Shame Artwork v2

Still in my:

  • “I should have been in Cancun, Mexico get to the airport and my damn passport is expired. Fuxk… so i’m in the studio in Brooklyn and flipped this joint” phase.

SHAME – TYRESE | Deep House Mix prod. by Gibril Kuyateh

I’ve been feeling the SHAME track for a minute now and finally had a moment to freak this joint.  I didn’t have the time to add the flute and more keys, but thats coming.  Felt like that can be an alternative version as I don’t want to rush it and shxt.  

I did some editing to the video as well, making it black and white and slightly over exposed to to give the look a different experience from the original.  Denzel Washington did his thing directing the video, Tyrese rocked it with an incredible performance along with Jennifer Hudson the everyone in the video.

Its the perfect track for the dance floors, enjoy! – #mrkuyateh

Download here…

New projects: have a remix for The Weeknd “OFTEN”, check it out…

Also plan on dropping some music on iTunes/Traxsource/GooglePlay and all other music platforms via GIKU MUSIC and their amazing distribution network.

Holla wit budgets if you looking to do studio business…


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