form or any clear definition.
Not harsh, just my personal preference for thickness.
Now I’m gonna add some typical man shxt by saying a ‘fat bubbly ass‘ to add to the thickness.  That is the ingredients to making a visual neck breaker that will leave a trail of men with their tongues out, panting like dogs… (them not me, i’m really cool and even tempered with my shxt).

To see the stark contrast between a voluptuous woman and a regular woman, I want you to check out these beautiful but average in proportions African women who were apart of the Miss Africa USA competition.

Varying shades of black brown, chill traditional costumes and exotic features… cool, but, not thick enough to some while others may find it perfect for them.

Yea, they are cute for swimsuits and cutesy attire but when men think of thickness its comforting, something to grab onto while passionately dominating the woman for more stability and control.  Other times it’s the reverse, thinking that the thickness would over power.


It’s all tied into sex as it’s always been.  For ages men prefered woman with larger hips.  Familiar with the term, “child bearing hips”?  If so and your a lover or curious onlooker, continue on and enjoy the beauty of Miss African Beauty Curve.

So what did you think?  I personally like Noni Zondi and the host, they stand out but I didn’t finish and probably won’t because it’s 4:07 am.  But damn, they thick as fuxk.

So let’s wrap this up, if any corrections need to be made fuxk it i’m done. Forget about Ms. Columbia sexy ass twerking before her loss to Ms. Philippines….

she should have done that for the talent portion, ayyyy!

Or her manufactured speech, I mean, that shxt is hilarious… just saying.

Fyi… she’s latin fly don’t get me wrong, I’m a man of flavor and appreciate quite a bit.  But there is nothing like a proportionately thick natural woman of any flavor, especially African!

And that’s The Brooklyn Word.

ps…. not sure if it’s the time or how this post came about, lol, but it’s about time I post more about women and what men think in a intellectually stimulating way with a touch of “ig’nance”.  I’m all over the place with this post, time to sleep zzzz!




Happy Birthday Tigallo Tigallo

Happy Belated Birthday Phonte from The Brooklyn Word.  Tigallo has been in my top 5’s for quite sometime now.  He’s a beast with the wordplay, clever and quick wit it and can do his own background singing in between. Fuxk outta here telling me any different…




A couple of years ago, I pitched a collaborative social media concept to Fusicology and OkayPlayer for the purpose of gaining interest for Foreign Exchange 2013 Brooklyn stop of the tour.  It included contest and email signups and yada yada yada.



For whatever reason, Okay Player fell through so I kicked it off with Fusicology + my long standing collaborative partners at Brooklyn Radio.  The idea was to create a show around an interview.



Personally, I enjoy hearing interviews because I learn various sides to the business, performing, producing and such.  The hard part is that I also have to be the bad guy and cut out sounds that don’t work or don’t work as well.  Only way it would work is if I built the show and the conversation and thats what I did.  I didn’t want to cut out shxt, after all, they are one of my favorite groups to listen to.


So there it is, hit Phonte up on the gram or twitter and salute the brother!


And thats the Brooklyn Word!


Photos by G. Kuyateh





Nicolay Fantastic (concept by GiKu art Marvel)
Nicolay Fantastic (concept by GiKu art Marvel)


MOBB DEEP: Shook Ones Remix Chronicles prod. by Gibril Kuyateh

What’s good my peoples?  My bad about the date mixup, originally I said it would be out a week ago, I did a Steve Harvey slip… #happens

Either way, I’m happy to finally have it up.  Shook Ones is my favorite Mobb Deep track, hearing it immediately takes me back to Bethel High School in Hampton, Va (yes the same Bethel HS that Allen Iverson went to).  Outside of catching them on BET or hearing them on 103 Jamz with the Boodah Brothers (DJ Big B & Kool DJ Law – RIP DJ Law), I’d get completely ignorant with the fellas at student union parties on the Hampton University (Real HU lol) campus or Steam Fitters parties.

The track is like is the equivalent of a RedBull, you rock that shxt to get amped.  You rock Shook Ones when you wanna pull a hole through some shxt, it immediately taps into the warrior within you.

Fast forward to the present…

My head is in a space where I’m comfortable producing whatever I want of any style.  90’s hip hop, pops in my head “…that’s what I’ll do.  I’ll remix all my favorite hip hop tracks and give it that 90’s feel.”  Perfect personal project to play with and that I did.

Mobb Deep’s Shook Ones Remix Chronicles was born.  What started out as a single remix turned into 5 different remixes (3 public 2 private).  Each one representing an aspect of street life playing out as sound.

The first being the original Shook Ones

  1. “Shook Ones” Original Brooklyn Remix prod. by Gibril Kuyateh
  2. “Shook Ones” – Bang Bang Brooklyn Remix prod. by Gibril Kuyateh
  3. “Shook Ones” – Redemption Brooklyn Remix prod. by Gibril Kuyateh


“Shook Ones” Original Brooklyn Remix prod. by Gibril Kuyateh

  • no sampling, gKuyateh on keys/drum programming & and everything else.
  • original idea and direction


“Shook Ones” – Bang Bang Brooklyn Remix prod. by Gibril Kuyateh

  • includes sampling


“Shook Ones” – Redemption Brooklyn Remix prod. by Gibril Kuyateh

  • includes both sampling and original production
  • vibe is more spiritual and the MC taking more of the responsibility for his actions.


With that being said, enjoy the sounds and get that neck snapping…

And thats the Brooklyn Word!




How Developed Is Your Musical Ear? w/Rachelle Ferrell & Ledisi

Damn damn damn!  I had to stop this just to breathe and sorta wrap my head around the vocal complexity of what is happening.  The ladies below need no introduction as they are powerhouses of their craft.

Rachelle Ferrell and Ledisi!

Here’s what will happen in just a few seconds of listening…

  1. send chills down your spine
  2. make you look around even if you in a room alone, because your thinking somebody gotta pinch you
  3. make you think there are Angels
  4. effect your emotions and spirituality
  5. cause you to shake your head and cringe, its hard to take in this much pure audible energy (but it’s also not)
  6. make you curse, breath quick, maybe even pass out

Ok, let me kinda paint a picture for those that are more comfortable with mainstream female vocal talent.  If there was a hmmm, let’s say concert of TV and you told the average or established singer who is very popular on the radio that Rachelle or Ledisi would go on before or after them, I’m confident in that there would be some talks behind the scenes (probably managers) trying to get their artist to go at a different time, prevent them from performing or even wondering if it’s worth it to go on at all.

Now that has nothing to do with Ledisi reportedly being snubbed by Beyonce and the Recording Academy.

Quick rundown, Ledisi was scheduled to perform “Take My Hand Precious Lord” by Mahalia Jackson (the song she song in the Oscar nominated film Selma).

Something happened magical happened that day and Beyonce ended up singing it, instead of the track that she was scheduled to sing.

Kinda odd, since she wasn’t apart of the Selma team, but that’s the magic of the industry ‘tadaaaa’.

They strike fear in the world of subpar and established singers who are unable to channel their energy as beautifully and compelling as they can.  Beyonce is a siren in her own right, the energy is still very different.

Peep the original Super Soul Siren, the late Great Mahalia Jackson perform it and decide on your own which artist’s energy came closest.

Rachelle and Ledisi are Soul Sirens bred to tap into spiritual place that can’t me manufactured, bought or taught.  They were bred around real musicianship, black churches, music school and strict teaching where there are no fuxk up’s.

Rachelle was singing with Patti and working with Dizzy, George Duke and Quincy.  Those are OG’s in the world of music, legends as most would note.  They expect perfection because that’s the level of talent they are used to and what they embody in themselves.

It’s like Jesus training you to be preach or fry fish, if he did, you’d be pretty damn good and competition wouldn’t exist.

There you have it, I still haven’t finished watching it… Still got chills from the first 45secs.  I’m going to enjoy that on my own, without the thought of wanting to finish this post.  Music and spirits this beautiful deserve’s one’s full attention.

Peep this final video, a tribute to Anita Baker of the Queen’s of Soul.  The entire line up performing a tribute are all talented singers.  As you listen, pay attention to how your body feels when those with that special energy sing.

Did anyone make the hair on your body kinda stand up?  Did you feel that tingling feeling pronounced word?  Who caused a reaction?

The Brooklyn Words wants to know how developed your ear is…

FYI: updates and edits are done at a later time as to not distract from the typing flow.  If you see any error/mistakes, comment and it will be fixed as time allows – TBW


Dope Tracks of The Week – Anderson Paak + Jean-Claude + Talib Kweli

Here are some dope tracks to move ya mind as it may…

  • Anderson Paak – Room In Here ft. The Game and Sonyae Elise

Props the Anderson for the dope track, funny I been listening to it and didn’t know that The Game was rhyming.  Dope choice Game for hoping on this better this, wouldn’t have thought it was his flav, now i know.

Anderson reminds me a bit of Bilal but with a younger vibe, Bilal is on some next continuum shxt, a compliment nonetheless. 


  • Jean-Claude – If Music presents: You Need This! A Journey Into Deep Jazz (Album Sampler) 

More often than not, my spam is full of junk.  This time it was a promo from Lee Bright over at BBE.  I hate when good stuff goes there, fortunately I caught this Jazz gem.

It has that swing, dope horn sections and moving rhythms that perfect to vibe out to and sample for you producers out there.  Jean-Claude of If Music compiles some delicious treats, ingest slowly.  His site will leave you exploring for days, make sure you have time before getting sucked into melodic goodness.


  • Talib Kweli & 9th Wonder – Indie 500

If you haven’t heard this from Talib catch this joint that kinda sneaked up on heads.  Talib’s verbal skills got more meticulous over time and the collabs are ridiculous.  I wrote about it lightly a few weeks ago when it was free (not sure if it still is), but had to bring it back to the front.

9th Wonder is that chess piece on any production team, bringing in one of the most interesting and lyrically gifted female emcee’s out today Rapsody who has the Jean Grae type vibe.  I can’t get enough of her voice, it’s so vintage.  Not to mention Pharoah Monch, Hi-Tek, Nottz, Halo, Brother Ali, Planet Asia and many more who just destroy it.

Dope music didn’t die at all, you now just have to find it under all the clutter and bullshxt.  Support dope music, dope artist today…

And that’s The Brooklyn Word!



Dope Brooklyn Artist – TTK

Earlier today, the image above popped up in my feed from my Brother TTK.  I got happy, with the quickness. You see I completely relate to the image… rather my interpretation of it.

I see the camaraderie of brotherhood, united and walking together as one.  The flip tho, is that their common bond is Polo (Ralph Lauren) and not just any Polo aka Lo, but the finest vinage piece money can’t buy (well sorta, but it’s tricky and heads typically don’t sell or charge crazy prices).

There is also the soldier aspect, where the brothers are always mentally on the battlefield.  That field can be everyday life, the streets, one’s own interpretation go so many ways and thats the entertaining part.

TTK is an extremely talented professional artist/writer and fellow Lo head that is affiliated with the RLPC crew.  His art infuses pop culture with street culture in an artistically intellectual way.  It challenges the social norm in areas such as racism, culture, community and leaving you to dig deeper in understanding who you actually are in life’s battle field.

I look forward to seeing this young brother take the art world by storm (pun intended) as a representative of the Brooklyn culture.  Support our fellow artist today and share with your network.  The gift of art is a gift of heart!  And that’s the Brooklyn Word.

Check him out at and instagram.


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(typed this in one take a let it flow, i’ll edit and clean it up later)

Last week at Soul In The Horn was another banger.  The excitement of getting out Friday night was already bubbling up.  Natasha Diggs always throws it down and I knew she’d get my feet moving.  Dj Center typically comes with eclectic bangers and interesting vibes that will make u go digging, but Talib Kweli on the decks???

I wasn’t sure what to expect as far as the sound journey.  The thought was the type of mental puzzle that music types like myself like to indulge in.  Questions like:

  • is he gonna rock any of his new material
  • how is his transitions
  • damn how deep is his collection
  • will I dance, damn I hope I can get it in just a bit

All this helps the time past as I’m flying through the city, music blasting across the Brooklyn Bridge, then up the West Side Highway and over to the Meatpacking District to Subrosa for Soul In The Horn.

The parking Gods were with me, blessing me with a spot right around the corner.  The energy was live as it always is in that area with the surrounding clubs/shops/eatery.

I take a break before going in to set up camera settings get my head right, taking outdoor night shots here and there.  Up walks Bilal and crew.  I love the energy these days as this is pretty normal.  Regardless, i’m fan of the artistry of music and internally the soul brother’s contribution.  We briefly vibe before I snap a shot, *click* (sure camera’s don’t make click sounds anymore but fuxk it).

Soul In The Horn Natasha & DProsper + Talib Kweli + Dj Center + Sly 5th Ave + Lena Carr + MoBetta

Fast forward… I get there just in time for the performances (typical Gemini shit). A woman I now know to be Lena Carr performs a few tracks.  I’m not familiar with her name so she must be beginning he traction.

Soul In The Horn Natasha & DProsper + Talib Kweli + Dj Center + Sly 5th Ave + Lena Carr + MoBetta

Lena caught my immediate attention cause she’s cute, a plus for a female vocal performer, the focus came back quickly though.  I was shooting vids/flicks and wanted to visually represent this artist as beautiful as I see her.  The music was cool, chill radio r&b soul vibe that the ladies would rock to and feel all femininely connected to and shxt.

It will be interesting to see how she develops, there’s more searching going on there and when she finds it Lena Carr will be reborn.

Although I’m in the front, I like taking shot in the cut and catching the subtle touches.  Not using my flash is limiting, but necessary to maintain the peacefulness and naturalness of a shot to me.  It’s unintentional and innocent… “I want to capture her innocence”, i’m thinking.

Next up to the stage was Grammy nominate Sly 5th Ave on Sax (multi instrumentalist Prince, Taylor Swift, Quantic) and DJ Center ( Push The Fader | GiantStep) for a live set.  I guess it was impromptu by the flow but could have been prepared.

Soul In The Horn Natasha & DProsper + Talib Kweli + Dj Center + Sly 5th Ave + Lena Carr + MoBetta

Center’s eclectic gems from Latin lands warmed the crowd as Sly5thAve played with the rhythm.  I wanted more from Sly5thAve as his playing was dope during the moments where he rocked out.

Soul In The Horn Natasha & DProsper + Talib Kweli + Dj Center + Sly 5th Ave + Lena Carr + MoBetta

Things turned up once Maurice “MoBetta” Brown hopped on stage trumpet in hand.

Soul In The Horn Natasha & DProsper + Talib Kweli + Dj Center + Sly 5th Ave + Lena Carr + MoBetta

The added impromptu energy reminded me of the beauty of this party.  You never know what’s about to jump off.  But when it does it’s magical and for that moment the best thing in the world.  I’m watching music magic happen before my eyes, I choose to be inspired!

Fast forward and DProsper (host/curator) introduces Talib Kweli.


Soul In The Horn Natasha & DProsper + Talib Kweli + Dj Center + Sly 5th Ave + Lena Carr + MoBetta

This is the part that I enjoy.  That set up, the DJ entering the area, headphone check, computer connection, cd’s organized (or not), vinyl crates ready, crowd overview, the nervousness or confidence… yea, that’s that shxt.

Soul In The Horn Natasha & DProsper + Talib Kweli + Dj Center + Sly 5th Ave + Lena Carr + MoBetta

Soul In The Horn Natasha & DProsper + Talib Kweli + Dj Center + Sly 5th Ave + Lena Carr + MoBetta

Soul In The Horn Natasha & DProsper + Talib Kweli + Dj Center + Sly 5th Ave + Lena Carr + MoBetta

It the thought is a flash, yet remains completely aware of the present.  I honestly can’t remember many of the tracks that played, because he took me on a dope sound journey.  I recall the transitions which were smooth, the follow up tracks on point and relevant to the crowd, his dexterity with scratching tracks in and overall energy.  The longer he rocked, the more comfortable he became and then shit just got ill…

Soul In The Horn Natasha & DProsper + Talib Kweli + Dj Center + Sly 5th Ave + Lena Carr + MoBetta

There was this Busta track that stands out, what the fuxk was that Talib???

I know a lot about music and obscure shit, but I make no claims to be a Questlove type of encyclopedic mind.  I actually don’t know much about music after 2000 lol, it’s like my mind shut down and said nothing else matters.

Ok, it’s not like that’s true mad dope shxt but i’m going off course (typical Gemini shxt).

All that was to say, maybe it’s a Busta track that I never heard but I really think it was some new shxt.  I saw Busta playing some new material for his holiday drop.  That joint though Talib…. was FIRE!

Soul In The Horn Natasha & DProsper + Talib Kweli + Dj Center + Sly 5th Ave + Lena Carr + MoBetta

In between all that, my feet was moving through the crowd getting it in here and there.  Ladies was looking fine as they do every week, sexy movements here, smiles there, it all enhanced the Talib’s presence… good look Brooklyn.

So yea, I enjoyed Talib on the decks.  I’m mad opinionated because my understanding of the decks come from dance/house dj’s.  In that area, sound and aesthetics are very particular.  A lot of controlling and manipulating is always going on.  Every little detail is important if it’s heard for the partygoers experience.

Natasha Diggs closed out the night as she does, with instant foot movers and head nodders.  Her sexy and warm soulful sound is very comfortable for the crowd.  She knows how to control the vibe well and adjust with the dips to bring it to her level of satisfaction.  I’ve seen first her take a crowd that died and made that shxt some old Studio 54 type party, dead ass.

Soul In The Horn Natasha & DProsper + Talib Kweli + Dj Center + Sly 5th Ave + Lena Carr + MoBetta


Soul In The Horn Natasha & DProsper + Talib Kweli + Dj Center + Sly 5th Ave + Lena Carr + MoBetta

Soul In The Horn Natasha & DProsper + Talib Kweli + Dj Center + Sly 5th Ave + Lena Carr + MoBetta

Back to the subject… I know how Natasha get’s down and I’m ready to dance for real.  No camera holding or nothing.

Soul In TSoul In The Horn Natasha & DProsper + Talib Kweli + Dj Center + Sly 5th Ave + Lena Carr + MoBetta

Soul In The Horn Natasha & DProsper + Talib Kweli + Dj Center + Sly 5th Ave + Lena Carr + MoBetta


I see the dancers getting it in near the front, the vibe is lovely, i’m going to just run to the car and grab something, get my head right and come back.

My ass bounce from Subrosa and I can’t find the car (the alcohol was kicking in, i was supposed to be dancing it off, i don’t get stupid drunk in public ever, just internally mind fucked, no one knows tho).

I thought I parked a block away but now I walked a good 8 or 9 short blocks.  Oh shxt, wait a minute!  My bag had a hole in it I think, what if I the key fell out somewhere.  Damn, i’m not gonna find it…

Wait a minute, I don’t think I locked the door.  Is it possible somebody stole the car or wait, that space I was in was maaad shaky.  Even though I asked the cop if I was good and he said yea, what if I wasn’t, that muthafuxker set me up and had me towed…..

All these thoughts are in my head as I’m walking.  I said fuck it, started heading back to the Subrosa and I’m a block away and over to the right is the car… damn, that was a twisted “gotta have my pops moment”.

Fast forward and I’m back in the spot and ready to make my presence known on the dance floor.  Taking the jacket off, I hear Natasha say… “We’d like to thank you all for coming out….” lol.

My heart dropped, buzz fully intact and feet ready to move… goodbye dance hard on, time to go home.  There’s always next week or the week after, think I’ll relax this weekend with my baby girl and recharge.

Fast forward… yes I made it home safely (sorta fell asleep at a bus stop but I was parked and near home).

And that’s The Brooklyn Word… unfiltered realness!