Video: Ep. 02 The Brooklyn Word w/ Talib Kweli + Jessica Care Moore + Kenyatta Beasley + Chiara Fasi @ Soul In The Horn!

Ep.02 of The Brooklyn Word:

ft. Jessica Care Moore celebrating her latest release Black Tea: The Legend of Jessi James at Friday’s night’s hottest event by Dj Natasha Diggs and DProsper  ‘Soul In The Horn‘.

Once Talib Kweli blessed the stage with Jessica, things really got ‘poppin’.  Their stage chemistry is undeniably a beautiful experience.  Her words resonate with black soul, vibrating through one’s core like a room full of subwoofers.  I hear, reflect and do my best to hold the camera still.  The head was nodding mad hard tho…

No long after Jessica and Talib rocked, DProsper hopped on the mic to introduce Kenyatta Beasley (trumpeter/film composer) and a dope ass drum who was rocking usd midi pads in his set.

The blend of technology and live instrumentation is always fly.  Together they danced between notes, trumpet blaring oh so soulfully.  Tracks ranged from hip hop to a soulful jazzy house vibe and completed the set perfectly.

But that wasn’t all… Kenyatta brought out Chiara Fasi (accomplished teacher and well respected violin virtuoso) and the night evolved into another magical moment.  Chiara’s style and improvisational technique is as beautiful as she, perfectly complimenting the trio.

If that wasn’t enough, it was Talib’s Bday celebration, so his energy was even more intense.  How dope is all that!  It’s always good to see people and dope musicians in a chill ass vibe, just doing them casually, without ‘life’s entertainment filter‘ as I call it.

There aren’t many places where you could visit for an experience as unique as that.  DProsper and dj Natasha Diggs, created an enjoyable, relaxed, low pressured yet addictively entertaining Friday night’s at Subrosa, in the heart of the Meat Packing district.

It’s because of that, some of the best musicians, dj’s and artist swing through supporting and enjoying themselves like they’re with family.  And you should too… gk

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“we cover our culture differently…” – The Brooklyn Word

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