Earlier this year, Chicago’s MC Tree blessed me with a spoken word exclusive.  I wrote all about it so not gonna get to deep, but it was dope.  The acapella tale was a gritty picturesque example of Tree’s versatility and connection to the street.

So I did what any inspired “lover of dope shxt” would do, got creative and designed textured sound around the life of it.  75% was actual sounds recorded in Chicago (ex. weather, traffic, city noise…) in order to keep the authenticity intact.

I didn’t quite understand Trap till I heard him and then viewed it as more than a sound of youth, but rather a sound of expression.  It’s the modern blues, todays generation’s way of dealing with the daily shit.  Tree, an O.G. in the scene, delivery and flow is perfectly relatable to not only to the youth but all ages.  It resonates with how we all feel and see the world at times.

On one end it it can be viewed as reckless, carefree and unabashed.  No different from when rap first hit the streets, rather a little after.  The sound began, it evolved and various cities interpreted it in their own way, expressing raw feelings that were the same.

No history lesson right now, but its all to say it’s come full circle to the ever popular commercial sound that is played 24/7 on radio, TV and ever other media form.

Now how is Tree tied into all this, well he one of the few that nurtured the Trap culture in Chicago.  Do ya homework and get the real scoop.  All the best secrets tend to come to light.

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 1.39.02 PM

Click the pic link above to read more and peep the show we did this past spring.