Who Was Sean Price & Why He Was One of the Dopest Spitters/Emcee out of Brooklyn

Sean Price
Rest In Lo
2LL’s Up Tribute by The Brooklyn Word         

This past weekend, Hip Hop lost a soldier.  I was caught off guard because Sean Price (aka Ruck/ Ruckus, Mic Tyson…) is on of my top 10 spitters.

  • Brooklyn Vocab: Spitter – different from an emcee, in that they go hard consistently with bars that take time to understand.  You often have to stop, rewind to get the gist of whats going on.  Or you laugh at the wordplay and how it was constructed.  Typically a spitters bars is witty, intellectual and tells a story of who that person is and what they are capable of doing lyrically.  They are dope at freestyling off the dome (off the top of the head) and handle their own, respected by their hip hop peers… (eg. KRS-1, Black Thought, Eminem, Buckshot, Mos Def, Red Man, Ras Kass, Chino XL, Kurupt to name a few)


Flashback: I was going to Murry Bertraum when Duck Down started, catching the crew on Video Music Box. I bounced to Hampton, Va. a few years later and copped The Heltah Skeltah album in 95‘ adding it to my strong collection of CDs (lol, i still have em.  almost every dope and underground east/west coast hip hop cd from 90-95’). Been a supporter of his and Rock since then.

I’d often throw his tracks on our Radio Show (The GiKu Experience Radioshow in Brooklyn/ GKXRS) and was planning on reaching out to Duck Down for an interview with one of Brownsville’s funniest and realest spitters.

Outside of supporting his music since the early release of Heltah Skeltah with his partner in crime Rock

(cont)… we both shared a love for vintage Polo.  Now for yall thats not from BK, the Polo culture was started by the Lo-Lifes (LL) general Thirsting Howl:

  • an early 90’s NYC posse/gang that mostly wore high end Ralph Lauren, which was boosted in large groups (20 – 40 heads) from dept. stores around the east coast.  They were the pretty boy thugs, in that they dressed the best (i’m bias), but they also shaped the fashion in hip hop and globally.  Many Lo-Lifes back in the day were also Decepts (another posse/gang that ran the streets of Brooklyn)

I’m not sure if he was a LL (will ask my peeps to confirm), but I know he had mad peeps that were.  And over time, he definitely fuxked with the LL’s and rocked with Thirstin, being that they were from the same hood.  All that to say, I’m a bit bias favoring those that understand collecting vintage pieces like myself.


That for some BK street reason, adds a bit more credibility to your character.  As you kinda gotta be a G, to rock the real authentic shxt.


Gaining more prop points the further you go back with the art.  I been dipped since 93′ but back to the topic at hand.

  • Dipped: Lo slang for rocking “no horsey” but strong vintage and exclusive polo pieces on the daily) 

So we know he was a Decept, rocked Lo, is a spitter that was apart of the Golden Age of hip hop (the early 90’s).  But outside of the brutish personality that will punch ya jaw off, who is he?

  • Big up to my man and fellow Lo Head @TTK for the dope Angelic Decept artwork of Sean P.  He also provided the photo on the main page capturing @Meresone dedication piece to SP.

While there are many writers and unexpected music properties covering him because its trending, we are covering it because he is a brother of The Brooklyn Word. What he represented is exactly who we are, an unapologetic medium of cultural truth.  The under dogs of commercial appeal, but champions in our own rights who give the finger to the blind and unawakened.

Well, I compiled some of my favorite clips of Sean Price aka Mic Tyson. Enjoy, listen to the sounds, laugh at his crazy ass and experience a deeper side of Sean Price…. #mrkuyateh

Who Is The Real Sean Price?

Candid interview where you get an idea of who he really is.  “I can relate because we grew up watching the same thing.  It’s a Brooklyn/NYC thing, we all did… #mrkuyateh”

His funny side…

Sean Price as “Seanwuar vs Pharoahe Monch”

Sean Price plays tennis with Dru Ha…

Sean Price as Sean Ross “The Joy Of Painting”

Sean Price as Tyrese singing on the bus.

Food shopping with Sean P.

The time he punched a guy through the pizza shop window lol.


Freestyle on Tony Touch’s Shade 45 with Black Thought (The Roots), Sean Price (Heltah Skeletal), M1 (DeadPrez), Illa Gee, A.G.(D.I.T.C), Lil Fame (MOP)

 This joint is a classic, SP goes off with Rock..

Spitting on some funny, I don’t give a fuxk shxt…

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