I Should Have Been In Mexico, but instead I’m In Brooklyn Remixing The Weeknd | OFTEN

I should have been in Cancun, Mexico get to the airport and my damn passport is expired. Fuxk… so i’m in the studio in Brooklyn and flipped this joint.

The Weekend is pretty dope and it’s been a minute since I remixed a track of his (below).  I wanted to keep the original essence in it and not change it up to much.  I added my typical layers of flavor to give it a dance feel that I’m comfortable moving to.  If i’m not nodding my head, I can’t fuxk wit it.

Download here...

New projects: have a remix for SHAME / Tyrese that i’m going to be dropping by Monday.  Just have to add keys and record myself playing the flute with it.  If it sounds straight It’s dropping.  I did something else, but can’t remember what.

Also plan on dropping some music on iTunes/Traxsource/GooglePlay and all other music platforms via GIKU MUSIC and their amazing distribution network.

Holla wit budgets if you looking to do studio business… #mrkuyateh

The other tracks:

Deep House Mix – The Weeknd – Echoes Of Silence 

  • listening to this now, I like it even more than when I did it originally.  It has a good flavor and balance.  I was in a zone while playing the keys because I don’t remember doing it.  I sounds pretty good, like I know a track is good when I forget that I did it and enjoy it.  Regardless, check it and decide for yourself.

The Weeknd – Kiss Land ReMix w/Lyrics

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