Tracklist | The Brooklyn Word

The Brooklyn Word is composed of:  

  • 9 Hip Hop + 2 Eclectic & Soulful + 1 Funk + 5 AfroBeat & House + Bonus beats (won’t be available for download) + 1 Exclusive Tree Spoken Word sound design concept + originality and old school flavor

GKXRS Intro ft. Maimouna Youssef

Interlude: : American Hero theme

Thee Amazng – Raize ya glasses

Gibril – Hands Of The Divine ft GRA$E

Interlude: : Professor X and Magneto…by any means necessary

Beam, Gra$e, Gibril – Young Magneto

Sanada Maitreya – As Yet Untitled Gibril Remix

Interlude: Vlad & Maino “Is There A New York Sound…”

Biggie ft. Gra$e – Who Shot Ya Gibril Remix

Interlude: The Warriors

The Chase Gibril beat

Kompleshun & Gra$e – 99 Problems But A Mitch Get None Off The Dome Freestyle

Gra$e – Rolling On Dubs

Interlude: Breakfast Club smoking scene

Gra$e – Sara Og (written flow to untouched Flying Lotus Beat)

Snowy Day In Brooklyn In (Beat)

Interlude: Richard Pryor on love & women

Columbia Nights – Wait A While (Gibril’s Cool Out Remix)

Columbia Nights – Wait A While (Gibril’s Freetown Remix)

Interlude: Richard Pryor on women & love

LaTasha Lee – Can’t Keep From Falling In Love (Gibril Heartbeat Remix)

Casandra Wilson – You Move Me (Gibril’s Freetown Remix)

Gra$e – My Life

Gra$e, Justo Ontario – The Brooklyn Word

Interlude: I’m Gonna Get You Sucka… I’sha want one rib

Harold Alexander – Mama Soul “Gibril Gemini Edit”

Interlude: Spike Lee as Pratt on the gentrification in Brooklyn

The World Hurts beat

The Mandingo Is Coming beat

Interlude: Black Pepper

MC Tree – Untitled Spoken Word sound design concept

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