Talib Kweli is back with some heat that goes beyond commercial radio, yet can work for commercial radio.  His latest album ‘Fuck The Money‘ just hit my inbox and I’m digging what’s going on.  

He spits thought provoking word play effortlessly as expected, speaking on the industry and his evolve state of dealing with it.  Money, as the title says, is of no importance.  We all know that Talib has always been pro indie movements, giving the metaphorical finger to commercialism.  This is a bit different because of his matured state.

Speaking of that, bless up to the Brooklyn soldier!  He had celebrated his rotation at ‘Soul In The Horn‘ with one of NYC hottest Dj’s Natasha Diggs + DProsper + Jessica Care More and others for Jessica’s latest album Black Tea : The Legend of Jessi James.

Check it out Talib’s new album and download it here for free while it last… http://kweliclub.com/products/talib-kweli-fuck-the-money-digital

We are the Brooklyn Word baby, real unfiltered truths… if we see a culture vultures, we shoot em down!

BK stand up!

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